Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 544


Yi Tianyun noticed that everything on this path was an illusion, and that was why he stuck to walk forward despite all the temptation.

But sometimes, he felt like the illusion was too real to be called an illusion, and that is why he made sure to check everything he came across one since the temptation was too real!

Finally, he reached the end of the path, and his surrounding immediately changed! The scenery reverted to the mysterious stone wall that he found when he first entered this place.

Yi Tianyun looked at the path that he took earlier, where so many temptations trying to allure him, but all he sees now was the mysterious walled path!

Yi Tianyun knew that he did the right thing. After all, everything that tempted him before was indeed an illusion!

He knew if he were swayed by his own temptation earlier, he would’ve been trapped there, with no possible way to come out!

He finally reached the end of the walled path, and he saw a floating mass of energy in the centre of the room that he found.

He looked around the room, but he didn’t see any door nor any hatches that he could use to get out either.

He decided to walk into the centre of the room, and as he got close to the masses of energy, it transformed into a little girl!

‘Illusory Spirit: Spirit King Peak Stage!’

Yi Tianyun checked the girl with his Appraisal Eye lazily and noticed that this girl was, in fact, an illusory spirit that seemed to be the guardian of this place.

Yi Tianyun knew that the spirit wasn’t an enemy, so Yi Tianyun decided to stand there waiting for the spirit to talk to him first.

“Congratulation to the inheritor for passing the Smelting Trial! You have accomplished all the requirements to become the one true inheritor!” The spirit girl said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun knew that this spirit had no emotion as it was someone’s creation, but Yi Tianyun was still impressed as the spirit was at Spirit King Peak Stage, which meant the spirit’s creator was far more powerful than the spirit in the first place!

“So, how can I get my inheritance?” Yi Tianyun asked the spirit girl.

“Right now, you need to reach the optimum standard to receive the inheritance. You must be at least at Spirit King Stage to complete the inheritance to control the Great Array of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!” the spirit girl said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he understood the requirement to obtain this inheritance, but he didn’t know how long it would take to cultivate in this place, as he still needed a lot of Experience to level up! “So, this place is called Heaven Ascending Divine Altar? What else can this place do?” Yi Tianyun asked as he chose to set this inheritance thing aside temporarily.

“Yes, this place is Heaven Ascending Divine Altar! This place was created by the first master and become a teleportation array that runs through Heavens World and Ghost World, but no one can use this feature now as there is no master to control the Great Array!” Spirit Girl said indifferently while she was explaining things to Yi Tianyun.

“So, I can go to Heavens World From here?” Yi Tianyun said as he was shocked by this revelation. In the Mortal World, nobody knew how to go to Heavens World!

“Yes, for more detailed information, you can check the great array yourself!” Spirit Girl said indifferently as she discharged a ray of light that slowly enveloped Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun let this light entered his brain as he knows that it was part of the knowledge that the spirit shared!

‘Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was owned and created by Divine King! The Divine King was also at Divine Rune Master Creator Rank!

Divine King was also the original expert in Ghost World and had his own Faction that was called Flying Divine Nation!

Yi Tianyun was amazed by the Divine King’s accomplishment as it wasn’t easy to cultivate all the way to Divine King Stage and on top of that, also cultivated his Divine Rune proficiency to Creator Rank!

But Yi Tianyun never heard of this Flying Divine Nation before, so he was a bit curious about its current whereabouts!

But, Yi Tianyun knew that a Divine Nation that he never heard of before meant that it has already fallen and gone through history!

Yi Tianyun felt satisfied by all this, as he knew that as he got to inherit this place, he could come and go to the Heavens World!

He felt fortunate as he could have this inheritance before any of those Heavenly Netherworld scoundrels passed the Smelting Trial!

On top of that, Yi Tianyun would also inherit the Heaven and Earth Divine Art that he still didn’t know what it was capable of as he only got the 1st stage of the martial art from climbing the ladder earlier!

He smirked as he remembered that all the Heavenly Netherworld’s people who also climbed the ladder at the same time with him earlier were hurriedly climbing the ladder instead of collecting the martial art’s information!

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