Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 513


“Is the Evil Spirit’s death really that shocking?” Lord Bai asked as she looked into Ming Chen’s eyes. Lord Bai didn’t show any fear to Ming Chen, her cultivation as way stronger then Ming Chen, but the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation still could become a problem if she weren’t fully prepared, so she still had to be careful.

“Yeah, it just comes as a surprise as the Phoenix Clan hasn’t been able to deal with this problem for so long, yet it was solved all of a sudden, just like  that!” Ming Chen said with a smile. “I am sorry that I came here unnoticed.” Ming Chen said sincerely.

“We are grateful that you are showing sincerity in helping us with our problem. You can stay here for a few days. We will show you some Phoenix Clan hospitality as you stay!” Lord Bai said to Ming Chen.

“No, thank you for inviting us, but we will take our leave now. now that the problem was solved, we don’t have to bother you any further!” Ming Chen said as he smiled at Lord Bai.

Ming Chen and his people immediately left after that, leaving Yi Tianyun and the Phoenix Clan alone for now.

Yi Tianyun knew at that moment that he had to get stronger quickly, there were too many Spirit King cultivators here in the Ghost World, and he was too far behind!

He knew that he could easily overpower some Spirit King cultivators, but honestly, he didn’t know where the limit would be!

“Is there something wrong, brother?” Lord Bai said as she saw Yi Tianyun dozed off.

“No, but the situation earlier may be our best opportunity to kill Ming Chen!” Yi Tianyun said wonderingly.

“Yeah, I know, but we would instantly lose as the enemy would then know of our plan!” Lord Bai said solemnly.

“Yeah, that was also the case. It may be better to deal with him some other time!” Yi Tianyun said wonderingly. “But I assure you, I will be the one to kill that bastard!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Lord Bai was a little bit surprised as she didn’t think that Yi Tianyun had reached the Spirit King stage just yet, but nodded nonetheless to encourage him.

She didn’t know that Yi Tianyun had the cheat ability to increase his power to the point that he was literally better than some Spirit King cultivators.


‘Heavenly Clouds Mansion had successfully overthrown an evil Faction!’

‘Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Sps, 10x Exp card.’

A notification message popped up suddenly, startling Yi Tianyun. He noticed that this notification was coming from Xu Fei. He was still on the pursuit of several Netherworld Empire soldiers running and hiding all over Heavenly Clouds continent.

Yi Tianyun was proud as he knew that the people he trusted were working hard on their own.


‘Heavenly Clouds Mansion had successfully overthrown an evil faction!’

‘Reward: 80.000.000 Exp, 800.000 Cps, 30.000 SPs.”

It didn’t take too long from the first notification as the other one already popped up again. It seemed Xu Fei’s soldiers were split in two, and as Xu Fei’s team successfully wiped out a group of cultivators, another team has finished too!

“Why are you smiling to yourself like that?” Lord Bai asked as she was concerned.

“No, nothing much, I just remembered something funny, that’s all!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Lord Bai.

“Well, we have to start to act now, are you joining me?” Lord Bai asked curiously.

“What plan do you have in mind?” Yi Tianyun asked back. He didn’t want to follow people blindly, so he needed to know the plan first!

“The simplest way I could say this is to rob Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation of their resources! There is this place called a treasure trove that supplied resources for Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, but the thing is, the place is hard to break! We have to sneak in undetected in order to steal their resources!” Lord Bai said confidently.

“Where is this place?” Yi Tianyun asked once again.

“Inside the Heavenly Netherworld’s territory, but the information is accurate!” Lord Bai said confidently.

Yi Tianyun smiled grow as he liked the sound of this plan! Furthermore, the Ghost World Treasure Map in his hands was pointing at this Treasure Trove too! There was no way he would pass by this opportunity!

“Well, I will go! I have heard of that place before. I, too, have something to do there!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Lord Bai.

“Did you really? Well, I will leave this matter to you then!” Lord Bai said as he smirked to Yi Tianyun.


‘Successfully accept [Attack the Heavenly Netherworld, capture the Treasure Trove!] quest!’

‘Reward in completion: 300.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Cps, 50.000 Sps, 100 Phoenix Clan Favourability.’

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