Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 547


The Heaven Ascending Divine Altar continued its indiscriminate attack, killing unfortunate Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation cultivators who were too slow to escape!

Several of the cultivators were fortunate enough to escape the attack, including the Imperial Preceptor himself!

He immediately noticed as soon as he was closing in to the temple, the light indeed didn’t affect him much, but if he got caught by that light for too long, the damage would accumulate!

As soon as the Imperial Preceptor got out, the entire place lighted up, and he noticed that the place was absorbing the Spiritual Energy from its surrounding, which meant that if anybody got close once again, it would attack immediately!

“This must have been because of that brat!” Imperial Preceptor said as he gritted his teeth in annoyance.

He looked around and saw the confusion on his people’s face; clearly, they didn’t understand what just happened in front of their eyes!

Their cultivation wasn’t weak, but Imperial Preceptor saw that their body was covered with so many scalds and the fact that they were panting excessively!

“You all wait here and guard this place while I will go in and solve this problem! If any stranger comes, kill them immediately!” Imperial Preceptor said confidently.

“Understood, sir!” The disciple said as they immediately disperse outside the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar.

They didn’t know whether the Imperial Preceptor could break through the divining light that covered the entire place, but they clearly couldn’t do anything about it!

After this, how could they claim this place as their own, while they were clearly driven out of this place so easily like this!

The Imperial Preceptor immediately flew towards the Heaven Ascending Divine Temple to investigate and stop the ray of light from killing his cultivators again!

As he entered the light barrier, he immediately released his aura, causing the earth to shake as the tremendous power pushed the light barrier!

The Imperial Preceptor aura burned everything around him into ashes. He also let out a terrifying pressure that made the cultivator that felt the pressure to tremble even though they were far away from the Imperial Preceptor!

They all know if the Imperial Preceptor were close enough, they would faint because of the pressure alone!

The Imperial Preceptor screamed, and a huge palm immediately appeared around the door towards the Heaven ascending Divine Temple!

He wanted to break in with all his power so he could resolve the problem as fast as he could!

As the Divine Palm hit the door, the entire Heaven Ascending Divine Altar shook from the force of Imperial Preceptor’s attack, but the door still stood strong as if it wasn’t affected.

The Imperial Preceptor knew that he must attack it relentlessly as this place was made as a fortress!

Over time, the Imperial Preceptor noticed a crack on the door, making the Imperial Preceptor more determined to break it open!

Yi Tianyun, who was inside, looked at the Imperial Preceptor with a frown on his face. “This is not good! Can Heaven Ascending Divine Altar withstand the Imperial Preceptor’s prolonged attack?” Yi Tianyun asked the Spirit Girl.

“The Saint King Stage cultivator was indeed strong, but this place was created by the Divine King! This place is not just for show!” The Spirit Girl said, annoyedly as she immediately controlled the Great Array! The Divine Rune that constituted the Great Array immediately lit up under her control!

The Imperial Preceptor saw that the place was lighting up once again, but this time, he felt that it was more dangerous than before! “Is this place fighting back?” Imperial Preceptor said as he frowned.

His guess was right! Suddenly the top of the altar lit up, and a beam of concentrated light was shot towards the Imperial Preceptor!

The terrifying beam penetrated the Divine Palm, startling the Imperial Preceptor! The imperial preceptor immediately pulled out his long spear as he stabbed the beam of light with it in order to minimize the impact!

As the beam of light and the spear met, an explosion occurred! The place where the Imperial Preceptor was standing before was covered in white smoke, making it hard to see what happened!

But as soon as the smoke faded, Yi Tianyun saw that the place where the Imperial Preceptor previously stood has turned into a crater, and the Imperial Preceptor himself was sent flying quite far!

Yi Tianyun could see that the Imperial Preceptor has taken quite considerable damage! His clothes were burned, and his skin was black from the heat!

“That was a very powerful attack!” The Imperial Preceptor said as he gritted his teeth in annoyance.

“Hmmm, this attack is not bad! It’s definitely better than before and a lot stronger too!” Yi Tianyun said to himself while he observed the attack! Clearly, the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was more powerful than he thought!

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