Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 524


He didn’t just level up, but also obtained a title out of it! Yi Tianyun nodded in satisfaction as he knew that he was getting closer to Spirit King Stage and got a lot of profit inside this place!

As he quickly checked the required amount of Exp for the next level, he sighed as he needed 1 billion Exp for it!

Yi Tianyun knew that he had to defeat opponents above the Void Spirit Stage rank to obtain the amount necessary to level up now!

“I am done taming all the Demon Beast here!” Yi Tianyun said to the Elders as he took a deep breath in relief. The elders immediately glanced around, and sure enough, there is no more Demon Beast could be seen, only empty cages!

“Let’s go now. We have to get out of here!” Yi Tianyun said as he signalled for the Elders to come close to him. The Elders nodded and immediately came to Yi Tianyun’s side.

“This is good! We have achieved our purpose here! even though we didn’t get any resources, at the very least, we held back the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s plan!” Elder Luo said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun smiled and immediately teleported away with the Elders out of Heavenly Netherworld! They re-emerged inside the forest near Heavenly Netherworld once again, and all of them knew that they were safe for now!

But the Elders were still looking at Yi Tianyun in awe as Yi Tianyun’s teleportation ability was really overpowered!

“Your power still amazes me every time! We really escape the walls of Heavenly Netherworld just like that!” Elder Luo said in awe. But there was one thing the elders were certain of. That was, no matter how hard they tried.

There was no way they could learn this ability! They believed it must be some unique ability that came with some innate ability!

“Yeah, I bet those guys were still banging on the door furiously! Once they entered that house, I believe they will shed blood instead of tears!” Elder Lei said as he smirked with a satisfied look on his face.

In fact, all the Elders were satisfied with their accomplishments just now! They successfully impeded the Evil Spirit Race’s plan to attack the Phoenix Clan sooner!

They knew that once the Demon Beast earlier were successfully tamed by the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, it would immediately be deployed to attack Phoenix Clan!

“But the plan wasn’t done yet! You all can go back and report back to Lord Bai and take these two phoenixes with you! It’d be better for them to return to the nest again!” Yi Tianyun said as he summoned Two Phoenix that he got from the Demon Cage earlier.

“You still intend to destroy it?” Elder Luo asked worriedly.

“Yes! as I said earlier, the plan wasn’t done yet! I still need to go in once more! but I assure you, I will go back soon!” Yi Tianyun said casually to Elder Luo.

The three Elders looked at each other with an unsure look on their face, but they knew that Yi Tianyun could handle himself inside that place as they saw what Yi Tianyun was capable of, plus his teleportation ability would save him from dangerous predicaments!

“Well, if you a**re that determined, I guess there is no stopping you! But be careful in there! You must escape that place!” Elder Luo said worriedly. In fact, all the elders looked at Yi Tianyun with a worried look on their eyes, but they know that there was nothing they could do to stop Yi Tianyun from going back inside Heavenly Netherworld again!

The Elders nodded to Yi Tianyun and immediately left as they knew that they couldn’t waste time there!

They knew that Yi Tianyun would use his teleportation again, and they also knew that there was no way Yi Tianyun could use it repetitively, so they hoped it was still enough to get Yi Tianyun to safety in the end!

Yi Tianyun waited for an hour inside the forest as he waited for his teleportation’s cooldown, and once it was available again, he immediately teleported back inside the Heavenly Netherworld again!

He noticed that there weren’t that many guards around anymore as he suspected that Ming Chen and the other executives had ordered a thorough search for the intruders!

But thanks to his stealth, Yi Tianyun could bypass many guards who came his way easily! There was no way these guards could detect him as they all were under-leveled compared to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun went back to the Treasure House area as the mark on the Ghost World Treasure Map showed that he had to go that way.

He wanted to see what treasure could that place have that wasn’t claimed by the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation yet!

Soon enough, Yi Tianyun arrived at the market place, and all he saw was a hidden passageway! He knew that he would reach the treasure as soon as he walked past this passage!

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