Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 521


Fortunately, all the demon beasts inside the Treasure House was locked in a cage. There were so many Rare Demon Beasts inside that the 4 of them were shocked!

There were some Ancient Phoenixes, Dragons, Feral Tigers, Giant Bears, and many others! Yi Tianyun also saw several cultivators throwing many medicinal pills inside the cage to feed the demon beast!

From the look on the demon beasts’ face, it was clear that they were brought there against their own will, so it was clear to Yi Tianyun that the cultivators there will stop at nothing to make sure that these demon beasts did their bidding!

“Hey! Who are you!” A cultivator shouted as he saw four strangers were standing at the door.

Yi Tianyun immediately released a little bit of his killing aura and immediately knocked out the cultivators on the site! It was easy for him as they were only at the Core Transformation Stage!

“It seems we are mistaken! This place wasn’t a treasure house. It’s a demon beast cage house! It’s clear that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was trying to make these Demon Beasts a part of their army!

“You are right! Look at this! they have a ton of Domesticating Poison on top of a ton of Medicinal Pills!” Elder Luo said as he checked the content of a container nearby. Domesticating poison was a poison that was given to a demon beast in order to weaken their resolve and eventually domesticated them!

Thes poison was quite potent. Suppose was gradually fed to a Demon Beast along with Medicinal Pills. The demon beast would be domesticated eventually!

“Well, we couldn’t find a Treasure House, but we find these Demon Beasts instead! It’s still a win!” Yi Tianyun said casually. It should have been obvious to Yi Tianyun as this place wasn’t Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s headquarters!

It was normal to save every treasure inside your headquarter instead of someplace with minimum security like this!

Yi Tianyun understood that the information that Lord Bai gave to them was wrong as it was easy to misunderstand as the informant only knew that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation supplied a buck load of medicinal pills to this place!

“The information is wrong! What do we do now? should we escape now?” Elder Lei asked worriedly.

“No! we can’t just go back empty-handed! I have an idea, so clearly, they have allocated a lot of resources to domesticate these Demon Beasts! All we need to do is free these Demon Beasts out of their cage, and Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation will lose all the resources they had used here! everything they did will be in vain!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked to the elders.

This was the best way to disrupt Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s plan that Yi Tianyun could think of for now! These Demon Beasts surely wasn’t cheap and time-consuming.

If they were freed, there was no way the Demon Beast would let themselves be captured so easily again, and if they chose to capture a new one, they would have to spend a lot of resources and a lot of time again!

“So, what do you have in mind? kill them or free them?” Elder Ye asked as he was a little confused at Yi Tianyun’s idea.

“Well, I intend to tame them as many as I can, after that, maybe we can kill several that wouldn’t obey me!” Yi Tianyun said casually. Yi Tianyun felt excited as he knew that he could get a bunch of rare Demon Beast here!

They would become his own army of Demon Beasts! After all, these Demon Beasts had a high Cultivation where the lowest was at Core Transformation Stage, and the highest one was at Void Spirit Stage!

Yi Tianyun was also confident that he would be able to tame them all!

“But are you sure? We couldn’t just walk out of here, bringing so many Demon Beast, you know! There are too many of them here! there is no way we won’t be noticed!” Elder Lei said as he confessed his point of view.

Yi Tianyun knew that Elder Lei was right! Normally, there was no way that the enemy wouldn’t notice if they brought out so many Demon Beast without any reason, but Elder Lei didn’t know that Yi Tianyun could store the creature that he has tamed inside his inventory!

Elder Lei was confused as he knew that a living being shouldn’t be able to be stored inside a storage ring!

“Relax, Elder Lei! I have a way to bring these Demon Beasts out! But I need you guys to ensure that we are safe for the time being! I will take these Demon Beasts out soon!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Okay, we will cover you!” Elder Luo said as the other two Elders nodded and quickly rushed out of the building to eliminate any possible threat!

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