Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 530


Yi Tianyun was exceptionally fast! In a short amount of time, he arrived at the 2nd flat!


‘Received 10.000.000 Exp!’

He also got the Martial Art’s information about Heaven and Earth Divine Art! Now, all Yi Tianyun had to do was to climb toward the next flat!

But, while he was waiting to fully absorb the Martial Art’s information, Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but thinking of the exp that he got!

If each step doubled the amount of Exp that he got in the previous flat, he would receive a huge amount of Exp on the peak!

After he finished absorbing the Martial Art’s information, Yi Tianyun immediately climbed the steps, and with his amazing speed, he reached the 3rd flat quite easily!


‘Received 20.000.000 Exp!’

His guess seemed to be right on the mark as he noticed that the amount of Exp that he got doubled once again!

The difficulty of reaching the flat also increased as Yi Tianyun had to adjust his absorption rate several times before he could reach the 3rd flat!

Yi Tianyun now understood why this place was named One Steps Ascend Heaven. Every step provided a huge progress boost!

Average Cultivators would surely have a hard time here because if they didn’t hurry up and climb the steps, their Spiritual Energy would eventually run out!

“How could that brat climb that fast! the absorption seems to have no effect on him!” Ming Chen said as he was shocked to see that the intruder had already reached the 3rd flat!

“It is possible that the absorption really had no effect on him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to climb that fast!” Ba Long said as he frustratedly gritted his teeth!

“At this rate, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him become the first one to reach the top now!” Nangong Ming said solemnly.

“Well, if that’s the case, we need to hurry up as well! we have to deal with him on the top no matter what!” Ba Long said determinedly.

“You are right! The summit would become his resting place!” Ming Chen said coldly.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun completely tunneled vision. He didn’t even acknowledge the people who also climbed the steps earlier.

He was too focused on gathering all the Martial Art’s information quickly! But he noticed that the amount of Exp that he got on the next flat wasn’t double the amount of the previous flat.

Instead, it just added ten million bonus exp on each floor!

After the 6th flat, Yi Tianyun noticed that his absorption could no longer keep up with the absorption of the steps, so he let his Spiritual Energy flowed out of his body, but fortunately, it was just leaking like it was still the 1st flat for a while, so Yi Tianyun didn’t see any problem with that!

Finally, after a while, Yi Tianyun reached the 9th flat!


‘Received 90.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun sighed as all he had to do now was reach the last flat! For the first time since he climbed the trial, he looked below and saw that the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld executive were still at 6th flat!

“Hey, turtle grandpa! I will go to the peak first, okay!” Yi Tianyun shouted tauntingly to Ming Chen and the other executive!

Ming Chen couldn’t say anything back as he knew that he couldn’t keep up with the intruder’s speed!

“Just you wait, brat! I will make your death as painful as possible!” Ming Chen said coldly to himself!

Ming Chen was desperate to increase his speed, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t as he had to reserve his Spiritual Energy as he climbed higher!

“I am ready now; I wonder what trial awaits me after this!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately climbed towards the peak flat! The rest of the Heavenly Netherworld Executives were frustrated as they were beaten to the top while this was not their first time getting to this place!

They certainly felt the humiliation of getting beaten by an intruder!

Yi Tianyun finally reached a peak in a short amount of time. Although the spiritual energy absorption was pretty disastrous at the last moment, it was still not something that could deter Yi Tianyun!


‘received 100.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun also completed another chapter of the Martial Art! But he could feel that the Martial Arts wasn’t complete just yet!

Finally, Yi Tianyun looked at his surroundings and saw that he was at the top of the Heavenly Netherworld itself! Suddenly, divine light was cast from the sky towards the altar at the center of the tower, and everyone who was still climbing earlier was immediately teleported to Yi Tianyun’s side!

Everyone was shocked as this was the first time that they saw a teleportation mechanism; after all, all this time, the trial would end as soon as you got to the top!

They were obviously ashamed that they must be teleported like this!

Yi Tianyun tried to analyze his surrounding, and neither Appraisal Eye nor Heavenly eyes could see any information of the Divine Rune Great Array that obviously created this place!

Yi Tianyun realized that the Divine Rune Great Array in this place was a Divine Rune Creator Rank. Otherwise, he would be able to see the information he needed!

The Divine Light earlier shook the entire Heavenly Netherworld, and every stationed guard immediately rushed out to save their life!

But they immediately noticed nothing bad happened to the place, just a bright light in the middle of the high tower!

They quickly flew up to see what was that all about, but unable to since they were blocked by another light wall!

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