Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 543


Because of Yi Tianyun’s word, the people who witnessed the battle earlier were scared out of their minds.

They know that they wouldn’t have the power to take over the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword even if they wanted to!

“You have successfully passed the Smelting Trial, entering the final stage!”

The familiar voice from earlier said again, turns out there was another stage for Yi Tianyun! Suddenly, the Great Array in the temple shone brightly, and Yi Tianyun was suddenly teleported!

The people who witnessed this scene were surprised to see the intruder disappeared in front of their eyes.

“Where did that man go?” the Spirit King Cultivator said with a surprised look on his eyes. “Come on, let’s report what happened here to the Holy King!” The cultivator said worriedly. They knew that the Holly King wouldn’t blame them for what happened here as they provided the intruder’s identity along with the news that Ming Chen, Ba Long, and the other two were dead in the hands of the intruder!

They still believed that the intruder was a Dragon Valley’s cultivator, and that was what they would report to the Holly King, as a proof, the intruder had a Dragon God Bloodline!

The news soon spread around the Ghost World; the Phoenix Clan also heard about the news as soon as it started to spread.

They were shocked as they knew the real identity of the one who messed around with the Heavenly netherworld!

“He killed 4 Spirit King Stage, including Ming Chen! He also successfully passed the Smelting trial of the Heavenly Stairs! is Divine Envoy really that powerful?” Elder Luo wondered as he heard the news.

But he couldn’t help but think that the Divine Envoy was in some sort of trouble right now as the news said the intruder suddenly disappeared!

Lord Bai herself was also surprised after hearing the news compiled with the report from Elder Luo. She now knew that the Heavenly Netherworld captured so many Demon Beast in order to turn them into a special unit that the Heavenly Netherworld could control!

However, so many Elders were still worried about Yi Tianyun’s whereabouts as he hasn’t returned to Phoenix Nest yet!

But, Elder Luo didn’t seem as concerned as the others. After seeing the Divine Envoy easily killed Men Hu, he was convinced that the one who killed Ming Chen was also the Divine Envoy and based on that, he concluded that the Divine Envoy was safe right now!

“It seems we have to train more seriously! Whoever thought that a human race cultivator could surpass us so easily like this!” Elder Lei said bitterly to Elder Luo.

“I agree! Even though he is an excellent Divine Runemaster, I was still unsure that he would be a great Divine Envoy candidate, but now, I was proven wrong! He is clearly more powerful than the three of us!” Elder Ye said, disheartened by his lack of power.

“Now, I guess he was doing the Smelting Trials of the Divine King, right? If he successfully inherited the Divine King’s Will, he would become a fearsome cultivator in the future!” Lord Bai said with a frown on her face.

Elder Luo nodded his head in confirmation as the Heavenly Netherworld only had one Smelting Trial left, and that was indeed the Smelting Trial of the Divine King!

“When the Divine Envoy returned, let me know immediately!” Lord Bai ordered and then turned around to do another task that still required her attention.


The entire Ghost World was shocked to hear the news! There has never been any intruder who dared to step foot in the Heavenly Netherworld area.

On top of that, the intruder also successfully killed 4 Spirit King Cultivators, including Ming Chen, who was hailed to be the genius cultivator of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

Inside Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation itself, Heavenly Netherworld Holy King was furious! Not only the intruder ruined his plan to create an army of Demon Beast, but he also killed so many cultivators of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

On top of that, the intruder also succesfully passed the Divine King Smelting Trial!

The people outside of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, however, cheered for the intruder’s success!

As the Phoenix Clan already knew, Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation had so many enemies, but they didn’t dare to confront Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation as it was hailed as one of the most powerful factions here in the Ghost World!

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun was teleported into a special place that was surrounded by mysterious stone walls!

He didn’t know where he was, but he knew that he was still at Heavenly Netherworld! He saw that there was a passage with only one path up front, but he didn’t know where it would take him!

Yi Tianyun didn’t overthink his current situation and decided to walk through the path as it was the only path in this strange place.

As he passed the walled path, he saw the surrounding environment immediately changed! He saw a colorful flower bed with so many precious materials around!

As he walked further, he heard several giggles coming from the small lake, not too far from him. Yi Tianyun then walked towards the source of the sound, and soon, he saw several beautiful women swimming naked on the lake while giggling to each other.

They soon noticed that Yi Tianyun was there observing their interaction with each other.

“Hey, little brother, come here and play with us!” one of the beautiful women said as she flicked her finger, inviting Yi Tianyun to come closer.

Yi Tianyun only smiled at them and shook his head, rejecting the women’s offer and then continued walking. He rejected every invitation along the way, prioritizing to arrive at the end of the path above all else!

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