Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 51: Big Haul


Yi Tianyun took out the ultimate weapon Torrential Pear Blossom Needle! 

The effect is is within a hundred meters radius, cultivators within Spirit Refinement Realm or below will instanly die! There are a bunch of people nearby at the moment which means when he used Torrential Pear Blossom Needle all of them will die! 

“I’m giving you one last chance, either scram or die!” Yi Tianyun held Torrential Pear Blossom Needle and looked at them with intimidating manner. 

He already gave them a chance, if they don’t heed the warning it’s their loss. It’s not that he doesn’t give the opportunity, but they are idiots who are determined to die! 

“Hey, what is that thing, small and exquisite, it’s not a weapon?” 

“He took some treasures inside the palace now he thinks he’s the boss?” 

“What a joke, capture him, and find the treasures he hide in his body!” 

They rushed toward Yi Tianyun like a hungry vultures, completely ignoring Yi Tianyun’s warning, even though the most dangerous treasure is the one on his hand.

They don’t care about Yi Tianyun. As long as they get the treasure, they will become stronger and they will be able to enjoy prosperity! 

“Crazy Mode, activate!” 

“Consume Five Times Exp Card!” 

“Luck Aura, activate!” 

Then, Yi Tianyun activated Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, a silver light from this small iron box burst out, and countless golden needles burst forth, the closest cultivators was instantly stabbed in the heart. 

When he looked his surrounding, they already fell to the ground, lifeless. Everyone around him began to collapse one after another! Like domino effect, they fell down one by one, blood spread everywhere.

The one further on the back realize what’s going on and tried to escape, but it was too late, golden needle already pierce through them just like piercing a tofu. Then they fell. 

A small needle maybe not dangerous, but if there are thousands of it,then it’s a different story, it can wipe everyone out! 

『Ding, successfully killed Liu Yun, obtains 3800 exp, Recovery Medicinal Pill, 80 Crazy Point.』

『Ding, successfully killed LongTianyang, obtains 15.000 exp, double Experience Pill, 600 Crazy Point!』

『Ding, successfully killed Wang Tiancheng, obtains 8700 exp, Quick Wind Sword, 200 Crazy Point!』

『Ding, successful……』

He got so much exp, Crazy Point and other items the notifications just won’t stop, halfway Yi Tianyun didn’t even pay attention anymore. 

This is basically one chance to massively kill people and almost in an instant too. Some ran out of the 100-meter range and fortunately survived. 

There are very few who survived, and it’s only about four people. He was surrounded by too many people earlier yet now only four of them remained. 

Therefore, only a few people stood quite far from Yi Tianyun. There are a few people with low cultivation as well who wanted to see what happen and when something goes wrong, they immediately escape. 

They looked at Yi Tianyun and all lifeless body lying before them, and their eyes were filled with fear. They hastily fled. 

“Ghost, demon, devil!!” 

“This is terrible, it’s so terrible…”

They ran desperately, hating their parents for not giving them one more leg when they gave birth them, so they could run faster. They probably won’t ever forget this scene in their life. Even if Core Condensation Realm are strong, they can’t kill this instant and this much. In a blink of an eye, a large group of people died. Although he didn’t confirm one by one whether they are alive or not, it is so savage!

When they fled, Yi Tianyun felt the surge of power entering his body and heard the notification. 

『Ding, congratulation, host successfully breakthrough to Tenth Level of Spirit Refinement Realm!』

『Ding, congratulation, host successfully breakthrough to First Level of Core Condensation Realm!』

『Ding, congratulation, host successfully breakthrough to Second Level of Core Condensation Realm!』

『Ding, congratulation, host successfully breakthrough to Third Level of Core Condensation Realm!』

Well it’s not that much, he only breakthrough 4 level. But for other cultivators, it’s super crazy. It was so easy for him to breakthrough to Core Condensation Realm, and reached Third Level of Core Condensation Realm! 

“It’s wonderful. No matter how many times i experience this, this Crazy Leveling System is just awesome…” 

Yi Tianyun looked at the empty shell in his hand. It was no longer useful. He just dropped it and looked down at bodies on the ground. At this point they began to slowly shed blood and permeated through the ground. 

He didn’t care, he just left. Although he is now at 3rd level of Core Condensation Realm, but other Core Condensation expert may come, it is not easy to deal with. 

Now that he’s pretty far away from Dragon God Palace, he stopped to confirm the rewards. This time he killed so many cultivators and didn’t know how much. 

『Quest Purchasing Materials Back to Jade Palace Completed.』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 2000 gold, 1 Lottery Ticket, 20 All Favorability.』

Yi Tianyun is stunned, how did he suddenly complete this quest, and immediately thought, probably because An Ling and Qin Xue already arrived at Jade Palace, so it doesn’t have to be him to deliver the materials to Jade Palace to complete the quest…

“Quest completed, it seems that they arrived at Jade Palace safely…” Yi Tianyun is relieved. He is responsible to bring back the materials along with his two sisters, but considering his current situation he can’t go back. 

Immediately he opened the status window. 

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 23 (Third Level Core Condensation)

Exp: 47281 / 500000

Crazy Point: 28728 

Prestige: 50 

Cultivation Techniques: Dark North Divine Art and Dragon God Secret Art

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin

Weapon: Frost Fist, Scarlet Dagger, Wind Chasing Blade, Heavenly Wind Blade

Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode and Lucky Halo

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power Bracelet, Power Ring and Power Belt

All item: 20 Recovery Medicinal Pill, 10 Double Exp Pill, 1 Lottery Ticket, Gift Pack Lv21

There are a lot of things he got earlier, even some skills, weapons and armor, but they are all common items, not worth mentioning. The most important thing is to level up.  His Crazy Point is almost 30.000! 

This time it’s a relly big haul, and it’s a lot more than killing a boss. 

“Very good, the more Crazy Points i have the better… but my cultivation is still not enough!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are cold, his cultivation is still too weak. For facing a faction, it is still far from enough.

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