Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 546


A week passed, and Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was still called Heaven Netherworld as it was still on Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s territory!

Because of this name, many people believed that it was Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation that created this place while the truth was far from it!

Today, so many cultivators from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation roamed around the place, blocking the entrance.

There was one Saint King Stage expert there, but it was not the Holy King. Instead, it was the Imperial Preceptor of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

As the Imperial Preceptor, he was the strongest cultivator right after the Holy King himself!

He was also a strong Divine Rune Grandmaster Speck of Life stage! Originally, the Imperial Preceptor wouldn’t come to this place but, after hearing that the emergence of inheritor for this place, he must come to investigate in person.

“This is the unknown hidden secret that we never knew before!” A middle-aged man said as he stared at a wall. The Imperial Preceptor nodded as he tried to see whether there was any Divine Rune on the wall.

“What are you six guards even doing at that time?” Imperial Preceptor asked coldly as he turned his attention to the six guards who were kneeling on the side.

They were the first guards who heard some noise on the wall but didn’t report it as they didn’t see anything strange around.

“Sir, we are deeply sorry! We didn’t see anything suspicious except for some noise that night! We never knew something like this would happen!” one of the guards said nervously.

“You didn’t see anything while you are on patrol?” Imperial Preceptor asked coldly.

“Yes, sir! We didn’t see anything. We didn’t even sense anyone passing by! With our strength, we could even detect if there is a Spirit King Expert nearby, but we really didn’t sense anything!” One of the other guards said nervously.

“Get out!” Imperial Preceptor said as he waved his hands, creating a strong shockwave that instantly flung the six guards to the wall! But apparently, even though they were injured by Imperial Preceptor’s attack, it was not enough to kill them!

It was more like a punishment that Imperial Preceptor gave to them.

“We are deeply sorry, sir! We didn’t lie, that’s for sure! We were guarding this place, but we didn’t see anything! Please forgive us!” The guards said with fear evident in their eyes.

“That is just a little punishment! But clearly, the enemy could slip past your detection! But I assure you, next time wouldn’t be this light!” Imperial Preceptor said coldly.

“Of course, sir! We would do our best to let any stranger get past us in the future ever!” the guards said as they kneeled in front of the Imperial Preceptor once more.

“Sure, now, get out of here!” Imperial Preceptor said indifferently.

“Thank you very much, Imperial Preceptor!” The six guards said as they immediately stood up and left. They didn’t dare to stay there a second longer as they knew Imperial Preceptor wasn’t in a good mood right now.

Imperial Preceptor frowned as he knew that the intruder’s stealth was beyond expectation since none of the guards could detect him.

He didn’t kill the six guards earlier as he knew that killing them wouldn’t bring anything except for some extra work!

He continued to observe the wall, but he really didn’t see any Divine Rune that made up for some secret entrance in this place.

Imperial Preceptor also wondered how the intruder could find out about this entrance, even though there was no record nor anyone who had the knowledge about it!

But the only thing that he could say for sure was that he couldn’t let the intruder go because of the inheritance!

He already knew about the inheritance. In fact, the Holy King of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation also knew about it, but they didn’t know how to get it for themselves!

Because they didn’t know about the method of obtaining the inheritance, they kept sending cultivators of their own in an attempt to decipher the method every time the Smelting Trial was held!

Over time, the cultivators managed themselves because they felt the Smelting Trial was somewhat important while Imperial Preceptor and Holy King didn’t give that much care anymore.

Suddenly, the imperial Preceptor was startled by a sudden ray of light coming from the Great Array of Heaven Ascending temple!

The lights that spread out from the tower hit some cultivators and burned them along the way! The imperial Preceptor wasn’t affected by this light, and so he rushed to see the source of this light!

“What is this light? Did that brat successfully obtain the inheritance?” The imperial Preceptor said to himself with annoyance on his face.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun had given instruction to the spirit girl to control the Great Array and drove everyone from Heavenly Netherworld out of this Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!

He still couldn’t control the great array because the inheritance wasn’t complete yet, for he had to be at least a Spirit King cultivator before he could complete the inheritance!

For now, he had to clean the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar from the dirty hands of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

From now on, no one from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would be able to enter this place!

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