Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 529


Ming Chen stepped up and started to walk away from Yi Tianyun with the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld people following closely, but Yi Tianyun didn’t let them leave him alone as he began to follow them closely!

“This brat! he keeps following us!” Ming Chen said annoyedly. No matter how fast he moved with all his underling, Yi Tianyun could keep up!

Soon, they passed the meadow and saw another ladder in front of them! But this ladder didn’t have that many steps on it. Instead, the steps itself were huge! Climbing one would be like climbing a steep hill!

“Welcome to the second trial, One Step Ascend the Heaven!” the previous voice on the first ladder was suddenly heard once again!

Everyone on the site was shaking their head in awe as they listened to the voice, but for Ming Chen, Ba Long, and Niu Tengtian, it was different!

They clearly have been here before, so they already know what this trial was all about!

“We will deal with him as soon as we reach the top!” Ming Chen said coldly to the rest of the executives and immediately started climbing the ladder! Like the previous trial, flying wasn’t allowed!

“Hmm, One Step Ascend the Heaven? This trial should be interesting!” Yi Tianyun said curiously. He immediately climbed the steps to see whether he could find another Martial Art like before, but as soon as he put his hands on the steps to start climbing, he felt that the steps were trying to absorb his Spiritual Energy out of his body!

Yi Tianyun tried to observe the mechanic of these new steps, but he didn’t see any information from the spiritual energy on these steps!

“It seems there is nothing here!” Yi Tianyun said to himself upon realizing that he didn’t need to take his time in these steps like earlier! All he had to do now was to reach the top quickly!

Brat! If you really have the ability to finish this trial, try to catch up, would you! there is no need to be a slowpoke!” Ming Chen said tauntingly while smirking at Yi Tianyun.

“Sure! A turtle like you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately climbed the steps at a quicker pace, overtaking so many cultivators that passed him earlier. Now, Yi Tianyun wasn’t too far behind Ming Chen.

“Turtle? How dare you mock me!” Ming Chen said as he continued to climb with his amazing speed! But overall, Yi Tianyun was still faster than him! Soon enough, Yi Tianyun and Ming Chen arrived at the first flat surface of the step at the same time!

Yi Tianyun immediately felt a strong wave of energy entering his body from the sole of his feet!


‘Receive 5.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised to see that he received Exp from just standing there!  Furthermore, Yi Tianyun also sensed the Martial Art’s information along with the wave of energy that entered his body!

“Wow, I think I need to climb the next ladder to find the next information about this Martial Art!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

At first, Yi Tianyun was thinking about teleporting to the top as he didn’t see any benefit of climbing this wall, but as he noticed that the Martial Art’s information was on the flat side of the steps, he couldn’t skip it!

Yi Tianyun then immediately climbed the next steps, while Ming Chen was following close behind.

“Keep up, will you! you are to slow now, boy!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

Ming Chen gritted his teeth as he realized that Yi Tianyun was much faster than him. Even Ba Long and Nui Tengtian couldn’t keep up!

“How is he so fast? isn’t he affected by the pressure of this place?” Ming Chen said frustratedly.

“It seems that brat was hiding his true power!” Ba Long said annoyedly. If it were true, they didn’t know how strong the intruder really is!

However, Yi Tianyun ignored the glare that the Heavenly Netherworld Executives threw at him. The only thing in his mind right now was to get his reward from climbing the steps and immediately finished the trial!

For other people, the higher they climbed, the stronger the pressure and absorption on the steps, but for Yi Tianyun, he simply absorbed the Spiritual Energy back until he reached a standstill, and thus, he was able to climb quickly!

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