Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 489


After seeing the Parasol Tree from afar, Yi Tianyun immediately flew in with Yan’er in tow. Once they arrived near the Parasol Tree, Yan’er suddenly felt familiar with the place. She was wondering whether she has been there before.

“This was your home once!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

As Yan’er kept wondering, Yi Tianyun immediately scanned the area with his Heavenly Eyes, as he noticed that the place was covered with Great Array to cover the place up.

Yi Tianyun then saw a small Divine Rune near the Parasol Tree that was used to detect intruders. He didn’t find anything that resembled a Divine Rune that would endanger him.

So, without hesitation, Yi Tianyun walked through the veil and entered the Phoenix Nest! There was no need to disable the Great Array as it was not meant to attack the intruder.

 It just served as a warning for the people inside if some stranger trespassed.

After entering the veil, Yi Tianyun waited until someone approached him so he wouldn’t be considered an enemy later by the phoenix clan!

But as he waited, he noticed that no one was coming for him! Yi Tianyun felt it was odd. So, he put Yan’er back to his Pet Bar and continued to delve inside.

As he walked deeper inside, he immediately felt someone coming, so he immediately hid and blended with the shadow and waited for the people that he sensed coming walk by to assess the situation.

“Weird, I certainly felt that someone was here, but now I don’t feel anything!?” The man said, confusedly to his companion. This man was at the 7th Layer Core Transformation Stage, wearing black clothing from his head to his shoes!

“It might be just your imagination.” his companion said while rolling his eyes.

“Is it? I have never been wrong before!” The first man said confusedly.

“Well, it’s probably best that we ignore it for now! We come here just as a helping hand, but it seems the elder negotiation with the Phoenix Clan doesn’t work so well! The Phoenix Clan still refused our help! Their foolish pride seems to hold them back from receiving help from our Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!” the second man said annoyedly.

They immediately left the area to go somewhere else while kept talking about the situation to themselves. They didn’t know that Yi Tianyun was eavesdropping the entire time!

Yi Tianyun frowned after he heard everything that the two Core Transformation Expert said. He never thought to find an expert from the Divine Nation this fast, so he had to proceed carefully to refrain from alerting the nearby Divine Nation influence.

Plus, from the name of the Divine Nation, Yi Tianyun thought of Ming Chen immediately. He knew that Ming Chen was an avid user of the Netherworld Technique, and from the name of this Divine Nation, he might have just found his enemy!

Yi Tianyun then walked around while hiding in shadow to see what was happening to the Phoenix Clan, but he saw so many people in black walking around the place.

Yi Tianyun wondered whether the Netherworld Divine Nation was trying to invade this Phoenix Clan or just here to act cordially with the phoenix clan to receive their support or something.

After Yi Tianyun walked closer towards the settlement gate, he noticed that the gate was guarded by a Void Spirit Expert, with so many Core Transformation Experts around him.

Yi Tianyun count that there were as many as 30 people guarding the gate now!

Yi Tianyun realized that the reason that the Phoenix Clan didn’t approach him as he entered the veil earlier was because of their own situation here.

They were busy negotiating something with the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

Yi Tianyun didn’t go through the gate and observed the situation instead. Sure enough, not long after that, a few people were coming out of the gate.

“Elder Luo! I hope that you can reconsider my offer. I believe that there is no one out there who can solve your problem except for us, the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!” A familiar voice said to a man in the gate.

Yi Tianyun frowned as he tried to remember where he heard the voice. He was sure that the voice was very familiar.

Soon enough, the familiar man came into view, and as Yi Tianyun saw the handsome face of the man, he immediately noticed that the familiar man was none other than Ming Chen!

‘Ming Chen: 6th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Equipment: Netherworld Divine Battle Armour, Netherworld’s Fire.

Martial Arts: Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Dark Dragon Possession.

Weakness: Extremely Hot Fire.

Combat Power: 320.000.000 points.

Reward on kill: …’

Yi Tianyun immediately felt cold as he looked at Ming Chen from afar. He never expected to meet this man, this soon!

Yi Tianyun’s killing intent slipped out subconsciously, but Ming Chen immediately noticed and fired a beam of concentrated Netherworld’s Fire towards the killing intent that he felt!

But Yi Tianyun was quick! He immediately dodged the attack by sidestepping to the side and immediately concealed his killing intent once more! Yi Tianyun was surprised by Ming Chen’s true power. He never thought that the man would be this sensitive!

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