Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 558


Spirit King Stage cultivation was a legend in the Mortal World, as cultivators rarely achieved that cultivation stage.

That was because the Mortal World had low Spiritual Energy and fewer resource. That was also why cultivators with great potential mostly left the Mortal World and moved to either Ghost World or the Heavens World!

So, with a Spirit King coming to their doorstep, it was obvious that the colour was drained from everyone’s faces! They know that no matter how much they struggle, they couldn’t win!

“The legendary Spirit King cultivator!” Old Ancestor of the spirit race said nervously. He has raised his cultivation since Yi Tianyun left many resources for the Heavenly Clouds Mansion cultivator to use.

But he was still at Void Spirit Rank. There was no way he could stop the Spirit King cultivator by himself!

“Spirit Race Old Ancestor, what should we do?” Ye Qingxuan asked worriedly. She also knew that she couldn’t stop the Divine Nation on her own.

In fact, she knew that even if all of them ganged up these experts, it wouldn’t end up nicely!

“We have to use the Great Array! I am afraid they won’t spare our lives even if we surrender to them!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said worriedly. Ye Qingxuan nodded her head and immediately prepared to activate the Great Array.

With the Old Ancestor’s command, the Great Array was activated, covering the Imperial City with a dense barrier!

Although the Great array wasn’t 100% done yet, it could be activated nonetheless, but it wouldn’t be as good as when it was finished!

“Sir Xu, it seems they’re still raring to fight!” an expert on the ship said to the Spirit King cultivator. Some Void Spirit cultivators have tried to attack the barrier, but it was apparently strong enough to withstand the attack from them!

“Well, I will personally let them know that their little barrier is useless against me!” Xu Gaolin said coldly. He immediately flew towards the Imperial City gate and punched the barrier at great speed!

The entire Imperial City shook from the force that Xu Gaolin used to break the barrier. The cultivators from the Heavenly Clouds Mansion were also shaken due to the impact.

This was the first time that they ever witnessed a Spirit King cultivator’s power with their own eyes!

The people who originally came to Heavenly Clouds Imperial City to join the faction were trembling on the corner since they didn’t know that the Heavenly Clouds Mansion has made an enemy out of a Divine Nation!

here was no way they would join after knowing this fact. After all, they didn’t have the strength to fight against a Divine Nation!

After the smoke dispersed, the barrier still stood strong, and everyone within the Imperial City was relieved a little bit.

“Oh, this is new! I don’t know the Mortal World has a Divine Rune Master of this calibre.” Xu Gaolin said with interest in his eyes. He didn’t use his full power, but it amused him to see the Great Array could withstand his attack!

But the cultivators inside the Imperial City began to praise the Spirit Race for their powerful Great Array! They were desperately hoping that the barrier was enough to send the Divine Nation away!

But Spirit Race Old Ancestor knew that the barrier wouldn’t last much longer! In fact, he was holding on to the Great Array seal that powered the Great Array, and he almost used all of his Spiritual Energy just to withstand the attack just now!

“The Spirit King’s power was too much!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said as his complexion turned white from overusing his Spirit Energy!

“Old Ancestor! Are you alright?” Ye Qingxuan said as she noticed Old Ancestor was trembling on his spot.

“No! the Spirit King’s power was too much! If our Great Array is complete, it would be okay, but as of things right now, I am afraid we can at most endure a few more attacks! You have to evacuate everyone out of the city before the barrier is destroyed!” Old Ancestor said solemnly.

“But, …” Ye Qingxuan said unsurely.

“Hear me! The young one’s life is far more important than this city! Leave immediately. I will make sure to buy you enough time to escape!” Old Ancestor said solemnly.

“Please survive, Old Ancestor!” Ye Qingxuan said as she nodded her head and immediately helped to evacuate everyone.

But as she led everyone to the escape route, she saw the Void Spirit Expert from the Divine Nation has waited for them across the barrier!

“You plan to escape? I will never let that happen!” the Void Spirit Expert said coldly.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun felt uneasy, but he couldn’t force the Ice Phoenix to fly any faster! But at the very least, he was close to reaching the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City!

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