Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 486


While everyone was badmouthing Yi Tianyun, the Divine Rune on the box suddenly broke! Everyone was stunned! Surely, no one expected Yi Tianyun to be able to open the box! The most shocking thing was that Yi Tianyun made it look so easy as he was only tinkering with the box for a short amount of time!

“How can this be? How did you break those Divine Runes!” Grandmaster Tianqing said as he voiced his surprise. But he was surely losing some more credit to his name as it was obvious that everything he said earlier was all bullshit! Furthermore, he had to keep his own words and walk away with his hands now!

“Look at that! Our boss opened the box easily! Now, what would you say again?” Yang Zhiwen said as he laughed at the stunned expression on Grandmaster Tianqing’s disciples.

The disciples gritted their teeth as they couldn’t say anything back, Yi Tianyun actually opened the box alone! Shopkeeper Ye himself was surprised! He did sense that Yi Tianyun was different, but opening the box was another story!

“You actually broke it?” Shopkeeper Ye said as he excitedly walked towards Yi Tianyun and took the box from Yi Tianyun’s hands to observe it himself!

“You can open it anytime, Shopkeeper Ye!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Shopkeeper Ye. The box now was no more than a normal box that could be opened anytime!

Shopkeeper Ye immediately tried to open the box and some flaming aura seeping through its crevice, but Shopkeeper Ye immediately closed it again so that no one could know what the box contained! But sadly, from the little flaming aura, Yi Tianyun could already know what it was with his Appraisal Eye.

‘Phoenix Fire: Peak Grade Earth Level Flame, a little bit of this fire could burn anything that it touches and could revive a phoenix!’

“You open it! I knew my eyes didn’t play tricks on me when i saw you!” Shopkeeper Ye said excitedly.

“It seems Shopkeeper Ye has too much expectation of me. This was just a small effort on my part!” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“Well, I thought that you could open the box from the first time that you said that you are a Divine Rune Master yourself! You are the first cultivator that I couldn’t see through! Nonetheless, as we agreed upon, these two Sacred Tool is yours to take! As for the Soul accumulating Grass, let’s take it from my shop!” Shopkeeper Ye said excitedly as he gave Yi Tianyun two Sacred Tools.

“Thank you very much, Shopkeeper Ye!” Yi Tianyun said politely.

But as Shopkeeper Ye, Yi Tianyun, and his party were about to leave the scene, Grandmaster Tianqing appeared in front of Yi Tianyun.

“Wait, young one, how did you open the box?” Grandmaster Tianqing asked curiously.

“What did you need it for? Didn’t you see me earlier? If you didn’t, then it’ss your own loss! Now that you are here, fulfil your promise and walk away with your hands!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“You brat! You know who I am?” Grandmaster Tianqing said angrily as Yi Tianyun didn’t show him any respect.

“Go away!” Shopkeeper Ye said coldly as he was annoyed by Grandmaster Tianqing’s presence.

Grandmaster Tianqing was conflicted as he wanted to give Yi Tianyun a little lesson about respecting their elder, but he couldn’t as Shopkeeper Ye was there backing Yi Tianyun up since he opened the box for him! So, with a furious face, Grandmaster Tianqing walked away from the scene!

Pu Ren was observing Yi Tianyun from head to toe, Yi Tianyun was at the same age with Pu Ren, at least from his appearance, but he knew that cultivator could mask their appearance well if they wanted to, and so he couldn’t help but think that Yi Tianyun was another legendary cultivation expert who was hiding his true appearance.

As they arrived at Shopkeeper Ye’s store, Yi Tianyun gave the two sacred tools to Ren Liangchen for safekeeping, while saying that they should keep it with them. Ren Liangchen was surprised as Yi Tianyun already gave him a Sacred tool before, and now he even gave two other Sacred Tools for him to hold!

Shopkeeper Ye was also surprised by Yi Tianyun’s casual attitude toward the sacred tool that he gave earlier. This meant either Yi Tianyun didn’t have any interest in the Sacred Tools, or Yi Tianyun really put his trust on his companion.

“Can I hear your name, friend?” Shopkeeper Ye said curiously to Yi Tianyun.

“Of course! My name is Yi Tianyun!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Great, I will make sure that I remember your name! You helped me a lot this time! And for that, let me give you another reward besides the Soul Accumulating Grass!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he pulled out something else from the inside of his drawer.

Yi Tianyun was excited inside as he knew that a Spirit King like Shopkeeper Ye wouldn’t give him a useless item!

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