Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 516


“So, this place was occupied, huh?” Yi Tianyun said as he found the information useful.

“Yes, Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation can control the Divine Rune of this place from the altar in the middle, so they took this place as their own! Only a Divine King is capable of such a feat!” Elder Luo said honestly.

Yi Tianyun was interested in Elder Luo’s story as Divine King was above the Saint King level! The Divine King was supposed to be the strongest existence in the entire world! But sadly, they no longer showed themselves anymore for unknown reasons!

The saint king was still around now, but there were only a few of them!

“Yes, the Divine King, a legendary man! Old Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan has been aiming to reach this rank but, they never could! The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation has Divine King as their old Ancestor, but I think he was long gone by now! they were desperate to gather the resource to help their Holy King reach the Divine King rank, but fortunately, they haven’t made that much progress!” Elder Luo said as he told the information that he knew to Yi Tianyun.

“Is this Divine King level that difficult to achieve?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously as it was clear that not even a Divine Nation could attain them. But as for Yi Tianyun, he was sure he could achieve it if he got the amount of Exp he needed!

“Yes, it’s difficult to attain! In any Divine Nation, I am afraid you will never find one, but there would be several Saint King who was close but never attain them in the end!” Elder Luo said honestly.

Yi Tianyun nodded in understanding, with a Divine King that occupied this place the first time, Yi Tianyun finally understood why the Ghost World Treasure Map was much bigger than the Coiling Dragon Treasure Map!

“Are you ready? We will sneak in and steal any valuable resources, and then we will leave everything in your hands!” Elder Luo said to Yi Tianyun solemnly.

At this moment, Yi Tianyun knew that if he encountered one Divine Rune at Creator Rank, his plan would fail immediately! There was no way he could deal with that Divine Rune at this level, but he still had to try his best now!

“Yeah, I am ready! Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked with the three Elders, he could see that the three elders showed concern on Yi Tianyun’s safety, but they knew that they couldn’t stray from the plan now!

Yi Tianyun looked over to the Heavenly Netherworld Temple in the middle and noticed that it was heavily guarded by so many Void Spirit Experts. He knew that he had to head there after they successfully stole the Heavenly Netherworld Resources!

“Now listen up! The Heavenly Netherworld has six entrances. They were heavily guarded, but 3 of them were guarded by a spirit King expert! One of these experts was the infamous General Ba Long of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, he’s from a Pure Dragon Clan Bloodline and currently at 5th Layer Spirit King Rank!” Elder Luo said as he informed the thing he knew about this place.

“So, we need to avoid this General Ba Long at all cost, right?” Elder Lei said as he asked for confirmation. Elder Luo nodded solemnly and continued with the plan.

“Now, this is the map that The Lord gave, Divine Envoy, please confirm where we should strike first!” Elder Luo said as he gave Yi Tianyun the map that he got from Lord Bai beforehand.

“Hmmm, this map is okay! it’s a lot simpler than the one I remember, but it shows the point that we needed to know.” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the map from Lord Bai. The map had several differences from his Ghost World Treasure Map, but the map covered the outer layer of the place, showing where they needed to go.

“Well, for now, we need to find an entrance with no Spirit King expert guarding it! We could deal with the Void Spirit Expert easily, but the Spirit King Expert could possess a problem! So, which do you think we should choose, Divine Envoy?” Elder Ye asked Yi Tianyun, but as he looked over to Yi Tianyun, he saw that Yi Tianyun had closed his eyes and seemed to be meditating.

Elder Ye didn’t know that now Yi Tianyun was using his spiritual sense to map out the path that they should take, so the plan worked smoothly. After a while, he was done mapping out the path and opened his eyes.

“Follow me. I know where to go!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Where are we going?” Elder Ye asked curiously.

“Now, just hold on to my shoulder!” Yi Tianyun commanded with a sense of urgency. The three Elders immediately did so, and suddenly the four of them flashed and vanished from the spot!

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