Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 534


“You know that Netherworld’s Fire won’t have any effect on Old Niu, right? He can just absorb it as his cultivation!” Ming Chen said as he smirked at Yi Tianyun.

After absorbing the fire, Niu Tengtian immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun madly!

As he got close, Niu Tengtian immediately reached out his hands, and a powerful force immediately pulled Yi Tianyun towards him!

Niu Tengtian had a martial art called ‘Devouring Heaven and Earth’!

This martial art had the same property as the Heavenly Devouring Divine Sacred Art, but he didn’t know that Yi Tianyun had a similar martial art as him and that Yi Tianyun’s was much more powerful than his!

“Come on, Old Niu! You can drain him completely!” Ba Long said excitedly.

“Well, how do you escape this one, brat?” Ming Chen said as he smirked at Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun realized that there was nowhere to escape as Niu Tengtian’s attack covered a huge area! So, he swung his sword and attacked head-on!

He released another Sword Wave that flew towards Niu Tengtian to see what happen!

Yi Tianyun saw that his attack was being absorbed once it got close to Niu Tengtian, but Niu Tengtian couldn’t absorb all of Yi Tianyun’s attack as the side part of the Sword Wave went past Niu Tengtian!

Because of that, Yi Tianyun realized that Niu Tengtian’s power was like the Absorbing Star Great Technique! Yi Tianyun blinked instantly as he didn’t understand what he just saw!

But Yi Tianyun quickly snapped back into reality as Niu Tengtian charged once again!

“You are an idiot! Your attack won’t reach me!” Niu Tengtian said confidently.

The other executives of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation were excited to see their comrade was going to put an end on the intruder for good! But as Niu Tengtian got closer, Yi Tianyun noticed that Niu Tengtian couldn’t even absorb his Spiritual Energy!

“Is my martial art stronger than his? What is going on? I don’t feel anything bad happen to me except for the annoying pull force that keeps making a huge wind like this!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

In fact, Niu Tengtian’s martial art was indeed amazing! But there was still a limit to how much energy he could absorb!

And sure enough, Yi Tianyun’s next Sword Wave was also absorbed by Niu Tengtian, but not before injuring Niu Tengtian’s arm a little bit!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he knew that Niu Tengtian would be in big trouble if his attack could surpass this limit!

So, Yi Tianyun activated his own Heaven Swallowing Divine Art to the maximum! Niu Tengtian’s absorption was suddenly overtaken as the pulling force shifted towards Yi Tianyun!

“What is going on?” Niu Tengtian was startled when he noticed that he was being dragged towards Yi Tianyun even though he was the one who was supposed to be pulling Yi Tianyun towards himself!

The people who watched the fight were surprised to see the scene in front of them. They never expected that the enemy turned out to have a similar ability as Niu Tengtian, and the worst-case scenario was that the enemy was more powerful then Niu Tengtian himself!

“Come over here!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he knew that Niu Tengtian’s power was already neutralized!

Niu Tengtian, who knew that he wouldn’t hold on for much longer, immediately released his absorption and slammed a big axe to the ground as his anchor!

He also fired several thunderstrikes towards Yi Tianyun! But unfortunately for Niu Tengtian, the thunder was absorbed, leaving nothing behind!

“What is this! how can he also have the Devouring Heaven and Earth technique!” Ba Long said frustratedly.

They frustratedly gritted their teeth as they know that it wasn’t looking good for Niu Tengtian! The enemy easily overpowered Niu Tengtian’s signature move! That realization alone, completely discouraged them!

“Come here!” Yi Tianyun said as he kept on pulling Niu Tengtian towards him, but Niu Tengtian didn’t budge! He wasn’t weak, to begin with, and so, he could resist Yi Tianyun’s pull force with his power alone!

However, Yi Tianyun was already tired of waiting! So, he immediately rushed towards Niu Tengtian and immediately grabbed his shoulder!

The powerful absorption immediately drained Niu Tengtian’s spiritual energy!

“Argggh, get away from me!” Niu Tengtian said as he screamed and tried to get away from Yi Tianyun. But Yi Tianyun easily overpowered Niu Tengtian and slammed him to the ground!

The spectators were shocked once again as they never thought that Niu Tengtian would be overpowered by a teenage boy like this! they couldn’t help but wonder how strong this boy really was!

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