Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 562


The news caught Yi Tianyun off guard as he never expected something like this would happen. No wonder Ye Qingxuan had a hard time conveying the news to Yi Tianyun as she didn’t know how Yi Tianyun would react.

Even though Yi Tianyun wasn’t as angry as when he first heard the news, he was angry nonetheless! That was why that Ye Qingxuan was reluctant to tell Yi Tianyun this news!

“No, I don’t think your parents were the ones who sent people to get her. I think they are just ordinary cultivators of the Heavens World! When they were here, they only seemed to be passing by, but when they saw that Palace Lord Shi has a Mysterious Ice Divine Body, they want to take her back to the Heavens World. At first, she rejected the offer, but as time goes by, she finally agreed!” Ye Qingxuan said worriedly.

Yi Tianyun frowned as he thought it over. If Shi Xueyun did go to the Heavens World out of her own consent, then there was nothing that he could do about it, he knew that Shi Xueyun’s constitution was good, but he didn’t realize that it was as good as the Heavens World Cultivator said it would!

But then again, he still couldn’t see the detailed information on his Appraisal Eye! He had to level it up before he could do something like that!

Yi Tianyun wondered why Shi Xueyun said that she would also visit his parent. After all, she knew that Yi Tianyun didn’t have any emotional attachment to them!

Shi Xueyun was the most important person for him right now!

That was because all Yi Tianyun knew was that his parent abandoned him at Heavenly Jade Palace when he was still a baby!

But Yi Tianyun could say that Shi Xueyun didn’t go to the Heavens World for her own sake, but to find Yi Tianyun’s parent!

“How strong is the cultivator’s cultivation? Did you know about it?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Hmm, I don’t really know but, she was a female around 30 years old! If I compare her with the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s cultivator earlier, I believe that she may be a little bit stronger than him! At first, I thought that we were screwed for sure! But after knowing that she was only passing by, we let our her in! But I never expect she would bring Shi Xueyun with her.” Ye Qingxuan said worriedly.

“But after taking Shi Xueyun with her, she also gave us a lot of resources too. We got several Sacred Tools, 6th Grade Medicinal Pills, Heaven Level Martial Arts, and some more! Her wealth really makes us ashamed of ourselves!” Ye Qingxuan said with a sad look on her face.

The Spirit Race Old Ancestor also shook his head as he was also there when the Heaven World’s Cultivator gifted it to them!

Yi Tianyun already knew that the Heavens World Cultivators would be at least that powerful. After all, they were supposed to be stronger than the Ghost World Cultivators. But for now, Yi Tianyun felt heartbroken.

All he wanted to do right now was to drag Shi Xueyun back to the Mortal World as she didn’t need to find his parent at all!

He knew that Shi Xueyun meant well, but what if she wasn’t treated properly there?

After all, the Heavens World’s assessment would be very strict!

Yi Tianyun shook his head as he knew that he had to think positively for Shi Xueyun’s sake. He knew that he couldn’t go to the Heavens World just yet since the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was still glaring at the corner!

If he really wanted to go to the Heavens World, he had to make sure that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation wouldn’t bother his Heavenly Clouds Mansion in Mortal World in the meantime!

And he also didn’t have to bother finding a way to the Heavens World as he had the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar made solely for that purpose!

All he had to do now was to raise his cultivation to Spirit King stage!

But Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation still got a Saint King Expert with them, even if he reached the Spirit King Stage, he knew that he still wouldn’t be able to compete with that!

Unless he leveled up the Crazy Mode, he would just be minced meat!

“I have to stabilize the situation here before I can do anything!” Yi Tianyun sighed.

He hoped Shi Xueyun didn’t receive any bad treatment in the Heavens World, for it would be a while before Yi Tianyun could search for her!

If something happened to Shi Xueyun, not even Heavens World would be able to contain his rage!

After that, Yi Tianyun walked around the city to see the development progress, and he noticed that it wouldn’t take for long before the Heavenly Clouds Empire was up and running!

The Imperial City was almost done!

He then went to the Heavenly Clouds Palace to see what he could do there, and he saw Jiu Lingyun came out as he walked in.

“Mansion Lord!” Jiu Lingyun said as she greeted Yi Tianyun with her utmost respect.

Being a 5th Grade peak Divine Rune Master at the moment, she was truly talented. She would be ready to advance to Divine Rune Grandmaster soon!

The entire Heavenly Clouds Palace was a little bit worried that maybe, Jiu Lingyun was the only one who was capable enough to barely keep up with Yi Tianyun’s Divine Rune Technique in terms of age, as she was also very young!

Right now, Spirit Race Old Ancestor was still better than her, but he was already past his prime, while Jiu Lingyun was not even at her prime yet!

“Hey, you have progressed quite far for your age! No wonder everyone keeps calling you a genius! And didn’t I tell you to just call me Big Brother Yi?” Yi Tianyun said while patting Jiu Lingyun’s head.

At the same time, he felt something vibrating on his sleeve. He quickly checked it and found out that the Jade Pendant that the Spirit Girl on Heaven Ascending Divine Altar gave him was vibrating violently!

He tried to get it closer to Jiu Lingyun, and he immediately noticed that it was the sign that Jiu Lingyun was the descendant of the Heaven Creating Divine King!

“You…You are the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King!” Yi Tianyun said with a surprised look on his face.

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