Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 485


Grandmaster Tianqing failed to open the box even after several tries. He was embarrassed beyond belief! After the grandiose entrance earlier, it turned out he was all talk!

He immediately looked around, and surely, there were so many people observing his action, and they began to think poorly of him!

“You couldn’t open it? if you can’t, please give someone else a chance, stop wasting time!” Shopkeeper Ye said indifferently.

“Who said I couldn’t open it! I need more time! I will open it eventually!” Grandmaster Tianqing said frustratedly.

“Okay, take some more time then! The more you fail, the more embarrassing it would be!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he sat back down and sipped his tea.

Grandmaster Tianqing persisted in trying to open the box, but no matter how hard he struggled to open it, he still failed!

“He was so confident and arrogant before, but it turns out, he couldn’t even open it! what a pathetic cultivator!” Yang Zhiwen said as he laughed at the disciple’s face.

“No, the master will succeed! He just needs some more time!” Grandmaster Tianqing’s disciple said frustratedly. He didn’t like it when strangers looked down on their master!

“Well, then hurry up! It would get dark soon! We don’t have all day!” Yang Zhiwen said to the disciple and then turned his attention to Yi Tianyun again. “Boss, it seems that we have to stay here for the night!” Yang Zhiwen said apologetically.

“It’s okay; we are not in a rush!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. After all, they have successfully reached the Ghost World, and now he even got a quest to complete!

Time passed, and after a few hours, Grandmaster Tianqing said to everyone that the box was not an ordinary 5th Grade Divine Rune Box!

He even said that if someone at his calibre couldn’t even open the box, then no Grandmaster would be able to open it!

Shopkeeper Ye shook his head in annoyance as Grandmaster Tianqing was saying an unnecessary thing! “Next!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he waved his hands to order Grandmaster Tianqing to go away!

“This box is not something that you can open with your skill! This is almost at the Creator Rank! you should just go home now!” Grandmaster Tianqing said persuasively.

Yi Tianyun didn’t care about what Grandmaster Tianqing had to say, and he immediately walked towards the box and inspected the box for any opening that he could exploit!

He immediately activated the Heavenly Eyes to look at every detail that the Divine Rune on the box had. He immediately noticed that the Divine Rune was integrated to almost no flaw at all!

The Divine Rune was truly only at 5th Grade Divine Rune, but it was interwoven together, creating a chain-like structure on the box that made it almost impossible to break! However, since it was carved for safekeeping, it meant there was definitely a way to open it!

“Huh, what a boy like you is trying to do! Did you honestly think that you can open this box! Stop trying to do the impossible, kid!” Grandmaster Tianqing said while underestimating Yi Tianyun’s effort.

“Stop saying unnecessary stuff! You’re clearly incapable of opening this box! So, shut up and let others try!  If you couldn’t do that, you’d better leave as you are just a nuisance here!” Shopkeeper Ye said annoyedly.

“I don’t want them to waste their time to open this box! Let’s just say that if anyone here could open this box, I will walk away with my hands!” Grandmaster Tianqing said confidently.

“I said, Shut up!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he released his Spirit King aura, intimidating everyone in the vicinity. The raw power of Spirit King Stage overwhelmed Grandmaster Tianqing and his followers.

As a result, they couldn’t find any word to return to Shopkeeper Ye. Shopkeeper Ye then observed Yi Tianyun as he felt that this boy was different than anyone that he ever met!

Sure enough, instead of trying to break the Divine Rune one by one, Yi Tianyun was starting to engrave another Divine Rune on the box!

Everyone was surprised to see Yi Tianyun did something so unusual like this, and some of them, including Grandmaster Tianqing mocked him for doing something unnecessary!

But complete to everyone’s surprise, Yi Tianyun was finally done engraving his Divine Rune on the box, and a bright light shone from the box as the Divine Rune that covered the box was cracked open one by one!


‘Successfully broke a 5th Grade chain Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 2.000.000 Exp, 2.000 Mastery Points.’

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