Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 517


In the remote corner of the Heavenly Netherworld, four figures suddenly appeared out of thin air!

“Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked around carefully. By his early scan, Yi Tianyun knew that this place was supposed to be empty, but it never hurt to be careful.

The other three, however, were shocked as they never knew something like this was possible! “Are you teleporting us in just now?” Elder Ye said with a surprised look on his face.

“You can say that!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Elder Ye. After he leveled up the Teleportation Divine Ability, his teleport range has increased now.

“Good gracious, no wonder you said that you could do this on your own! You have a rare Space Manipulation Cultivation!” Elder Luo said with a shock on his face.

“Now is not the time to discuss this. We still have to move fast!” Yi Tianyun said urgently. Elder Luo nodded, and Yi Tianyun immediately used his stealth ability to blend in with the surroundings, and the three Elders immediately followed suit.

The Elders then followed Yi Tianyun as he was the one who had the map.

Yi Tianyun himself decided to follow the map that Lord Bai gave for now, as he knew that the map should have the correct information for their mission.

He could go to the place that Ghost World Treasure Map marked later as that wasn’t the mission right now.

But Yi Tianyun was also a little bit worried as he now knew that the Heavenly Netherworld was created with a hard stone that was on a Spirit King Rank!

The stone was impossible to break if the one who attacked it was someone of a lower rank! The Divine Rune that secured this place was also of a high rank one; even the lowest one was at a Master Level Divine Rune!

Yi Tianyun was really impressed by the Divine King that created this place! But he knew that he didn’t need to worry about that as the cultivators who guarded this place right now weren’t of a high-rank.

For a start, the first guard that he encountered was in the Core Transformation rank!

Although the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was one of the strongest factions, not every single one of them was a high-level cultivator!

Yi Tianyun immediately flashed behind the guard and knocked him out, and drag the body to the shadow. The Elders were surprised once more as they saw Yi Tianyun moved so fast to knock out the guards.

“Divine Envoy! You are too fast! You are on equal ground with Elder Ye’s assassination ability or even more!” Elder Luo said as he was surprised once again.

“Elder Luo, you are exaggerating, I am just doing what I can!” Yi Tianyun said politely. He then moved again toward the mark on Lord Bai’s map, and as he knew that he had to get there fast. The elders immediately follow behind without asking anything as they knew that they could trust Yi Tianyun.

But after a while, they reached a dead end!

“Wait, what happened?” Elder Lei asked confusedly.

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything as he tapped the wall in front of him, and suddenly a hole opened there!

Elder Lei was surprised as they never thought something like this would happen. The stone wall immediately rose back up as soon as they entered, startling some guards nearby.

“Did you hear that sound just now?” One of the guards said to his companion.

“I heard it! It sounded like a stone grinding with each other!” his companion said curiously. They walked towards where the sound was coming from, but they were puzzled as they saw that there was nothing there.

“Is there a leak or something?” the guard said as they looked around the wall, but they still didn’t see anything, so they left to continue their patrol duty once again.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun led the way inside the secret tunnel. The place was dark, and the others were relaxed for a moment as they know that they are safe for now.

“I would never know something like this is here!” Elder Lei said with a surprised tone.

“Well, you are indeed ignorant, so that wasn’t surprising at all!” Elder Luo said sarcastically.

“Hey, no need to be rude!” Elder Lei retorted annoyedly.

“Okay, now we are close! I need everyone to be prepared!” Yi Tianyun said as he stopped the bickering between the two elders.

He knew this secret tunnel thanks to the Ghost World Treasure Map, so it should be easy for Yi Tianyun to spot every secret place!

He had to finish this quest as soon as possible!

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