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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 506


The Phoenix Clan were shocked as they heard that Bai Shuihuang named Yi Tianyun as their Divine Envoy, but more importantly, they were eager for revenge towards the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation as the news that Lord Bai has brought home was heard!

Phoenix Clan has kept the status quo balanced with the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation as they didn’t have that large of a gap with them, but clearly, if they went into an all-out war, the Phoenix Clan would be destroyed!

Ghost World had so many experts from the Void Spirit Stage and Spirit King Stage. Saint King’s stage was the only stage that could be said to stand above all these cultivators!

Most of these Saint King Cultivators no longer managed the problem on their faction as most of them were focused on their meditation and cultivation!

Assumingly, these Saint King Experts were almost the same as the Old Ancestor on the Mortal World’s factions! They didn’t join the war that their faction wage until they were forced to join them!

“I know that many of you would have many questions for me, and I will gladly answer any of it the best of my knowledge!” Lord Bai said honestly.

“But one more thing that I forgot to say earlier is that not only Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation wants to take us down, but apparently, Heavenly Tiger Divine Nation also wants to join forces with them to obliterate us!” Lord Bai said coldly.

“We surely have to prepare for the worst, as the time has come near!” Lord Bai said commandingly.

The people of the Phoenix Clan were once again shocked to hear that they have another enemy to deal with!

They realized that they had some problems with the Heavenly Tiger Divine Nation a couple of times before, but they never expect it would come this far!

“Why would Heavenly Tiger Divine Nation attack us?” Shopkeeper Ye asked confusedly.

“Elder Ye, how do you think this world works? Did you never thought of what their goal would be?” Lord Bai asked Shopkeeper Ye indifferently.

“Is it our Blood Essence?” Shopkeeper Ye said worriedly.

“Correct! Our Phoenix Blood Essence was highly in-demand among those who were hungry for power. Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation invited the Heavenly Tiger Divine Nation to join the battle against us, with that thought in mind, the only conclusion is that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation promised them that they would have a share of our Blood Essence!” Lord Bai said coldly.

This time, everyone was silent as they contemplated what Lord Bai has just told them about. They certainly felt the crisis that would ensue to their clan!

“It seems we couldn’t go out carelessly like before! We need to call everyone from our clan back to the nest!” Elder Luo said solemnly.

“That’s right! We don’t know when the enemy will attack, and so we couldn’t risk our people being attacked outside right now!” Lord Bai said solemnly. “Dealing with the Evil Spirit will be difficult, but as soon as I reached the Spirit King Peak Stage, I would have some way to kill it! and Yi Tianyun, our hero here, would help me control the Immortal Fire to suppress the Evil Spirit!” Lord Bai said as he pointed his finger to Yi Tianyun.

The Phoenix clan people were surprised once more as they heard that Yi Tianyun would be helping Bai Shuihuang to control the Immortal Fire!

There were not many Elders who were present to help handle the situation at the Phoenix Cave, and so the rest of the elders who didn’t come were extremely surprised as Immortal Fire cultivation was very tough

“Yes, he could do it!” Lord Bai said as she noticed that everyone’s face was contorted in confusion and disbelief. “May we see your Immortal Fire, little brother? I am afraid this is the fastest way to make them believe!” Lord Bai said to Yi Tianyun casually.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and immediately summoned the Immortal Fire. The warm radiance could be immediately felt across the room, so no Phoenix Clan people thought that Yi Tianyun was a fraud!

“So, with that out of the way, the only thing we needed the most right now is to quickly cultivate both my and Yi Tianyun’s immortal Fire, so that we could fight against the Evil Spirit with a good chance of winning.” Lord Bai said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun was okay with this agreement as he originally wanted to end the Evil Spirit, he surely didn’t mind if Lord Bai came with him too!

After that, Yi Tianyun could hear that someone from the Elder rank doubted Yi Tianyun’s position as the Divine Envoy. They didn’t seem to like it when the Human held a certain status among their clan.

But some Elders argued that Yi Tianyun has already shown his power, and the fact that he was also a Divine Rune Grandmaster and capable of controlling the Immortal Fire was enough to get him that position!

“I strongly disagree that he becomes our Divine Envoy here! This would be the first time on the history of the Phoenix Clan that a human was appointed as a Divine Envoy! But if it really is inevitable, I would like to suggest that he must pass the test of the Phoenix Mountain, and if he passes, I will give him my utmost support!” An Elder said his thought out loud!

“I could agree with that! The test of the Phoenix Mountain is a must for our Phoenix Clan, whether he would become an Elder or something else! And so, Little Brother, would you like to take the test to become our Divine Envoy?” Lord Bai said as he smirked in amusement.

“Of course, it was my honor to take the same test as the rest of the Phoenix Clan!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile and no hesitation! If he successfully passed the test, then he would have more powerful allies! Yi Tianyun nearly completed his objective now, destroying the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

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