Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 522


Yi Tianyun quickly rushed towards the Demon Beasts and tamed them one by one! he instantly stored them inside his Pet Bar to shorten the time as time is of the essence here!

The Elders who were standing in front of the door to ensure Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be bothered peeked inside the building and saw that Yi Tianyun really was taming the Demon Beast one by one! They nodded to each other and resumed their duty to guard Yi Tianyun!


‘Successfully tamed [Giant Bear]!’

‘Reward: 2.000.000 Exp, 600 Pet Taming Proficiency!’


‘Successfully tamed [Feral Tiger]!

Reward: 170.000 Exp, 500 Pet Taming Proficiency!’


‘Successfully tamed …’


Yi Tianyun did it quickly! He skipped those that he failed to tame as he could try again later! He made sure that every Demon Beasts was successfully tamed without exception!

The Pet Bar capacity was almost endless, so he could capture all the Demon Beasts there without worrying that he would have no space left!

After a while, Elder Luo came inside again.

“Hey, someone is coming! We will change into these guard clothes quickly!” Elder Luo said as he took several guard clothes and handed them over to Elder Ye and Elder Lei, and they immediately changed their clothes!

Yi Tianyun nodded and let Elder Luo deal with the situation as he had to keep it down for a moment. Soon enough, Elder Luo brought in several Storage Ring that Yi Tianyun knew contained a lot of Medicinal Pills!

“That was fortunate! They didn’t recognize us!” Elder Luo said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun nodded and continued to tame all the Demon Beast at a quicker rate! Soon enough, more than half Demon Beasts have been successfully tamed!


‘Congratulation on levelling up Advance Level Pet Taming Proficiency to Master Lever Pet Taming Proficiency!’

Yi Tianyun was excited as he saw that the success rate was also increased due to the level up! He quickly rushed towards the remaining Demon Beasts and quickly tamed them with his newfound taming speed!

Suddenly, Yi Tianyun heard a fight from outside, but he ignored it as he only cared about taming all these Demon Beasts! He also put his faith in the Elders as he knew that they would get the job done!

Sure enough, the Elders quickly came inside while dragging several bodies. Judging from their clothes, Yi Tianyun knew that they were the Heavenly Netherworld’s Patrol!

“These guys recognized us! Fortunately, none of them escapes this time!” Elder Luo said as he sighed, but as they looked around, they were shocked as they saw that almost all Demon Beasts was gone!

“How did you….? Isn’t it too fast even for you? where did you put them? Did your Living Storage Ring have that much capacity?” Elder Ye said in awe.

“It was fortunate that we brought Divine Envoy here! Otherwise, we could only kill all of these Demon Beast instead of capturing it! but we have to move quickly as they have begun to notice something was off!” Elder Lei said worriedly.

“I know! If you find the enemy is too much for you, quickly come inside! I will get us out of here in an instant!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“You can teleport again?” The elders said as they looked at Yi Tianyun surprisedly. Yi Tianyun only nodded and continued to tame the Demon Beast inside while the Elders quickly resumed their post to stand in front of the door!

But not too long after, Yi Tianyun heard a loud bang on the door, and suddenly the Elders come inside rushing.

“What happened? What is the situation outside?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“This is bad, Divine Envoy! Ba Long and Ming Chen are here!” Elder Luo said as he frowned in worry.

“Ming Chen? Are you sure?” Yi Tianyun said as he was surprised that Ming Chen came was coming!

“Yes, he also brings four extra Spirit King Experts with him!” Elder Luo said worriedly.

Suddenly, there was another banging on the door. It began to creak like it would give up holding out the attack from the outside.

“Relax! I will finish taming all the Demon Beast, and then we deal with them!” Yi Tianyun said casually without an ounce of worry!

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