Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 533


The enemy suddenly multiplied into four, and they all looked the same! The Void Spirit Expert once again tried to escape by flying as they know that there was no way they could survive if they stayed there! But there was nothing that they could do as Yi Tianyun was far faster than them!

Yi Tianyun finally killed all the escaping Void Spirit Experts as he knew that there was no use in prolonging this any longer!

All the cultivators who watched from outside the tower were shocked to see Yi Tianyun’s unexpected ability!

Usually, someone could only conjure one or two clones at max, but the young man could conjure four! They began to wonder which one was the real body out of all the clones!

Ming Chen, however, was horrified! He watched all disciples that he had cultivated for a long time, dead! Wasting his resources, time, and effort!

“Four left!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked to Ming Chen. He looked at their status and noticed that the weakest among them was Niu Tengtian, followed by Nangong Ming, Ba Long, and finally, the strongest was Ming Chen!

Yi Tianyun smirked as the Divine Protection really tipped the scale in his direction! If these 4 Spirit King Cultivators ganged him up, there was no way he could survive!

“Yes, if you can’t beat us, you will never walk out of this Smelting Trial alive!” Ming Chen said coldly as he glared at Yi Tianyun. The same could be said to the other three Spirit King Cultivators as Yi Tianyun saw that their eyes reflected killing intent!

“Don’t worry. I will take care of you one by one! now, you will be the first one!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his finger to Niu Tengtian.

Niu Tengtian immediately released all his aura, and the skies instantly turned dark as a black cloud covered the sky!

A black thunder constantly struck the ground around Niu Tengtian currently stood, but none of it really hurt him as it was a part of his power!

Niu Tengtian himself began to change to a bull as his head transformed to that of a bull, complete with a set of horns!

“I will avenge Men Hu! Prepare yourself!” Niu Tengtian said coldly.

“Old Niu! Don’t kill him too fast!” Ba Long said at the side as he wanted to torture Yi Tianyun first.

“Of course, You’ll have your fun later!” Niu Tengtian said coldly. He pulled out a giant axe from his storage ring and slammed it to the ground, showing off his strength.

“Thunder burst!” Niu Tengtian said as a lightning whip immediately whipped the Giant Axe toward Yi Tianyun’s position!

Yi Tianyun squatted to dodge the attack, and the axe hit the ground not too far from his position! Yi Tianyun saw that Niu Tengtian’s attack just now was at 500 million combat power!

“You are strong! But not strong enough!” Yi Tianyun said as he activated his Crazy Mode and covered his Netherworld Sacred Sword with Netherworld’s Fire! Because of the synchronized power, the Netherworld Sacred Sword burst out with power! The excessive Netherworld’s Fire on the sword fell down to the ground!

Yi Tianyun immediately swung the sword and cut through the thunder as if it was a paper! Niu Tengtian’s complexion changed after he saw that the enemy easily cut through his aura like that!

Furthermore, it was Netherworld’s Fire! the 4 Spirit King Experts were shocked and surprised! How come the enemy could control the Netherworld’s Fire? as far as they knew, the Netherworld’s Fire was supposed to be the Heavenly Netherworld’s signature fire!

But Niu Tengtian was forced out of his daydreams as he suddenly felt that his body was being pulled by an unknown force!

“Too bad! It can’t absorb something that far!” Yi Tianyun said casually, but Niu Tengtian knew it would be dangerous if he got too close to the enemy!

Yi Tianyun quickly threw the Netherworld’s Fire to Niu Tengtian with combat power around 560 million! Niu Tengtian was startled and immediately tried to absorb it!

Niu Tengtian had the Netherworld’s Fire cultivation technique, so he instinctively tried to absorb Yi Tianyun’s Netherworld’s Fire as it would benefit him!

“You! how did you have that fire?!” Ming Chen shouted curiously.

Even though the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation dominated over the Netherworld’s Fire, this fire wasn’t created solely for Heavenly Netherworld’s sake!

It was originally a heavenly flame that existed on the earth! So, there was a chance someone who didn’t have any connection to the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation could also control the fire!

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