Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 501


The Heavenly Yin Fire kept gushing from beneath the Phoenix Statue powerfully! The Great Elder was having a hard time defending Yi Tianyun from this fire!

The other Elders on the side also had a hard time blocking the fire and clearly looked desperate!

“Great, Elder! What do we do now! there is no way we could keep this up!” Elder Luo said nervously.

But at the same time, Elder Lei shouted to Great Elder to draw his attention.

“Great, Elder! Look!” Elder Lei said as he pointed toward Yi Tianyun.

Great Elder finally noticed that Yi Tianyun’s engraving speed was no joke! He fixed the Divine Rune one after another with a speed that no one on the scene has ever seen before!

The attack from the Evil Spirit itself was not fast enough to destroy the Divine Rune as Yi Tianyun easily fixed it! It was like, Yi Tianyun has fixed 4 to 6 Divine Runes while the Evil Spirit only destroyed 1!

“What is that speed! How could this be possible!” Great Elder said as he was the most surprised of Yi Tianyun’s speed! Despite his age, he never saw any Divine Rune Grandmaster engraving a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune this fast!


‘Congratulation for player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully repaired a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 2.000.000 Exp, 3.000 Mastery Points.’


‘Congratulation for player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully repaired a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune!’

Reward: 3.200.000 Exp, 3.500 Mastery Points.’


Yi Tianyun was getting a bunch of Exp from repairing all the Divine Rune that constituted the prison for those Evil Spirits.

He was excited upon getting so many Mastery Points and Exp, so Yi Tianyun kept on getting faster!

“How can you fix the Divine Rune so fast!” The Evil Spirit screamed as he noticed that his power was starting to dwindle.

The Evil Spirit no longer sounded as arrogant as he was earlier! He knew that he couldn’t keep up with the human’s engraving speed!

“Now, how do you plan to escape this great array? You will not be able to do anything once I am done!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the Evil Spirit.

He might not be able to fight against the Evil Spirit now, but once he cultivated higher, he would be able to kill those Evil Spirits once and for all and free the Phoenix Clan from the shackle of guarding them!

“This is impossible! You are not a normal cultivator, are you?” Evil Spirit said as he was getting frustrated as his power became weaker with the more Divine Rune that Yi Tianyun successfully repaired. This was Yi Tianyun’s way to get the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence without using it!

The Evil Spirit immediately roared and desperately threw their attack toward Yi Tianyun’s direction, but this time its power has weakened far enough to the point that Elder Luo and Elder Lei could block it for Yi Tianyun.

“Focus on fixing those Divine Runes! Leave this to us. We will protect you until you are done!” Elder Luo said confidently.

Yi Tianyun immediately nodded his head and repaired another Divine Rune! As the Divine Rune was repaired, the Evil Spirits’ voice had become so much weaker than when they first arrived!

Yi Tianyun and the Elders soon walked towards the Phoenix Statue as the last damaged Divine Rune was located near the Phoenix Statue itself!

“We can suppress him this time!” the Great Elder said confidently.

“Not so fast, don’t think that you could best me that easy!” Evil Spirit says menacingly, and suddenly a phantom shadow appeared and immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun. “I will use your body for now!” The phantom shadow said menacingly.

The Evil Spirit used its Body Snatching Technique that Yi Tianyun had seen once when he fought against Ming Chen!

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Heavens Swallowing Divine Secret Art, but suddenly his body started to glow in a bright golden color!

This was the extra effect of his [Transcendence] Title! There would be no curse or poison that could affect Yi Tianyun’s body, and apparently, this Body Snatching technique was considered as one of those!

The Phantom Shadow hit the golden light that protected Yi Tianyun, and it screamed in pain as it bounced off from the Golden Light!

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