Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 537


In an instant, Nangong Ming was held down under Yi Tianyun’s feet! He couldn’t move even if he wanted to as the pressure from Yi Tianyun was too heavy!

“Get out of my way!” Nangong Ming shouted and hurled his Netherworld Fire at Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun didn’t care!

He quickly absorbed the Netherworld’s Fire that Nangong Ming released and turned it into exp! But for Yi Tianyun, this was really disappointing!

The Netherworld’s Fire that Nangong Ming used lacked firepower, so he only got several hundred of mastery from it!

“Can’t you get up by yourself? It’s just one foot, you know? Aren’t you going to incapacitate me?” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun deliberately humiliated Nangong Ming, but he knew that in the end, he would kill Nangong Ming. Nonetheless, it was fun to break his enemy down to pieces!

“Get off me, bastard!” Nangong Ming shouted as he struggled beneath Yi Tianyun’s feet. The cracking bone sound was instantly heard as Yi Tianyun forced his feet down to the ground, squishing Nangong Ming in the process!

Ba Long and Ming Chen were gritting their teeth as they didn’t know how to help Nangong Ming as the Divine Protection rendered their attack useless! Eventually, Yi Tianyun exhausted all Nangong Ming’s fire as he saw that Nangong Ming’s fire dimmed!

“Damn you! Let him go! This is not a duel anymore!” Ming Chen shouted on the side.

“if this is not a duel, what else would it be? So, what do you suggest I should do then?” Dio asked sarcastically.

“Let him go and let him regain control of his aura back to normal before you fight him again!” Ming Chen said solemnly.

“Hmmm, fair enough, I will give him another chance,” Yi Tianyun said casually as he lifted his feet from Nangong Ming.

The spectator was shocked that the enemy would agree to such an outrageous demand! They were starting to think that the enemy was either an idiot or simply overconfident!

But surely, Nangong Ming himself didn’t abide by this rule! As soon as Yi Tianyun lifted his feet, Nangong Ming immediately attacked!

He threw a fireball towards Yi Tianyun. He thought that there was no way his fireball would miss from point-blank range, and surely it would cause serious damage!

But unfortunately for him, Yi Tianyun has already seen this coming the moment he lifted his foot. He quickly absorbed the fire and stomped Nangong Ming’s waist!

For this attack, Yi Tianyun used Crazy Damage Mode. As a result, Nangong Ming immediately coughed up blood as the damage was too much for Nangong Ming to take!

Nangong Ming screamed in pain as he couldn’t bear the pain! The spectators were disappointed as Nangong Ming was given a second chance but unable to maximize it!

Yi Tianyun has shattered Nangong Ming’s spine, so he knew that there was no way Nangong Ming could stand up again!

“Well, come on now! Stand up! I will give you another chance!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Nangong Ming immediately tried to stand up, but sadly, he couldn’t move his lower body half anymore! So, all Nangong Ming could do was crawl away from Yi Tianyun.

“I will kill you! I swear, I will!” Nangong Ming screamed as he held down his breath in pain. There was no saving him now. Even the strongest healer couldn’t heal a broken spine!

“Then get up and do it! I am giving you a chance now!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

“Hey, you are not fair! How could you say that to someone at that state!” Ming Chen shouted in anger.

“Fair? What do you know about fair? If the Divine Protection is not protecting me right now, you guys will gang up on me! Did you think that I am stupid? Now, I will kill all of you one by one!” Yi Tianyun said as he put his feet back on top of Nangong Ming and start to absorb Nangong Ming’s spiritual energy!

“Hurry up now! let me fight you!” Ba Long said as he didn’t care about Nangong Ming’s well being now, as soon as Nangong Ming’s spine was broken, he was as good as dead in Ba Long’s eyes!

“Be patient. Your turn will come soon!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.


‘Successfully killed Nangong Ming!’

‘Reward: 130.000.000 Exp, 90.000 Cps, 1.500 Sps, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Flower possession, Netherworld Armour, Netherworld Boots, Netherworld’s Fire!’

Nangong Ming didn’t give that many drop items, and most of them were basically the same items as those from Netherworld Emperor, so Yi Tianyun didn’t have any use of it aside from the Exp, which was not bad! He would just sell all Nangong Ming’s drop items later!

“Now, it’s your turn!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his finger to Ba Long!

“Great! I will avenge my fallen brothers now! just you see, I am far stronger than both of your previous matches!” Ba Long said coldly as he roared to Yi Tianyun!

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