Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 527


“Hurry up and come! You silly brat! are you afraid of going up since you know our Army General was up there?” one of the guards who climbed the Divine Ladder said as he climbed past Yi Tianyun.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t even bother with the guard as he was too busy collecting the information about the Martial Arts within the spiritual energy the ladder emitted.

“That brat insists on delaying this as long as possible! I can’t wait to butcher him as soon as I can!” Ba Long said coldly as he looked at Yi Tianyun.

He was already at 700 steps up in the ladder while Yi Tianyun was still at 200 steps!

“He probably thought that he would be safe if he let us climb the ladder first! He probably didn’t know once 30 people have reached the top, the ladder’s protection will be gone!” Ming Chen said as he smirked evilly.

“You are probably right! We must reach the top faster! So, he could drop dead immediately!” Ba Long said solemnly.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun was gradually putting together the Martial Arts information that he got from the ladder’s spiritual energy.

Yi Tianyun realized that he almost obtained all the information he needed, so all he had to do now was to reach the top!

With that in mind, Yi Tianyun picked up his pace and caught up with the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s people who have already passed him earlier.

Upon seeing the intruder was climbing faster than before, Ba Long frowned slightly!

“Don’t let him bother you! even if he gets to the top, we still will be able to deal with him easily!” Ming Chen said confidently.

“Yeah, besides, we have around 50 people here with us! There is no way that he can pass us; we’re already too far apart from him!” Niu Tengtian said while laughing confidently.

In addition to the three executives, there were around 50 guards of the Heavenly Netherworld with them!

“That brat doesn’t seem that strong after all. He looks even weaker than a core transformation expert!” Ming Chen said confidently.

“But what about his companion? They don’t seem to be around, so, where are they? There is no way this brat killed Men Hu alone!” Ba Long said curiously.

“It doesn’t matter! We can capture that brat later and force him to reveal his companion’s whereabouts!” Ming Chen said coldly.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun slowed down once more as he noticed that each step contained some of the Martial Arts’ information.

He now realized that the information was stored inside the steps, not the Spiritual Energy around it!

Now Yi Tianyun could tell that the Martial Arts was a High-Grade Heavens Level Martial Art! And that was also the reason why Yi Tianyun wouldn’t mind spending his time climbing these ladders!

As time passed, Ming Chen was the first person to reach the top of the ladder, followed closely by Ba Long and Niu Tengtian!

“That brat is so slow! I don’t know if I could be patient enough to wait for him!” Ming Chen said annoyedly.

Not too long after that, the guards followed suit and reached the top, filling up the number of people needed to dispel the ladder’s protection.

“Great job! Now, all we need to do is to wait for that brat to reach the top! We will deal with him as soon as he gets here!” Ming Chen said while smirking evilly.

As soon as the 30th person reached the top, the ladder flashed in a golden glow! This was the sign that the ladder no longer protected the climber!

“Now, block the entrance to the next level! We can’t let him escape to the next stage later!” Ba Long said determinedly. He thought that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was not that high, and that was why he was climbing so slowly! That was also the main reason why none of them bothered to chase down Yi Tianyun.

After the divine glow on the ladder faded, the rest of the cultivators who were still climbing the ladder chose to fly to the top instead of climbing it the normal way, but they were surprised to see that Yi Tianyun was still climbing manually at the same pace as before!

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