Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 488


Yi Tianyun never expected the Divine Accumulating Pills would be this difficult to refine, but obviously, the difficulty said it all! This was the more effective way to use the Soul Accumulating Grass!

Although the grade might be the same, if the pills were much more complicated to make, its chance of success would drop!

“Forget it. I’ll just make the 4th Refinement Level for now!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately refined the Divine Accumulating Pills at the 4th refinement level. After a while, he finally successfully refined one Divine Accumulating Pills!


‘Successfully created Divine Accumulating Pill!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Mastery Points.’

The pill was oddly enough, easy to refine. Yi Tianyun immediately checked the effect of the pill, as he was wondering whether this new pill had the same effect as the Soul Accumulating Pills!

“Activate Crazy Medicinal Pill Mode!” Yi Tianyun said commandingly, this Crazy Medicinal Pill Mode was one of the Crazy Mode’s effect and thus doubled the effect of any medicinal pills that the user took!

Yi Tianyun quickly swallowed the pills to see the effect in person.


‘Successfully gained 100.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun was shocked by the amount of Exp that he got; it was more than triple the amount of exp the Soul Accumulating Pill provided on the same grade!

This was great news for Yi Tianyun as all he needed to do now was to refine many more of this Divine Accumulating Pill!

At the same time, Yan’er suddenly left Yi Tianyun’s pet bar out of her own accord and stuffed a random medicinal pill that Yi Tianyun has put on the floor into her mouth.

She couldn’t sit still knowing that Yi Tianyun was eating something while she was inside the pet bar.

Yi Tianyun was startled, and so he immediately ate another Divine Accumulating Pills to save it from Yan’er’s grasp. The random medicinal pills were free for her to take, but the Divine Accumulating Pills were too precious for Yi Tianyun’s development!

“Hey, give me some more food! I am hungry!” Yan’er said as she frowns after seeing Yi Tianyun took another pill behind her back!

“If I give you food, would you be a good girl and stop eating everything?” Yi Tianyun asked casually.

“Okay! So, give me another medicinal pill! You keep me inside that room for far too long!” Yan’er said annoyedly.

“Here! now, take your time!” Yi Tianyun said as he gave a bottle of Medicinal Pills that was better for Yan’er to consume.

Yan’er took the bottle and sat while eating the medicinal pills that she got from Yi Tianyun immediately!

Yi Tianyun could finally relax after seeing that Yan’er has calmed down and then refined another batch of Divine Accumulating Pills! In the end, Yi Tianyun successfully refined 6 Divine Accumulating Pills, a total of 600.000.000 Exp!

“Oh, what is that nice smell?” Yan’er said as she smelled the good fragrance wafting off the Divine Accumulating Pills.

“These are not food, be a good girl, and eat those medicinal pills for a while, yeah? I will give you better food next time!” Yi Tianyun said casually to Yan’er.

“Okay, but that’s a promise!” Yan’er said as she immediately shifted back her attention to the medicinal pills that Yi Tianyun gave her earlier.

Yi Tianyun quickly consumed the rest of the remaining Divine Accumulating Pills, which quickly turned into a total of 600.000.000 Exp!


‘Congratulation to player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 6th Layer Void Spirit Stage!’

Yi Tianyun finally leveled up! It was such an easy task with this Divine Accumulating Pills on his hands, but unfortunately, he didn’t have any Soul Accumulating Grass left to make this pill!

“I need 800 million Exp to level up again! This is going to be tough!” Yi Tianyun said to himself while wondering where he would get the Soul Accumulating Grass next.

But for now, he needs to finish up the side quest to earn more Exp! He almost arrived at the Phoenix Nest that he expected will complete Yan’er’s Quest!

“We almost arrived at your home, aren’t you excited?” Yi Tianyun said to Yan’er casually.

“Home?” Yan’er wondered as she was confused.

“Yes, you will know once we got there.” Yi Tianyun said as he continued tracking the Soul Guide. Not too long after, Yi Tianyun saw a burned forest in front of him, but he noticed that the Soul Guide was leading him directly towards the Flaming Forest.

He was confused at first, but he quickly realized that this place was surely the Phoenix Nest that he was searching for! After all, the forest did not exactly catch fire; it was just the effect and protection of the Giant Flaming Parasol Tree! 

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