Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 502


The Phantom Shadow began to fade, and the Evil Spirit kept on screaming as he received cultivation damage from his failed attempt to possess Yi Tianyun’s body!

Now, instead of being a Saint King Stage, its cultivation regressed to Spirit King Peak Stage!

“My power! you bastard!” The Evil Spirit screamed as he was injured badly.

“What is going on?” Great Elder asked Yi Tianyun as he was surprised and confused at the same time.

He thought that the Evil Spirit would successfully take over Yi Tianyun’s body as none of the Phoenix Clan People could save Yi Tianyun in time, but instead, a bright golden light appeared out of nowhere, and the Phantom Shadow was suddenly thrown to the wall!

But Yi Tianyun immediately shifted back his focus to repair the Divine Rune near the Phoenix Statue instead of answering the Great Elder’s question as he knew that the sooner he seal back the Evil Spirit, the better!

The rest of the Phoenix Clan member watched Yi Tianyun in awe as it was fascinating to watch the speed of Yi Tianyun engraving the Divine Rune on the wall.

They began to wonder whether Yi Tianyun was really a Divine Rune Grandmaster level as this speed clearly at Divine Rune Creator level!

“Stop! don’t you dare repair that Great Array!” The Evil Spirit screamed menacingly. It clearly didn’t want to be sealed in that place anymore.

But Yi Tianyun clearly didn’t care and continued fixing the Divine Rune in front of him, and soon, the great array was fixed!

“Mark my word! I will get you one day! I will break through this seal and kill you all!” The Evil Spirit said as its voices became less and less audible over time.

Yi Tianyun knew that the Evil Spirit’s word wasn’t just an empty threat. If the Evil Spirit wasn’t exterminated, it would always be a threat for the Phoenix Clan!

And so, Yi Tianyun was determined to kill this Evil Spirit when he got the power to do so! At least he had to reach the Spirit King stage first!

After all, Yi Tianyun knew that killing the Evil Spirit would give him a lot of treasure and a lot of Exp!

As it was in Saint King Stage, Yi Tianyun knew that the Evil Spirit must have some sort of ancient treasure that may or may not be as powerful as a Divine Tool!


‘Successfully repaired a Grandmaster Grade Divine Rune Great Array!’

‘Reward: 10.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Mastery Points.

This was by far the most difficult Divine Rune Great Array for Yi Tianyun to repair, but because of the Divine Rune Mode from his Crazy Mode, Yi Tianyun leisurely finished all of it easily!

However, Yi Tianyun was still grateful for the rewards that he got!

“Finally, I am done!” Yi Tianyun said with a pale face.

He has already fixed so many Divine Rune that it was taking a toll on his Spiritual Energy. After all, the faster he repaired, the more Spiritual Energy that he consumed!

Yi Tianyun then decided to meditate near the Phoenix Statue to recover his Spiritual Energy back. If he didn’t, he might be up for a rough ride later!

Great Elder and the other elders looked at each other and decided not to bother Yi Tianyun for now. They know that Yi Tianyun was tired after repairing all those Divine Runes.

So, they cleaned up the place a little bit. They began to clean the rest of the lingering Heavenly Yin Fire from the place so that this place could be used for something else after this.

A moment later, Yi Tianyun recovered a little bit and slowly stood up again.


‘Congratulation for player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully completed a side quest [Help Phoenix Clan solve their problems!].’

‘Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Cps, 100 Phoenix Clan favourability.’

Finally, the Phoenix Side Quest was completed, but Yi Tianyun was a little bit disappointed as he saw that there was no more follow-up quest for the Phoenix Clan!

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