Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 491


The light of vow that shot to the sky surprised everyone on the scene.

“You made an oath?” Elder Luo said surprisedly.

“Yes, I have made an oath with Yan’er’s mother to make sure Yan’er arrives here safely!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Hmm, that’s interesting! Do you call her Yan’er? how come?” Elder Luo said curiously.

“Yes, that’s the name that I heard from her mother; I don’t know if she had another name.” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“Can you tell me the details when you came across Yan’er?” Elder Luo asked curiously.

Yi Tianyun nodded and told Elder Luo everything that happened when he came across Yan’er until he finally got here.

“No wonder I can’t find them anywhere! It turns out. They are on the Mortal world!” Elder Luo said angrily.

“How could this happen? Is there some problem with Yan’er’s Parent?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. Yan’er’s mother was mortally wounded, Phoenix had great healing power, but Yan’er’s mother couldn’t heal her wounds! This is the sign of an attack from a powerful cultivator!

“I don’t really know, but Huang’er went out to search for Spirit Medicine, but after that, she disappeared and couldn’t be found! If by that time I could stop her from going on her own, maybe this kind of situation wouldn’t happen!” Elder Luo said sadly.

He obviously blamed himself for what had happened to Yan’er and her mother! But suddenly, he staggered, and the guards who stood next to him immediately caught him before he fell to the ground.

“Elder Luo, are you alright?” the guard asked worriedly.

“I am alright! Just a little bit dizzy.” Elder Luo said with a sigh.

“Grandfather, are you okay?” Yan’er asked curiously. Although she still couldn’t remember the memory that her mother had implanted on her, she could still feel the familiar bond that she had with the old man!

“I am fine, little girl.” Elder Luo said with a warm smile to Yan’er. “Now, Yan’er seems to stick to you for the moment. I will arrange a room for you to stay while you are here. you will become our Noble Guest for as long as you stay here!” Elder Luo said to Yi Tianyun.

“Take them to rest at the Clear Elegant Residence, make sure they are comfortable there!” Elder Luo said to the guards next to him. The guards nodded and waited for Elder Luo to finish talking before bringing Yi Tianyun to the residence that Elder Luo had accommodated for them.

“Now, little girl. I still have some other matters to attend. I hope you can rest well for tonight! I will come and see you as soon as I am done, okay?” Elder Luo said endearingly to Yan’er. She nodded and ran back to hide behind Yi Tianyun with a smile on her face.

“Please, follow me! I will show you the way!” the guard said politely to Yi Tianyun.

After the guard showed them the guest house that Yi Tianyun would use while he stayed there, they were greeted by so many Phoenix Clan People that looked at them both with amazement in their eyes. This was the first time for them to have a human on their properties.

Yi Tianyun noticed that there weren’t that many clan members there. At least there were around 100.000 of them.

Yi Tianyun knew that this was because their cultivation level was a cut above, just like Spirit Race people, a strong clan like this would have a hard time bearing a child!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that every house so far had one or more Parasol Tree and that the land itself was rich in Fire Attributed Spiritual Energy! Any Ice or Water attributed Cultivator would have a hard time living in this place!

Yan’er herself showed her curiosity as she could sense that everyone inside this place shared some similarities with her. But Yi Tianyun decided to enter the house for now as he could feel the fatigue seeping in.

“Please use the house freely. Everything inside can be used for your comfort!” The guard said as he waited outside the house.

Yi Tianyun knew that he would not be permitted to look around the Phoenix Nest as the Phoenix Clan was very wary of human, but then again, Yi Tianyun has brought back Yan’er safely, so they had to show their gratitude to Yi Tianyun.

“I feel like I have lived in this house before!” Yan’er said confusedly.

“Well, take a look around the house, you may be able to remember more.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yi Tianyun sat on the corner while keeping his eyes peeled at Yan’er. Yi Tianyun knew that this was just a short break.

He knew that he would face off against Ming Chen again in the future as it was clear that the Phoenix Clan had some problems that they need to solve!

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