Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 563


Yi Tianyun thought that Heaven’s Creating Divine King’s descendants would be in the Ghost World, but it turned out that Jiu Lingyun was the descendant of Heaven’s Creating Divine King all along!

No wonder Jiu Lingyun could still cultivate effectively to the level that everyone acknowledged even with such a tight resource like their resource in the Mortal World!

If she could cultivate with more resources, Yi Tianyun knew that she would be able to become the next Heaven’s Creating Divine King!

Now Yi Tianyun understood why he got the quest to cultivate the Saintess when he met Jiu Lingyun.

But still, she needed a lot of resources for that to happen. If she couldn’t find enough resources to cultivate, she would only become an average cultivator no matter how strong her Bloodline was.

“What? Heaven’s Creating Divine King’s Descendant?” Jiu Lingyun said confusedly.

She didn’t know what Yi Tianyun was saying at all.

“You will understand it later! Now, come with me!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

Although Jiu Lingyun was confused, she still followed Yi Tianyun to a cultivation room inside the Heavenly Clouds Palace.

Yi Tianyun then locked the door after Jiu Lingyun entered. Now there were only two of them in the room, which made Jiu Lingyun expect something exciting to happen between them!

But she knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t that type of man!

“Now, I will give you some memories of your ancestor! Just relax, okay!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yi Tianyun then touched Jiu Lingyun’s head, and memories immediately gushed in!

It was the memories that Yi Tianyun had received from the Spirit Girl earlier, and now he shared it with Jiu Lingyun like he promised the Spirit Girl earlier. Jiu Lingyun herself was in a state of shock after receiving the memory!

Knowing that she was a descendant of a legendary existence like the Heaven’s Creating Divine King was too much for her to take in!

She quickly calmed down and accepted the memory like Yi Tianyun wanted her to. As a Divine Rune Master herself, the memory was very useful!

The memory contained the Universe Divine Secret Art, but she still had to learn it later before she could use it effectively!

After Yi Tianyun shared everything with Jiu Lingyun, Yi Tianyun slowly released his hands and noticed that Jiu Lingyun was trying to decipher the memory that she got!

So, he sat down near Jiu Lingyun, waiting for her to fully comprehend the memory she just received.

After a while, Jiu Lingyun finally came back to her sense! “Big Brother Yi, how long have we been here?” Jiu Lingyun asked confusedly.

“It is not as long as you think! It is okay!” Yi Tianyun smiled as he stood up.

But he knew that it must’ve felt like so much time has passed for Jiu Lingyun!

“Are you sure? I felt that it was a very long time! But Big Brother Yi, thank you very much for the memory! It’s such a precious memory!

There is a lot of precious thing inside that memory!” Jiu Lingyun said excitedly.

She didn’t know how to express her gratitude for Yi Tianyun, but she swore to follow him till the end!

“That is okay! They are all yours from the beginning. I just happened to find it, that’s all!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“I also found it on the Ghost World, which means that you will go there with me later after you cultivate a little bit more!” Yi Tianyun said as a motivation for Jiu Lingyun.

Yi Tianyun said all he had to say to Jiu Lingyun for now, but the circumstances right now got him a little bit confused!

What happened to Jiu Lingyun’s parents?

If they were the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King, then they should be strong too!

And, why did they come to the Mortal World?

Couldn’t they survive in the Ghost World? But for now, whatever the reason may be, the inheritance was complete!


‘Successfully completed {Look for Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant!} quest!’

‘Reward: 200.000.000 Exp, 500.000 Cps, Heaven Creating Divine King Descendant favourability increased by 100.’

He was happy to see the notification right now as he thought that finding the Heavenly Creating Divine King would be hard!

“I am the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King! This is really a surprise! I never thought my life would be this exciting!” Jiu Lingyun said in excitement.

She always thought that she was an ordinary country bumpkin. But now, she knew that she was not, thus became excited about what to come.

“Sure, but now you have to cultivate carefully! Don’t let Heaven Creating Divine King’s name be buried under your incapability later!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“But, I am very lucky to have the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King with me here!” Yi Tianyun said while patting Jiu Lingyun’s head with a smile on his face.

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