Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 492


Yi Tianyun looked for Yan’er as he couldn’t hear Yan’er walking around anymore on the second floor. He soon found that Yan’er was fast asleep on a comfortable bed.

So, Yi Tianyun immediately covered her body so that she would be more comfortable and immediately returned downstairs.

“Elder Luo! You are here!” Yi Tianyun said as he faked his surprise. He knew that Elder Luo would come as he could sense his aura.

“Yes, the problem has been dealt with for the time being. It was extremely rude of me to leave you alone for quite some time.” Elder Luo said apologetically.

“it’s fine! But, is this the house that Yan’er’s parents used to live?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, this was Huang’er’s residence. I asked my men to clean this house regularly as I thought that she would return back safely.

I never expected her to hear that she already passed away!” Elder Luo said sadly. “If I know who has harmed her, I will make sure to pay them back!” Elder Luo said furiously.

Elder Luo was at 8th Layer Spirit King Stage, so the aura that he unleashed was intense! Yi Tianyun wasn’t sure he could win against him at this point if they fought!

“Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the one that attacked Yan’er’s mother. The timing was too short. She died before we could talk further.” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh.

“I will send people to investigate the place you found them both. I will make sure that there is no stone unturned before I found the culprit!” Elder Luo said determinedly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and let Elder Luo had his moment. Yi Tianyun knew that he must help the Phoenix Clan with their problem because that was the quest told him to do! 

“Well, now all that’s left is for me to give a reward for your deed! You clearly have done so much for the little Yan’er and for me! So, is there anything that you want?” Elder Luo asked sincerely.

“I only did this out of my own compassion, but can I have Soul Accumulating Grass if you have any? In fact, I could trade you for it!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

He knew that Soul Accumulating Grass was rather useless for those with high cultivation, so he knew that it wouldn’t worth much for these people!

Yi Tianyun didn’t need all the Sacred Treasure and anything else, as he only wanted to level up fast!

“I am afraid we don’t have Soul Accumulating Grass currently; we did have it before, but it was already taken to another place, so would you like another treasure? you could choose from some of my collection if you like!” Elder Luo said to Yi Tianyun.

Elder Luo then stood up and led Yi Tianyun towards the place where the Phoenix Clan kept their properties while Yan’er was still sleeping upstairs.

Elder Luo gave the guard a look; they nodded in response and left their post. Elder Luo and Yi Tianyun then proceeded to a huge building in the middle of the Phoenix Nest, and Elder Luo brought Yi Tianyun in!

Elder Luo brought him inside. Although the guards were all surprised that Elder Luo brought a human inside the sacred building, Elder Luo didn’t care at all!

They arrived at the temple in the middle of the huge building, and Elder Luo kept going!

Inside the Temple, Yi Tianyun saw many Phoenixes flying around. Some of them were small, but some were big!

This was the Phoenix Clan’s true form. After all, they were technically a Divine Beast! The same could be said to a Dragon Clan!

Yi Tianyun was surprised beyond belief as he realized where he was right now, this was the Phoenix Temple, the sacred ground of the Phoenix!

As Yi Tianyun entered the place, a huge phoenix flew over and turned back into its human form.

“Elder Luo, who is this human?” an old man said as he was rather annoyed to see a human inside the sacred ground.

“Elder Lei, this is the human that saved my granddaughter! I took him here to reward him!” Elder Luo said casually.

“The daughter of Luo Huang? But why did you have to bring him here? you know that the rule forbade any human from entering this place, don’t you?” Elder Lei said confusedly.

He looked at Yi Tianyun with disgust. Clearly, Elder Lei didn’t like humans very much!

“What do you mean, Elder lei? He brought my granddaughter from the Mortal world! Clearly, he has earned his right to visit the Phoenix Temple! Yes, there is a rule for this place, but the rule clearly said that we have to show our utmost gratitude to those who have helped us big time!” Elder Luo said as he got annoyed by Elder Lei’s dismissive behavior.

“He is a human! They have the tendencies to destroy! Don’t you learn from the past’s mistake!” Elder Lei said annoyedly.

“Elder Lei, you might have a bad experience of humans, but I assure you not all of us is as bad as you think! I hope that we can understand each other in the future!” Yi Tianyun said to Elder Lei politely.

He knew that Elder Lei might have some of his family killed by humans before, and that was why Yi Tianyun didn’t snap when he was treated rudely by Elder Lei.

“Whatever! Just give him some random treasure quickly; just don’t give him too much!” Elder lei said as he immediately walked towards the exit.

“I am sorry about Elder Lei’s rude behavior.” Elder Luo said as he sighed.

“it’s okay. I can understand that Elder Lei might have a bad experience against humans.” Yi Tianyun said casually. He knew that Phoenix Blood was very valuable, and that was why so many people chased after a Phoenix!

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