Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 526


Ba Long arrived shortly after he heard Ming Chen shouted that he found the Intruder! He immediately roared and slashed the air, materializing a powerful sword wave that headed straight towards Yi Tianyun’s direction!

Yi Tianyun was annoyed, and he pulled his own sword to block Ba Long’s attack, but fortunately, he didn’t need to do anything!

As the sword wave came close, Yi Tianyun’s body suddenly glowed in golden color, and Ba Long’s attack was absorbed and immediately returned with far stronger power then what Ba Long unleashed!

Ba Long was startled, and he immediately released more of his spiritual energy to block the attack! Ba Long screamed as the attack was far heavier than what he expected!

“Ba Long, did you forgot that Divine Climbing Ladder couldn’t be attacked! Calm down! Although we don’t know how that guy sneaks into this place, he won’t get away!

Men Hu’s death wouldn’t be in vain!” Ming Chen said as he tried to calm Ba Long down.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun was smirking at the fuming Ba Long as he now could climb the ladder without any external interference!

“Intruder! How did you get into this place?” Ming Chen shouted furiously at Yi Tianyun. His killing intent was so clear for anyone to see as he really wanted to kill the intruders cold-bloodedly!

“Why would I tell you that! are you stupid?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

“You bastard! Don’t think that you are safe up there! Once you fall or give up halfway, I will be here waiting to take your head off your shoulders!” Ming Chen said furiously. He then ordered the guard to call every Core Transformation and Void Spirit Expert to that place as soon as possible!

“Ming Chen, it has started! You have to climb the ladder too. If you delay this any further, you will have to wait for five more years to climb that Divine Ladder!” Nangong Ming said as he suddenly appeared behind Ming Chen.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too! That is why I called the entire Core Transformation Stage Experts and above to come here to climb the ladder too!” Ming Chen said annoyedly.

Ba Long then nodded his head to Ming Chen and started to climb the ladder on his own. He was focused on chasing after Yi Tianyun no matter what!

He quickly chased after Yi Tianyun, and soon enough, he almost caught up to Yi Tianyun!

But even if he successfully caught up to Yi Tianyun, there was nothing that he could do as this Divine Ladder prohibited anyone from interfering with anyone else’s progress!

“Clearly, this place will give a divine treasure at the end! Otherwise, they wouldn’t chase go this far to chase me!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked as he looked down and saw that many Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation experts also climbed the ladder.

But it wasn’t as simple as what Yi Tianyun firstly thought! As more ladder he climbed, the heavier his body got! But Yi Tianyun activated his Heavens Swallowing Divine Secret Art and found that the energy that made his body felt heavier was the Spiritual Energy of this ladder! And so, instead of making his body heavier, he used the energy to strengthen his body!

“The Smelting Trial of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar is officially opened! Cultivators above Saint King Stage Stage couldn’t participate!” A voice was suddenly heard from every direction of the ladder.

Then, the divine rune on the ladder suddenly lit up, and the pressure that everyone felt doubled, making their body heavier then before!

“First step of the Smelting Trial, One Foot at a Time!” The voice was heard once again.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t understand the meaning of the word that the voice said just now, so he slowed down his pace, letting Ba Long, Ming Chen, and several others got past him.

“You suck! How come you are slower than a Core Transformation Expert! You are no more than garbage!” Ming Chen said as he taunted Yi Tianyun as he climbed pass Yi Tianyun. But complete to Ming Chen’s dismay, Yi Tianyun didn’t care and kept his pace while trying to check if there was anything out of the ordinary!

Yi Tianyun tried to sense every bit of Spiritual Power that the ladder discharge to Yi Tianyun’s body, and he soon realized that this Smelting Trial wasn’t like the most Smelting Trial!

He found that the Spiritual Energy on the ladder contained a small bit of Martial Art Information!

Yi Tianyun immediately realized this Smelting Trial was a trial to inherit a martial art for those who were patient enough to collect this small bit of information until they could obtain the martial art for themselves!

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