Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 559


Heavenly Clouds Imperial City was surrounded! There was no escape route that Ye Qingxuan could take to evacuate everyone as the Void Spirit Cultivators have already blocked all the exit out of the city!

Fortunately, not all of Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s cultivator was at Heavenly Clouds Imperial City as they were scattered throughout the continent to build a supporting city and many other businesses.

Because this continent was a paradise for crime when the Netherworld Empire was still in power, so many bandits and other suspected evildoers set their base in this continent.

That was also one of the reasons why the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s forces were scattered throughout the continent!

They also recruited and managed other cultivators who came to Heavenly Clouds Continent after hearing that the Netherworld Empire has been destroyed!

After all, in order to upgrade from a Mansion to an Empire, Heavenly Clouds Mansion required many more cultivators to join!

“Did you think it is possible to escape now? Now, I will give you one more chance! You better surrender, or I will kill everyone without mercy! At the very least, I will make everyone our slave, and I will spare you!” Xu Gaolin said to the Old Ancestor, who waited at the gate.

He didn’t want to kill everyone as he knew that later they would need manpower for construction!

“It is better to die than becomes your slave!” The Old Ancestor said coldly.

“Then, so be it!” Xu Gaolin said as he attacked the barrier once more. This time, he attacked the barrier with a stronger power than before!

Spirit Race Old Ancestor immediately maximized the barrier’s output with his Spiritual Energy to block the attack!

After the smoke subsided, the barrier that protected the Imperial City still stood, but the Divine Rune that constituted the Great Array almost collapsed!

It was undeniable that the Divine Rune that the Spirit Race Old Ancestor made was very powerful, but because his cultivation was lower than the attacker right now, it wouldn’t last long!

Being able to withstand two powerful attacks from a Spirit King Stage cultivator was an achievement in itself!

“How long will you continue this farce! Just surrender yourself now! You know this Great Array won’t last forever! You know, I didn’t use my full power because I don’t want to destroy this city! But it seems impossible now!” Xu Gaolin angrily shouted! He felt humiliated that a mere Mortal World Cultivator could impede his plan like this!

Xu Gaolin immediately released his aura, and a phantom shadow emerged on his back! This time, it was a giant bear phantom shadow!

Xu Gaolin didn’t wait long as he immediately attacked the barrier once again! This time, his attack was enhanced by the Phantom Shadow, making it far more powerful than his previous attack!

But after the smoke subsided once again, the barrier was still standing!

“How is this even possible!” Xu Gaolin said furiously. He never heard a Mortal World Divine Rune Master with such a strong Divine Rune before!

But this time, it wasn’t only the Old Ancestor who used his Spiritual Energy to withstand the attack, but almost all Spirit Race on the city also channeled their own Spiritual Energy to withstand the attack, making the barrier stronger than the Spirit King cultivator ever expected!

“Now, you just have to make things difficult! Let’s see how long you can withstand my attack!” Xu Gaolin said furiously. He then attacked the barrier repetitively without holding back!

Finally, the Divine Rune gave out! The Great Array was destroyed, and the barrier was broken! But Xu Gaolin was still attacking madly!

But at the same time, Spirit Race Old Ancestor immediately burned his blood essence and withstood Xu Gaolin’s attack on his own!

“Old Ancestor!” Ye Qingxuan shouted as she was worried about the Old Ancestor.

Spirit Race Old Ancestor took the giant palm attack and parried it, but the Spirit Race Old Ancestor couldn’t withstand the impact completely and fell to the ground.

Ye Qingxuan immediately caught the Old Ancestor before he fell the ground, but she knew that the Old Ancestor was dying!

“I am sorry! I couldn’t protect everyone! But I believe the king would avenge us!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said with a smile on his face before he died!

“Old Ancestor! Please open your eyes!” Ye Qingxuan said as her tears couldn’t stop flowing. The same could be said to the rest of the Spirit Race people on the back.

Be it cultivator or not, they shed tears on the loss of their beloved Old Ancestor!

“Hey, it is not my fault! I gave him the chance to surrender before! So, don’t blame me for his death!” Xu Gaolin said with a smirk on his face.

Ye Qingxuan ignored Xu Gaolin and looked up to the sky with a smile on her face.

“We are very sorry, King Tianyun, but we can’t stay with you this time!” Ye Qingxuan shouted to the sky with sadness on her face.

She then stood up and prepared herself to fight. She would never surrender, no matter what happened!

But suddenly, blue light from the sky shot down to the ground!

“Damned fucker! I will kill you all!” Yi Tianyun shouted furiously, lighting the spirit of the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s people on the Imperial City!

“My King!” Ye Qingxuan said surprisedly as she saw Yi Tianyun’s figure in front of her.

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