Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 500


With Yi Tianyun clearing the path as he absorbed all the Heavenly Yin Fire he saw, they were able to advance inside the Phoenix Cave smoothly. Soon enough, Yi Tianyun, Great Elder, and some of the Phoenix Clan Elder that followed them not too far behind arrived at the gate that kept the Evil Spirit Race sealed inside!

“Is everyone ready to renew the seal once again?” Great Elder asked the rest of the Phoenix Clan that followed behind. They all nodded their head and kept their hands close to their weapons in case something bad happened.

Yi Tianyun himself was getting hyped. He was curious about this Evil Spirit Race that could drive the Phoenix Clan into a corner like this!

Yi Tianyun kept absorbing the Heavenly Yin Fire that surrounded the place, and he noticed that the place was covered with Great Arrays!

Yi Tianyun finally noticed that some of the Divine Runes that constituted the Great Array was eroded by the Heavenly Yin Fire.

Yi Tianyun was impressed! Even though this Divine Rune was burned by a strong fire like this all day long, it still persevered!

In the inner section, Yi Tianyun noticed two enormous Phoenix Statues that dominated two Divine Beast, which was a little ironic, as now the Phoenix Clan couldn’t even dominate this Evil Spirit Race!

“Is the Evil Spirit Race confined under the Phoenix’s Statue?” Yi Tianyun asked as he noticed a flow of dangerous aura seeping through from under the Phoenix Statue.

“They are confined there, but it is not a statue! Those two Phoenixes were our ancestor that sacrificed themselves to prevent the Evil Spirit from bringing further harm to us!” Great Elder said with a sad look on his face.

Yi Tianyun looked at the two Phoenixes again in awe. This kind of selflessness had to be rewarded greatly!

But suddenly, a gloomy voice was heard echoing in the nearly empty cave room.

“Finally, you came to our prison! Just so you know, we will break this Great Array that imprisons us soon! just you wait, we will obliterate you entirely!” The voice said as Yi Tianyun noticed that it was coming from under the Phoenix!

“Shut up! We will soon find a way to destroy you!” Great Elder said as he sent a shockwave toward the bottom of the phoenix statue.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised that the Evil Spirit could talk through their imprisonment. Yi Tianyun realized how severe the damage the Divine Rune that imprisoned this Evil Spirit Race has suffered!

Yi Tianyun constantly observed all the Great Array inside this place and noticed that the Evil Spirit wasn’t supposed to talk at all!

“With that kind of attack, you are dreaming of hurting me? Go back to drinking your mother’s milk! You are clearly 100 years too early to fight me!” The voice said tauntingly.

“Can you take a look at the Divine Rune that constituted the great array inside this place? If you can, could you please fix it one by one? His power is supposed to be nullified if the Great Array was fixed back to normal.” Great Elder said calmly.

“No problem, I will take a look right away!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately activated his Heavenly Eyes and inspected the damaged part.

Yi Tianyun saw that the Divine Rune that constituted the Great Array was indeed a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune.

If it weren’t for the Heavenly Eyes, this Divine Rune would still prove difficult to repair!

But now that Yi Tianyun has activated his Heavenly Eyes, he easily engraved the Divine Rune to fix the great array!

“Oh, I see! You have found a Divine Rune Grandmaster to fix the Great Array! But I will not let you fix it this time!” The voice said as a great wave of Heavenly Yin Fire came through!

Even if the Evil Spirit was sealed, it was still able to attack with a terrifying 560 million combat power!

Yi Tianyun was startled for a second and immediately took a defensive stance, but Great Elder quickly jumped forward and blocked the attack with his own!

Yi Tianyun saw that the Great Elder summoned a Phoenix Fire that reached 700 million Combat Power!

The Great Elder’s attack met with the Evil Spirit’s attack and vaporized in the middle of the room!

“Oh, you are not bad! But let’s see whether you can protect your Divine Rune Grandmaster for the time that he fixes the Divine Rune, let’s see who will go down first!” The Evil Spirit said with a challenging tone.

Yi Tianyun raised his eyebrows as he felt like being challenged! The Evil Spirit certainly didn’t know Yi Tianyun’s engraving speed!

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