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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 49: Dragon God Bloodline


The Dragon God stared at him intensely. The actual Dragon God was already dead, this was just a remnant spirit that would pass on his heritage. 

Therefore, even if Yi Tianyun was a human, Dragon God wasn’t aware of it and passed his heritage to him.

“Take out the Dragon God Grass, swallow it and accept my heritage!” After Dragon God finished his sentence, the bones of his body turned into dust and liquid gold that coated the throne. 

“This thing is called Dragon God Grass?”

Yi Tianyun took out the Dragon God Grass, which looked like a Dragon Tail Grass, there was only a slight difference between it and ordinary Dragon Tail Grass. Perhaps this difference was what makes it Dragon God Grass.

Immediately, he swallowed Dragon God Grass. It didn’t taste too bad, and a sweet smell faintly entered his body. Immediately, enormous power began welling inside him and filled his entire body in an instant! His veins began to bulge, one by one. 

“The Dragon God Grass’s power is too strong…” 

Yi Tianyun realized that the effect of Dragon Tail Grass and Dragon God Grass was not the same, Dragon Tail Grass was used for healing purposes especially mental damage meanwhile Dragon God Grass…. 

Power surged through his body! It enveloped his whole body, and he felt his body began to undergo changes.

His bloodless qi that could not be cultivated, was filled with power! This was different from the system’s forced effect, the fundamental strength of the blood qi in his body began to change drastically like stimulated by something. 

Immediately, dragon scales began to appear on the surface of his body. In the blink of an eye, a layer of dragon scales covered the surface of his body, but it was not thick. It’s only a thin layer but it looked very domineering!

He became a Dragonoid! 

『Ding! You gained 8000 exp, 9000 exp, 12000 exp…』

Exp overflowed like crazy. It was obvious that, after taking this Dragon God Grass, the energy was constantly being transformed to exp! 

“I actually become a Dragonoid…” 

Yi Tianyun was stunned. He suddenly thought about his parents. Although he didn’t know much, he heard that his father was a super strong expert. It was very likely that he inherited some dormant power from his father and the Dragon God Grass completely awakened it. 

Perhaps this was the reason Dragon God thought that he was a dragon’s descendant! 

“Now the most important thing is to quickly accept the heritage!” 

Yi Tianyun did not think too much. His parents’ situation had nothing to do with him. After all, he had no memories of them anyway, the closest person to him was his aunt Shi Xueyun! All he wanted to do now was to level up, then return to the Jade Palace to resolve any problems that arise within the Jade Palace! 

After approaching the throne, the golden light moved to completely surround him. After a while, the light grew even more intense, before finally completely integrating into his body and disappearing.

『Ding! Congratulations on completing the limited quest ‘Dragon God’s Heritage!』

『Reward: Dragon God Secret Art and Dragon God Bloodline (First Level).』

Yi Tianyun slowly opened his eyes as his two rewards appeared in front of his eyes.  The first was Dragon God Secret Art, and the second was a Dragon God Bloodline!

“What is this…” 

Yi Tianyun quickly investigated them to see what effects the two had. 

Dragon God Secret Art (Heaven Grade): Transform into a dragon, the stronger Dragon God Bloodline the stronger this art becomes.

Dragon God Bloodline: Bloodline of the Dragon God, your strength will be on par with a dragon! 

“These are amazing. If these two are combined, it would be flawless! If I use these two together… I wonder how much stronger I’ll become?” 

Yi Tianyun was really excited about this, it’s totally worth it to come here and pass the tests. Truthfully, they weren’t that difficult anyway. Fortunately, there wasn’t a strong palace guardian with cultivation at the Core Condensation Realm or above. 

“Let’s see…” 

Immediately, Yi Tianyun opened his status and looked at how far he got. 

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 19 (9th Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm)

EXP: 86892/130000

CP: 8728

Prestige: 50

Bloodline: Dragon God

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art and Dragon God Secret Art

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Slash, Wind Chasing Blade, … (lower level skills omitted)

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1 and Luck Aura

Profession: Runecrafter (Lv.3), Blacksmith (Lv.4), Alchemist (Lv.3)

Weapon: Frost Fist, Scarlet Dagger

Armour: Snow Wolf Boots, Divine Armor, Shadow Cape

Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power Set (Bracelet, Ring, Belt)

Items: 5x Experience Card (1hr), 5x Recovery Pills, Lv21 Gift Pack, Torrential pear Blossom Needle

Yi Tianyun nodded, quite satisfied with what he had. Just a little more hunting and he would level up to the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm. He has accumulated enough Crazy Points for six lotteries draws, but he wanted to reserve it for now. 

Even if he does draw from the lottery, there was no guarantee that he would get something good. At present, his equipment was OK. Of course, he wouldn’t complain if he managed to get something good, but most of the items in the pool were not that good. Saving his Crazy Points was the best choice for now.

“Dragon God Bloodline could be levelled up…” Yi Tianyun checked his Dragon God Bloodline and the system immediately responded.

『Dragon God Bloodline: Needs 10.000 Crazy Points to level up.』

“Huh? I only need 10.000 Crazy Points?” Yi Tianyun said, he thought that it would take more, and then immediately look at it again. The max level was nine… He suddenly became speechless. 

Immediately, he looked around to confirm whether there were any other treasures left but found nothing else.

“It seems like only Dragon God chose to remain here when dragons evacuated…” 

Although he did not know their precise situation, he could guess that, when the dragon race withdrew from the place, they gave up everything and left the Dragon God. It was fair to assume that the Dragon God was seriously injured, or near the end of his lifespan so he didn’t have a choice other than stay here and find someone to accept his heritage. 

He didn’t know the specific situation, so this was just his speculation. No matter what, there were no other treasures here. Nevertheless, he was already quite satisfied with his two rewards.

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