Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 554


Jin Feng and Zhao Quan dragged their blood-covered body to the corner of the room, trembling from the loss of blood and fear!

But the pain was all gone as the fear and panic enveloped all their nerves! Jin Feng then slammed the wall to deactivate the Great Array that entrapped all of them inside the room.

They still think that they could escape Yi Tianyun’s clutches if they got outside, but Yi Tianyun teleported in front of them and slashed their neck instantly!


‘Successfully killed Jin Feng!’

‘Reward: 13.000.000 Exp, 4.300 Cps, 300 SPs, 500 Divine Rune Proficiency, Tyrant Rune Paper, …’


‘Successfully killed Zhao Quan!’

‘Reward: 12.000.000 Exp, …’

Killing them gave a considerable amount of Exp, but the items they dropped upon their death were not worth mentioning!

The only thing that Yi Tianyun could appreciate among the items he got from killing the two was only the Tyrant Rune Paper!

The Divine Rune that was engraved on a Tyrant Rune Paper would have their effect amplified, and the price for one Tyrant Rune Paper in the system shop was unbelievably high! Fetching on 5 million Crazy Points!

Boss, you have returned! If it weren’t for you this time, we would’ve been dead for sure!” Ren Liangchen said gratefully.

“I am sorry it took longer than I expected! Thank god I made it in time to save you all!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“But it is partly our fault too, boss! Had we moved to another inn periodically, we wouldn’t have to encounter them like this!” Yang Zhiwen said apologetically.

“It can’t be helped! Greed would blind anyone, and no matter what the situation is, they will find a way to corner you!” Yi Tianyun said wisely.

The three of them nodded their head and realized that all of this happened because of their own incapability to fend off the enemy!

They were determined to cultivate their power more, so they wouldn’t have to rely on Yi Tianyun again in the future!

“Now, pick up your stuff! We are going back to the Mortal World!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

They immediately picked up the Sacred Tool that Jin Feng took earlier and put it inside their storage ring!

“We’re finally going back to the Mortal World! Did you finish all your businesses here, boss?” Yang Zhiwen asked excitedly.

“Yes, something urgent came up in the Mortal World, so we have to hurry back there!” Yi Tianyun said urgently.

He will kill all those Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation People who went to the Mortal World, regardless their objective was related to his faction or not!

As soon as Yi Tianyun got out of the inn with the three generals of his, he immediately reached out to the sky to call the Ice Phoenix!

“A Phoenix! I didn’t expect boss would tame a Phoenix as well! a magnificent Phoenix to top it off!” Ren Liangchen said to Yang Zhiwen in awe!

“Save it for later! we are in a hurry now!” Yi Tianyun said to hasten them to ride on the Phoenix. After all, he knew that the three of them couldn’t fly that fast, so it was better to ride on the Phoenix that could fly much faster!

But as soon as the three Core Transformation Experts got on the Phoenix’s back, it squawked in protest! It didn’t like it when someone other than its master rode on its back!

“Bear with it for a while! I will reward you with Medicinal Pills later!” Yi Tianyun said to the Phoenix to appease its anger.

The Ice Phoenix’s mood then stabilized and quickly flew up and disappeared into the sky! The access to the portal going to the Mortal World was in a remote location.

Therefore, the Ice Phoenix needed a few days to get there, but it was still better than flying there, as it could take them up to a month to get there if they flew with their own power!

As they got close to the portal, Yang Zhiwen looked at the surrounding location in awe. “This is where the portal to the Mortal World is located? It’s far more beautiful than the Netherworld Passage!” Yang Zhiwen said while looking around.

The place was like a fairyland, full of blossoming flowers and grassing animals and the lovely birds chirping!

“Don’t be naïve; the portal is on that passage!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed to a passage with a dark cloud looming over it!

“Can’t we stay and appreciate this beautiful scenery for a bit?” Yang Zhiwen said awkwardly as he gazed at the dangerous-looking passage!

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