Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 507


There was barely any discussion as Lord Bai announced that Yi Tianyun would become the Phoenix Clan’s Divine Envoy! Even if some Elders seemed displeased, they couldn’t downright refuse Lord Bai’s word!

After all, this time, the Phoenix Clan was under threat from 2 Divine Nation faction! Yan’er was left outside since she wasn’t part of the discussion. She didn’t need to know what was about to be discussed there.

After all, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t devote himself for the sake of the Phoenix Clan. And he, in fact, didn’t officially become the Divine Envoy just yet. He still had to pass the Phoenix’s clan test first!

“Hey, are we going to play somewhere today?” Yan’er said as Yi Tianyun left the conference hall.

“Let’s see, just follow me for now.” Yi Tianyun said as he took Yan’er’s little hand by his hand.

Looking at Yan’er’s cheerful attitude, Yi Tianyun began to wonder whether his children would also be as cheerful as Yan’er in the future. As they walked past a playground, there were several kids who were playing in there. They saw Yan’er was strolling on the street and called out to her.

“Hey, come here and play with us!” The kid on the playground shouted to Yan’er.

Yan’er looked at Yi Tianyun with hesitation as she didn’t want to go if Yi Tianyun told her otherwise, and Yi Tianyun, who saw that Yan’er wanted to play with the kids her age, gave her permission to do so!

After Yan’er ran towards the playground, Yi Tianyun saw that Pu Ren was walking over towards him.

“Divine Envoy, I am sorry if I am disturbing you, but I’m really curious about how could you control the Immortal Fire? Only Phoenix Lord was supposed to be able to control it.” Pu Ren asked curiously.

“It’s just a constant refinement, I think. I don’t really know it myself!” Yi Tianyun said awkwardly. He was confused about how to tell Pu Ren about his cheat power as it wouldn’t make any sense in this world.

“I see, your cultivation may be the factor! Well, can you bring me with you if you want to return to Mortal World again?” Pu Ren asked expectantly.

“Take you back with me to the Mortal World? What are you going to do in the mortal world?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. “You know, Mortal World was a much worse cultivation environment compared to this Ghost World, are you sure that you want to delay your cultivation?” Yi Tianyun asked, still in a curious manner.

“I am sure, Divine Envoy! I am going to find my older sister!” Pu Ren said confidently.

“Older sister? Did your older sister come into the mortal world?” Yi Tianyun wondered.

“I don’t really know, but she has gone for so long! I have been looking for her for almost all of my teenage years. I don’t know if she was really in Ghost World anymore. The only explanation is she went to the Mortal World!” Pu Ren said with a sorrowful expression.

“How long has she been gone?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“She was gone around two years ago!” Pu Ren said honestly.

Yi Tianyun knew that she might have been chased off by Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, like what had happened to Luo Huang, and so, Yi Tianyun had a little confidence that Pu Ren’s sister had a chance to escape safely, even so, Yi Tianyun couldn’t just take Pu Ren back with him as it would upset so many Elders in the Phoenix Clan.

“I am sorry, I know that you have a solid reason to go to the Mortal World, but I don’t think I could take you back with me! You heard Lord Bai’s word in there, and no Phoenix may leave the Phoenix Nest as a safety precaution!” Yi Tianyun said sternly.

“But, I have to find my sister!” Pu Ren said with a sad expression.

“I know, and that is why I will help you find your sister once I am back in the Mortal World!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Pu Ren.

“Really? Then please help me find her, Divine Envoy! I know I am not wealthy, nor did I have something worth your while, but I can only give you this as my token of appreciation!” Pu Ren said as he handed over a bottle of Void Spirit Pill to Yi Tianyun.

This pill would help a Void Spirit Cultivator cultivate faster than normal, considering how valuable it was, it should fetch a high price!

“No, just keep your medicine and use it when you can! it was better for your future then it was for mine!” Yi Tianyun said as he handed the bottle back to Pu Ren.

“No, Divine Envoy! Please accept my token of appreciation! I will be ashamed if you reject this offering!” Pu Ren said confidently that Yi Tianyun had no other way than accepting the pill for now.

“Very well, I will accept these medicines.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled once more to Pu Ren.


‘Successfully accepted a side quest [Help Pu Ren finding information about his sister’s whereabouts!

‘Reward on completion: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 Cps, 300 Prestige points, [King of Investigation] Title.’

The reward of the quest was not bad! Yi Tianyun was certainly curious about the title’s effect that he would get from the side quest! “So, did you have any portrait of your sister?” Yi Tianyun asked Pu Ren for his first lead to investigate the whereabouts of Pu Ren’s sister.

Pu Ren then handed a small portrait of his sister to Yi Tianyun. She was beautiful, but Yi Tianyun knew that he never met this woman before. He would’ve recognized such a beautiful girl at first glance, after all.

“I will try to look for her once I am back to the Mortal World, for now, just keep your patience!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Okay, thank you very much, Divine Envoy!” Pu Ren said with a sigh of relief.

“Hey, I haven’t become the Divine Envoy just yet!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“Oh, I think you are as good as one already!” Pu Ren said confidently.

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