Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 497


Yi Tianyun doesn’t care about what Elder Lei had in mind because he knew that Elder Lei was also hostile toward Human Race! Yi Tianyun continued to absorb the Immortal Fire from the Phoenix Cave as he went deeper inside the cave.


‘Congratulation for player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully level up Immortal Fire to High-Grade Earth Level!’

‘Next Level requires 5.000.000 Mastery.’

The sound that Yi Tianyun has been waiting for all this time was finally here! He knew that if he didn’t absorb the Immortal Fire greedily like this, it would take a long time for him to achieve this level for the Immortal Fire! But 5 million mastery points for the next level seemed so far away!

“You can stop right here, young man! The Immortal Fire is finished, from here onward, the place would be covered with Heavenly Yin Fire! even if you have the Immortal Fire inside your body, it will still prove a challenge to absorb that fire!” Great Elder said as he suddenly appeared beside Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun the path in front of him with the Appraisal Eye, and sure enough, there was no more Immortal Fire in there, but the Heavenly Yin Fire was a more advanced version of the Netherworld’s Fire. He immediately realised why the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation offered help to Phoenix Clan as they might have someone that could control and absorb this Heavenly Yin Fire!

And so, Yi Tianyun and the Great Elder walked back to the mouth of the cave.

“Great! I never expected you would be able to absorb all of that Immortal Fire! we would have a hard time dealing with it!” Elder Luo said as he expressed his gratitude to Yi Tianyun.

“Yeah, thank you so much for your help, I am sorry for my rude behaviour earlier!” Elder Lei said awkwardly.

“It’s fine! I knew that Elder Lei must have his own reason to hate humans that much, and I can’t blame you either. I, myself, know that humans were indeed troublemaker!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Elder Lei.

“Great! I didn’t expect you to have a heart and apologize either! This is a first!” Elder Luo said to Elder Lei teasingly.

“Shut up! I am in the wrong, and it is normal to apologize!” Elder Lei said annoyedly to Elder Luo.


“Although the Immortal Fire is taken care of, we still have the Heavenly Yin Fire spewing from the Evil Spirit inside! Do we have a Divine Rune Grandmaster to help us seal the Evil Spirit inside?” Great Elder asked towards the two elders.

“We have found some Divine Rune Grand Master, Great Elder, but unfortunately, it would take a long time for them to finish making the seal! We couldn’t find any Divine Rune Grand Master at the speck of Soul level!” Elder Lei said solemnly.

Divine Rune Grandmaster rank was divided into three categories, Speck of Eye – the basic level of Divine Rune Grandmaster, Speck of Soul – Medium Level of the Divine Rune Grandmaster, and lastly, Speck of Life – the highest level on Divine Rune Grandmaster rank!

Someone like Spirit Race Great Elder and Imperial Preceptor was on Divine Rune Grandmaster Speck of Eye level! The same could be said for Yi Tianyun now. He knew that he only needed a few more mastery points to level up to Speck of Soul. After all, he was blessed with having the Heavenly Eyes!

So, Yi Tianyun used the free mastery point that he got earlier and spent it on Divine Rune Mastery without hesitation!


‘Congratulation for player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully levelled up Divine Rune Mastery to Grandmaster-Speck of Soul level!’

‘Next rank requires 10.000.000 Mastery points.

Yi Tianyun was surprised to see that he needed 10 million mastery points to level up his Divine Rune Mastery to the next level, he couldn’t help but wonder just how many years would it take to get that much mastery point!

“Great Elder, if you are looking for Divine Rune Grandmaster at the Speck of Soul level, I will be able to help. In fact, I am a Divine Rune Grandmaster at the speck of soul!” Yi Tianyun said confidently to the great Elder, but everyone else also happened to hear this.

Everyone was instantly shocked to hear that Yi Tianyun was a Divine Rune Grandmaster – speck of soul level at his age, they couldn’t help but wonder whether Yi Tianyun’s words were the truth or not, but they know that they were looking at a cultivation monster, not a harmless boy!

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