Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 553


The two Void Spirit Experts were shocked to see someone else in the room as they know that it shouldn’t be possible as they’ve already sealed the room with a Great Array before coming in!

“Boss!” Ren Liangchen shouted excitedly.

Yi Tianyun smiled at Ren Liangchen and the others. When he arrived at Broad Cloud City, he flew around to find Ren Liangchen, but he found something was off after sensing a Great Array blocking his vision on an Inn, so he teleported inside so he could catch anyone inside by surprise!

“Who are you? how did you get in?” Jin Feng asked coldly.

“You don’t need to know who I am! Didn’t you say that you want to practise some swordsmanship? I will become your opponent this time!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

He then walked towards the two Void Spirit Cultivators while still holding on to the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword in his hands.

“A High-Grade Sacred Tool!” Jin Feng shouted as he saw the luster on the sword in Yi Tianyun’s hand. They also wanted that one as their greed was taking over! “I don’t know how you get in, but clearly, you want to donate another treasure for our cause!” Jin Feng said excitedly.

“They called you a boss, but it seems a trash’s boss is just another trash!” Jin Feng said as he flashed to surround Yi Tianyun.

“Shut your trap already!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands a little bit, and a wave of light surrounded Jin Feng.

“What just happened?” Jin Feng asked confusedly, but suddenly he screamed in pain as his arms were smashed and dripping blood everywhere!

Ren Liangchen sighed in relief as he noticed that Jin Feng and his companion wasn’t any problem for Yi Tianyun.

“Wow, I hold back on that one, you know? But you still couldn’t avoid it. It can’t be helped. I must readjust my strength!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly to Jin Feng.

“Damn you! Come on, kill him!” Jin Feng shouted. He immediately used his other arms to lift Ren Liangchen’s weapon and threw it towards Zhao Quan. Both of them immediately attacked Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun only sighed.

Yi Tianyun then waved his hands once more, and the same lights appeared again! This time, Jin Feng and Zhao Quan’s arm were immediately cut cleanly from their body!

Some furniture in the room shook due to the impact of Yi Tianyun’s attack. If it were not because of the Great Array that surrounded the room, the people outside must have realized that there was a fight in this room!

Their blood also stained the room floor as their blood kept spurting from their gaping wound! Both were shocked to see that Yi Tianyun wasn’t someone that they could fight against!

This time Yi Tianyun controlled his power so that he didn’t kill them in one strike!

“You! how could you be this strong!” Jin Feng asked nervously.

“Clearly, I practised a lot! You should practise some more. This is just too pathetic!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

“No, no! we are good for today! We have enough practise for one day! Please spare us, master!” Jin Feng said nervously.

“Yes, we were just having fun before. We didn’t mean anything, we said! We just borrowed their weapon, and we will return it soon! We never had a sacred tool before, so we just borrowed it from them to try it out! We didn’t have any malicious intent!” Zhao Quan said as he forced a smile at Yi Tianyun.

They were pale from a loss of blood and nervousness! They were scared that they would lose their lives here now because of their own greed!

“Rest assured! I am just practising some sword skills, but it seems that I still have ways to go!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands once more.

The same flash of lights appeared again, and this time, it successfully cut one foot from both Zhao Quan and Jin Feng!

“AAAhh, we are very sorry, master! We are in the wrong here! We should not be blinded by greed! I beg of you. Please have mercy!” Jin Feng said nervously. Both kept pleading for mercy as they knew that they couldn’t escape from this room due to their current condition.

“Ah, damn! I still want to practise some more.” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked sinisterly.

Jin Feng and Zhao Quan were terrified! It was the scariest looking smile that they ever saw in their entire life!

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