Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 525


Ba Long was still attacking the door furiously, and from the looks of it, the door was almost giving out under his tremendous power!

“Hurry up! We will soon be able to kill those bastards!” Ming Chen said with a raging look on his face.

It took too long for Ba Long to destroy the door that Ming Chen was worried that the intruders have already harmed the Demon Beasts inside!

Finally, after relentlessly attacking the door, it broke along with the pillar that held the door in place! Ba Long and the other executives immediately rushed inside in order to attack the intruder and check the Demon Beast’s condition!

But as they entered the room, they were shocked to see that none of the Demon Beast was in the cage, not even a dead body of them was seen! The intruder itself was also nowhere to be found!

Ba Long was furious beyond anything that he ever felt! He pulled out his sword and destroyed the Demon Beast’s cage one by one to vent his anger!

He stopped as soon as there was almost none of the cage left intact! He roared for the last time, releasing a tremendous amount of killing intent and petrifying aura.

Ming Chen himself was also furious, but he decided to do nothing about it as there was no benefit in rampaging like Ba Long.

He quickly searched for any trace of Spiritual Energy inside the treasure house to see whether he could find the trace of the intruder or not.

He was convinced that there was no way the intruder could escape this room without them knowing. Furthermore, that room only had one door, and no other exit was made!

“Damn! Where did they go? I don’t think there is a hidden path or secret passage to this room!” Ming Chen said as he tried to scan the entire room with his spiritual sense and found nothing. He then tried to find the hidden path by trying to push the wall and stomped his feet on the ground to see if there was any hidden room, but still, he found none!

“They really disappeared!” Niu Tengtian said as he tried to help Ming Chen find the hidden passage, but still, he found none as well!

Ming Chen and the executives knew that there was no hidden path in this room as they’ve already known about every hidden path withing the Heavenly Netherworld.

However, they still tried to find a hidden path in that room as they didn’t understand how the intruder could escape this room without them knowing!

“They definitely know the secret in this room! There is no other explanation! They also killed Men Hu on top of that! how much more humiliation can they do to our Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!” Ba Long said furiously.

They would never think about the possibility that the intruder had a teleportation ability, as it was the rarest among the rare!

Their next thought was how could they report all this mess back to Holy King! They would surely be punished for their incompetence! If they caught the intruder, the Holy King would at least let them off the hook, but as of now, there was no way that Holy King would let them go without a harsh punishment!

When they were about to continue looking for the hidden path, a sudden tremor hit them! They were startled, and the walls and floor began to glow in a golden colour!

“Damn it! Who activated the Divine Climbing Ladder!? Is it the intruder?” Ba Long said as he looked around his surrounding in shock!

“Damn it all! Hurry up! We need to go check and stop whoever it is that activates the Divine Climbing Ladder!” Ming Chen said furiously.

Ming Chen and the others immediately left the Demon Beast’s room and looked around worriedly.

“You check over there! If there is any movement, immediately deal with it! we have to stop them no matter what!” Ba Long said as he ordered Ming Chen to go toward a certain direction as he planned to go toward another direction.

Ming Chen nodded and immediately rushed to the direction that Ba Long has pointed earlier while Ba Long immediately rushed to another direction.

Ming Chen rushed to a hidden passage that he knew was a shortcut to the Divine Climbing Ladder, and indeed, he arrived at the ladder faster than anyone else from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

He looked up and saw that someone was already climbing the ladder and already reached 100 level up there!

“Intruder!” Ming Chen shouted furiously to the intruder.

This person that climbed the ladder was none other than Yi Tianyun himself! But Yi Tianyun surely never expected that he had to climb 1.900 level of the ladder! But that was not what he was concerned about! He only wondered what he could get as soon as he reached the top!

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