Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 498


“I am a Divine Rune Grandmaster at Speck of Soul level!” Yi Tianyun repeated once again as he saw that everyone was silent. The people from the Phoenix Clan looked at each other in disbelief.

They still doubted if Yi Tianyun was telling the truth or not. Yi Tianyun’s appearance as a boy really made them made it hard for them to believe what he just said!

“You can test me if you don’t believe me, you know.” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly as he still didn’t see anyone believing him.

“Yes, of course! We can test you! after all. It would be life-threatening to go down there if you are not qualified!” Great Elder said knowingly.

“So, where and when did the test start?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“We can start here right away! All you need to do is engrave some Divine Rune Paper with a Grandmaster grade Divine Rune. We will know whether you are telling the truth or not by the speed and quality of your Divine Rune!” Great Elder said as he immediately signaled for the rest of the Phoenix Clan to set the place.

Great Elder was secretly excited as a man who could control the Immortal Fire was also a Divine Rune Grandmaster offered them help without asking for anything!

Soon enough, two Phoenix Clan People came forward and were surprised as they saw Yi Tianyun was the Divine Rune Grandmaster who was about to be tested!

“You! I didn’t expect to see you so soon!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he walked toward the Great Elder and Yi Tianyun with Pu Ren!

“Shopkeeper Ye! I didn’t expect it either!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw that Shopkeeper Ye was still holding the box that he previously opened.

“Do you know each other?” Great Elder asked curiously.

“Yeah, he was the one that opened Great Elder’s box. Otherwise, we probably couldn’t find anyone to open it!” Shopkeeper Ye said with a smile on his face.

“You are the one that opened the box?” Great Elder said in disbelief. He knew that opening the box itself was a statement on its own! No matter how hard he tried to find a Divine Rune Grandmaster, none of them was able to open the box!

“Yes, he is the one that opened the box! But, may I ask you what are you doing here in the Phoenix Cave?” Shopkeeper Ye asked curiously to Yi Tianyun.

Great Elder then told Shopkeeper Ye about what happened before his arrival, surprising Shopkeeper Ye and Pu Ren incredibly.

“Damn! If I knew that you are this strong, I would bring you here immediately! But as I don’t know your Divine Rune Grade, I refrain from doing so! But since you’ve already proven yourself when you opened the box, you don’t need to take the test anymore!” Shopkeeper Ye said excitedly.

“No, I still want to take the test! It was more of a reassurance for the people here! after all, Shopkeeper Ye and Pu Ren was the only one who saw what I did earlier.” Yi Tianyun said politely.

Yi Tianyun then pulled out his Divine Rune Stroke and began to engrave a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune on a piece of Divine Rune Paper. Yi Tianyun was really fast, and the complexity of his Divine Rune was also exceptional, but as flowing water, Yi Tianyun finished engraving the complex Divine Rune without any hitch!

Everyone was surprised once again as this was the first time they saw a divine rune engraving technique as fluid as Yi Tianyun’s did just now!

But they noticed that the Divine Rune Stroke that Yi Tianyun used just now was only a Divine Rune Stroke at Soul Tool rank, garbage in their eyes, as a Faction that was on the same level as Divine Nation, the item in this rank was nothing!

“I just brought back some Divine Rune Stroke that my customer trades with some of my Spirit Medicine! Come, pick one that you like!” Shopkeeper Ye said to Yi Tianyun as he put the Divine Rune Stroke on the table.

Yi Tianyun looked at them and saw that the highest level was at Middle-Grade Sacred Tool rank, while the other two was at Lower Grade Sacred Tool Rank, but one of them was a Dragon Blood Divine Rune Stroke, which had the same attribute as his Dragon God Bloodline.

“Well, if that’s the case, I will take this one!” Yi Tianyun said as he took the Dragon Blood Divine Rune Stroke.

Shopkeeper Ye was a little bit surprised that Yi Tianyun only picked the Lower Grade Divine Rune Stroke instead of the Middle-Grade Divine Rune Stroke!

Shopkeeper Ye knew that the difference between the Lower-Grade Divine Rune Stroke and the Middle-Grade Divine Rune Stroke was huge!

“Are you sure?” Shopkeeper Ye asked curiously.

“Yeah, never been surer before!” Yi Tianyun answered casually.

So, after taking his Divine Rune Stroke, everyone’s attention is shifted back to the box on the table.

“So, is there any treasure inside this box?” Elder Luo asked curiously.

“Yes! after seeing what it was, I immediately rushed back here without stopping!” Shopkeeper Ye said as he opened the box. A bright light immediately shone through the place, blinding everyone who had their eyes on it.

But as the light dimmed, everyone could see that inside the box was a Phoenix Blood Essence at the highest level!

‘Phoenix Royal Blood Essence: the highest grade of the Phoenix Clan Blood Essence!

Effect: Enhance the absorption rate of the user while having a chance to obtain the power of the Phoenix. Can also suppress the power of Evil!’

Yi Tianyun, who was observing on the side, was surprised to see that it was a Blood Essence that was comparable with a Divine Tool! This was the blood essence of a Phoenix’s imperial family!

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