Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 531


After flying a little bit further from the tower in the middle of the Heavenly Netherworld, the people from outside finally saw what was happening there!

They saw that an unknown person was surrounded by 30 of their own people, which also included three big names like Ba Long, Ming Chen, and Nui Tengtian!

“The intruder was alone? Is that guy a fool?” A Spirit King cultivator that was supposed to participate in the trial as well said annoyedly.

They came prepared from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation Capital to enter the trial, but as they got here, the trial’s gate was already closed!

Knowing that the Heavenly Netherworld has been infiltrated, the Spirit King Cultivator feared for the worst, but thankfully one of the intruders was still there! Otherwise, the Holy King would certainly be furious after hearing the report later!

“Meet the inheritor condition, starting the third smelting trial! Inheritor has to knock out all the opponents to complete the inheritance progress!” the voice from earlier said once again, giving direction to Yi Tianyun.

Everyone’s eyes were wide as soon as they heard the voice! This was the first time ever in the history of Heavenly Netherworld that an inheritor showed up!

Furthermore, the supposed inheritor was an outsider that infiltrated the Heavenly Netherworld by himself!

They knew that it was the intruder as he was the only one who was still shrouded dimly by a golden light, while the rest of the people that were teleported there wasn’t!

Yi Tianyun himself was also surprised after knowing that he would become the inheritor that he himself still didn’t know what he would inherit!

“What is happening here! how come an intruder like him become the inheritor!” Ming Chen said with a surprised look on his face.

They’ve already reached the summit once before, but they never saw a scene like this before!

“The opponent would be chosen by the inheritor himself! After the inheritor picked his opponent, a one on one duel will commence, everyone outside the inheritor and the duellist will be unable to interfere with the duel!” the voice from before said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun frowned a little bit as he noticed that he had to fight against 30 people to complete this trial!

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun could see that 4 of them have already reached the Spirit King stage with Ming Chen as the strongest out of them all!

“What are you waiting for? Let’s finish this once and for all! pick me as your first opponent!” Ba long said confidently.

“Yeah! You must pick one of us first! Let us see what you are capable of!” Ming Chen said tauntingly.

“Calm down. Everyone will get their turn! But I will start with you!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his finger towards the nearest core transformation expert! Suddenly, a bright light engulfed the Core Transformation Expert, and suddenly the bright light widened and forced everyone to back away, giving Yi Tianyun and the Core Transformation Expert a space to duel!

Yi Tianyun immediately rushed forward at the Core Transformer Expert, and it seemed the Core Transformation Cultivator couldn’t even react to Yi Tianyun’s attack! Yi Tianyun killed the Core Transformation Expert in an instant!


‘Successfully killed Core Transformation Cultivator!’

‘Reward: 47.000 Exp, 4.700 Cps, 200 Sps, Martial Art, …’

Yi Tianyun showed no mercy! As long as they were affiliated with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them!

‘Successfully killed the first duellist! Please chose another one!” the voice earlier said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun pointed towards the Core Transformation, who seemed a little bit scared as soon as Yi Tianyun picked him!

But before the lights came to engulf the next Core Transformation Expert, Ming Chen shoved the Core Transformation Expert aside and told him to forfeit!

But it was all too late! The Core Transformation Expert that Yi Tianyun has pointed to was immediately teleported back near Yi Tianyun, and the duel commenced!

“Master, help me!” The Core Transformation Expert said as he begged for Ming Chen to save him!

“Don’t do it, brat! don’t kill him!” Ming Chen said, but Yi Tianyun ignored him, killing the Core Transformation Expert instantly!

“I told you to stop!” Ming Chen said furiously, he immediately released his aura and attacked Yi Tianyun with the Netherworld Divine Palm!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he just stood there, waiting for Ming Chen’s attack! Fortunately, he was still in a trial, so the Divine Protection from the trial was still in effect! Ming Chen’s attack was easily repelled like it was nothing!

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