Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 536


All spectators outside the duel arena were thinking the same thing! They believed that Nangong Ming would win despite not knowing what kind of power Nangong Ming possessed!

“Well, it seems everyone thinks highly of you!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Nangong Ming glared at Yi Tianyun coldly. He was ready to burn Yi Tianyun with his Netherworld’s Fire! Nangong Ming also used the Netherworld’s Fire like Ming Chen, but he was slightly weaker than Ming Chen!

In fact, almost all Nangong Ming’s arsenal was similar to Ming Chen, but of course, the spectator outside didn’t know that!

“I have always made sure to lay low the entire time I am in Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, but that doesn’t mean I am weak! Choosing me was a mistake!” Nangong Ming said coldly.

“Now, burn!” Nangong Ming shouted towards Yi Tianyun as Netherworld’s Fire emerged from his palms. Yi Tianyun smirked.

Thanks to absorbing the Heavenly Yin Fire on the Phoenix Cave earlier, he managed to upgrade his Netherworld’s Fire, making it easier for him to absorb a normal Netherworld’s Fire!

“Now, let see which of us has the stronger Netherworld’s Fire!” Nangong Ming said coldly as he was about to attack Yi Tianyun with his Netherworld’s Fire, but as a precaution, he also summoned a huge phantom shadow to back him up if the fire had no effect! Now, Nangong Ming has 650 million Combat Power!

“Well, I don’t think I need to use my fire for this!” Yi Tianyun said casually as he waited for Nangong Ming to attack him first.

“You have said it now! If you dodge it, then my fire is clearly stronger then yours!” Nangong Ming said tauntingly.

“Don’t worry. I will not move from this spot!” Yi Tianyun said casually without worry! He then drew a big circle on the ground as his way to say that he wouldn’t leave that circle!

The next moment, Nangong Ming released his aura, and countless petals of Netherworld’s Fire appeared around him!

Nangong Ming also conjured a firewall around Yi Tianyun to make sure that the enemy wouldn’t escape his attack!

“That’s the flower secret art! It was Nangong Ming’s signature move! The petal would surround those who touched it, and ignited them instantly!” the spectator outside said while looking at Nangong Ming in awe.

The rest of the spectators nodded their heads as they were excited to see the moment Nangong Ming killed the intruder!

Nangong Ming then turned the Netherworld’s Fire on his hands into a whip and immediately used it to tie Yi Tianyun up!

Yi Tianyun didn’t dodge Nangong Ming’s attack, just like he said earlier, and let himself get tied up by Nangong Ming!

“Great! Now come over here!” Nangong Ming said as he pulled Yi Tianyun towards him, but Nangong Ming was shocked because no matter how hard he pulled, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t budge!

“What? Is that the best you have got? did you eat enough before you come here?” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

Nangong Ming’s expression immediately turn into frowns, he already used all his power, but it seems it wasn’t enough to even pull the enemy towards him!

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun was using his Dragon God Bloodline to increase his defensive capabilities! He knows that Nangong Ming wouldn’t have the power to move him with his combat power!

“Since you are clearly struggling, let me help you!” Yi Tianyun said as he grabbed the whip and pulled Nangong Ming towards him!

Nangong Ming was startled and immediately let go of the whip, letting Yi Tianyun get loose as the whip cease to exist after losing its power source.

Instead, Nangong Ming immediately rushed over to Yi Tianyun as he increased the amount of flower petal around his body! “I will kill you, bastard!” Nangong Ming said furiously.

“Don’t kill him yet! let us have some fun too!” Ba Long said hurriedly as he worried that Nangong Ming would kill the intruder instantly.

“Relax, he would be gravely wounded at most!” Nangong Ming said confidently. He then created another whip, and this time, he tied Yi Tianyun’s body as he got close to him, making the flower petal to go wild!

Everyone looked at the scene in anticipation as they want to know what happens next, but they were clearly shocked to see that a whirling fire was constantly being absorbed into the enemy’s body! There is not even a single burn mark on the enemy’s clothing!

At the same time, Ming Chen and Ba Long were shocked to see that Nangong Ming was held under the enemy’s feet after all that!

Many people were also shocked to see this scene, just how powerful is this intruder could be!

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