Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 512


Lord Bai was surprised as she looked at Yi Tianyun from top to bottom once again. Everyone else felt the same thing as they were shocked to see that Yi Tianyun has transformed into someone else!

“What is that mask? It’s so amazing! I have never seen anything like this before! Did you have another one? I am willing to bid a high price for it!” Lord Bai said excitedly.

“I am sorry, but I only have one.” Yi Tianyun said apologetically. After all, the item that he had could only be worn by himself. He didn’t know what would happen if someone else used it, but his first possibility that came to his mind was the item would be useless for someone else!

“That’s unfortunate! If I have this mask, I can mingle with other factions easily!” Lord Bai said with a slightly disappointed look on his face.

“Lord Bai, hasn’t the Phoenix Clan information network already done a great job of obtaining all sorts of vital information? Why did you feel the need to spy the other so bad?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Well, it is true that our intelligence division was doing a great job, but if I have that mask, I can infiltrate the enemy faction deeper, and that way, I can find any plan that could endanger the Phoenix Clan!” Lord Bai said determinedly.

Yan’er, who was near Lord Bai, was a little bit startled as she could feel the powerful emotion that Lord Bai has exerted.

“Are you scared, Yan’er?” Yi Tianyun said as he noticed Yan’er backing away from Lord Bai, and thus he held Yan’er on his arm. Lord Bai smiled apologetically to Yan’er and quickened his pace.

“Let’s go now, let’s see what the snake brought here this time!” Lord Bai said coldly.

Yi Tianyun nodded and handed Yan’er to Pu Ren so that she could play with other kids her age or do something else entirely while Yi Tianyun met with Ming Chen! Sure enough, as Yi Tianyun and Lord Bai arrived at the first hall, Ming Chen was already waiting with one other person.

“My pleasure to finally see you, Phoenix Lord!” Ming Chen said as he slyly greeted Lord Bai. Yi Tianyun noticed that Ming Chen’s companion was a 2nd Layer Spirit King Expert!

“Greetings to you too, but what have brought you here this time?” Lord Bai asked indifferently.

“Well, I heard that you’ve already solved the problem inside the Phoenix Cave, and I was glad to hear that, and I wonder, did you kill the Evil Spirit or just seal it away?” Ming Chen asked curiously, but with a smile on his face.

The way Ming Chen presented himself made Yi Tianyun sick to his stomach. There was no use to fake himself anymore as the Phoenix Clan has already known that his ulterior motives to help the Phoenix Clan was to free the Evil Spirit!

“Does it matter whether it was killed or sealed? I heard your overrated price on helping us from the Elder, and we are sorry that we couldn’t accept it! so, I will ask you again, what brings you here?” Lord Bai said indifferently.

“Lord Bai, we are sorry that our price seemed unreasonable to you, but our reason to put a price that high was not completely unreasonable! If the request was only to quench the Immortal Fire and the Heavenly Yin Fire inside the cave, it would come cheap, but killing the Evil Spirit was, on the whole, another league!” Ming Chen said, still with his sickening smile. “But I have come this time only to ask you whether or not you were able to kill the Evil Spirit within the cave. If you have, then we would like to celebrate the day that you are finally free of the Evil Spirit’s shackle!” Ming Chen said with a smile.

Lord Bai and Yi Tianyun were very uncomfortable meeting with Ming Chen as they’ve already known what Ming Chen was planning, but they couldn’t just recklessly let it out of the bag either!

“Is this the person who helped you with the incident?” Ming Chen asked as he finally saw Yi Tianyun beside Lord Bai.

Yi Tianyun knew that Ming Chen’s words were bullshit, Ming Chen had already tried to look past Yi Tianyun’s power, but thanks to the Hundred Transformation Mask, Ming Chen wasn’t able to do that!

But one thing that Ming Chen knew was that Yi Tianyun wasn’t a phoenix! Even if the Hundred Transformation Mask could change his appearance, it couldn’t change the specific unique energy that each race gave off!

“Yes, I am the who that helped Phoenix Clan solve the problem inside the Phoenix Cave before, is there anything wrong with it?” Yi Tianyun said calmly. Although Yi Tianyun hated Ming Chen so badly, he couldn’t just throw Lord Bai’s plan under the bus!

Yi Tianyun also knew that he was in a bad spot now, he could kill Ming Chen at any point now, but he wouldn’t be able to defend against the power of the Divine Nation behind him!

“If you only want to know what happened on the Phoenix Cave, I happily announce that the Evil Spirit was finally dead!” Lord Bai said in fake excitement.

“Seriously?” Ming Chen said as he was shocked to hear the fake news. From their expression, both Yi Tianyun and Lord Bai knew that the Evil Spirit held some meaning to the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

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