Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 50: Torrential Pear Blossom Needle


After a thorough investigation, Yi Tianyun didn’t find any other treasures, so he chose to leave the palace since there was nothing else for him to do here.

“It seems like it was time for me to leave. I have no reason to stay here.” 

Yi Tianyun headed to the door but suddenly there was a loud sound from outside, it seemed like someone was trying to open the door forcefully and was even attacking it, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t open it. This was the Dragon God’s Palace, it wouldn’t be so easy for them to break the door.

As for the strength needed to forcefully open the door, he didn’t have any idea, but it would have to be at least above the Core Condensation level.

“Well, obviously, people would swarm this place after seeing the shining light.” Yi Tianyun frowned, this was not good, there would be many people outside, if he went out now, he would be surrounded. 

But there were no options left for Tianyun, he couldn’t hide in here forever and he had to get out any other way. 

“It seems that there was no option left, now or never…” Yi Tianyun’s eyes flashed in the cold!

Immediately, he pushed the door hard. The entire door immediately shook and the light emitting from the palace dimmed. With the rumbling sound, the door slowly opened.

“The door! it opened!” 

“That’s really weird, it suddenly by itself, I wonder what kind of monster will come out!” 

“Will the palace owner come out as well? We should escape immediately!” 

The people that were trying to enter the palace earlier were beginning to murmur between themselves. After the door fully opened, a shocked expression was clearly visible from their eyes, it was not a monster that appeared in front of their eyes, nor a super expert, but just a teenager! 

They were stunned. How could a teenager come out from such a place? Judging from his appearance he didn’t seem like he was a strong cultivator either

They looked at Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun also looked at them. His eyes swept everyone and concluded that the weakest cultivator was at the Fifth Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm while the highest was also in the Spirit Refinement Realm. It seemed that they were all here on adventures, honing their skills by defeating the beast around the mountain, or just passers-by that, by chance, saw the light from the palace. 

No one at Core Condensation Realm was here at the moment, although the Illusory Beast Mountain was a good place for cultivation, it was not the case for Core Condensation Realm cultivators. The strongest cultivator here at the moment was only at the Ninth Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

He expected this was going to happen so he didn’t act surprised. After seeing the shining light, anyone who saw it would gather here. 

Yi Tianyun ignored their gazes and walked outside. He had barely set his foot outside the palace before the door began to slowly and steadily close until it was as if the door was never opened. He immediately realize that he was the only one that could open it due to the Dragon God Grass. 

Everyone looked at him with evil intent. When he walked through the crowd, a cultivator at the Ninth Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm tried to stop him.

“Hey, kid! Stop!”

Yi Tianyun paid him no heed. He continued to walk forward, but the crowd in front of him began to surround him, blocking his path. He couldn’t walk away like he intended to do, if he could fly then it would be a different story.

Stealth was useless. After all, there were too many people here, and getting too close to someone would expose his position.

“What is it?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

“How do you get out?” One of the cultivators was asked with a fierce tone.

“By opening the door, obviously, how else would I get out?” 

Yi Tianyun continued, “Don’t mind me, the door that you want to open so badly is still standing strong there, continue with your efforts. I didn’t get anything in there, so please step aside. I’m in a hurry!”

As he finished his words, even more people began to surround him, making it harder for him to breakthrough them.

“You must be joking. Do you think we would believe you?” One of the big men sneered. “Hurry up and hand over the treasure, otherwise, don’t blame us for what is about to happen to you!” 

“Yeah, give it up now, or open the door. Otherwise, we will do anything we can to force you!” 

“Do you really think that you can escape from this many people, and keep the treasures to yourself? Do you think we were stupid?” 

They all looked at Yi Tianyun fiercely. They knew that Yi Tianyun was still young and thought that, because of his youth, he would be weak mentally. This would allow them to force him to hand over everything he had.

“If you want to open the door, go ahead, knock yourselves out. Why do you need my help? Even if I really did find treasures, why should I give them to you?” Yi Tianyun looked cold. 

“We have been waiting here for so long, you must give us some compensation!” 

“Yes, hand over the treasure, or you will die today!” 

Their faces were fierce. Who would actually believe that someone would leave such a big palace without getting any treasures whatsoever?

“I will say this for the last time, please let me leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen to you!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes showed no emotions. Why would he give anything to these people? It’s not like he asked them to wait up for him here. What complete and utter bullshit!

However, his words carried little to no weight, the looked in their eyes became even more fierce as they kept approaching him.

“Being impolite is fine too, but we really want to see how hard you can hit!” After the practitioner finished, he immediately charged at Yi Tianyun, grabbing at him. 

Yi Tianyun remained calm, he quickly drew his sword, activated Wind Chasing Blade and slashed it forward, like a lightning bolt. The arm of the cultivator that tried to touch Yi Tianyun spun through the air. 


The cultivator screamed due to severe pain caused by the loss of his arm, the electric shock effect of Wind Chasing Blade caused him to convulse. Yi Tianyun’s ferocious movement didn’t scare any of them away, instead, it had the exact opposite effect. Even more greedy gazes turned towards him. 

“This power! It surely an upper-level spirit weapon!” 

“I saw the flash, I suspect that his weapon is a true level Spirit Weapon, upper level Spirit Weapons don’t have such an effect!” 

“That kid said he didn’t get any treasure, then what is this! Hurry up and hand it over, don’t think that you can escape from here!” 

They quickly surrounded him. Yi Tianyun was clearly shocked by how greedy they could get. Yi Tianyun just cut off someone’s arm yet that didn’t scare them away. They thought that the first cultivator failed because he was weak but did that also mean Yi Tianyun was weak?

Yi Tianyun looked really furious. He calmly said, “This is your final warning, either leave or die!” 

After that, he took out the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle!

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