Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 565


But Yi Tianyun was satisfied nonetheless!

Now he didn’t have to kill an enemy within Spirit King Stage immediately. He could control them to turn them against each other and open a path for Yi Tianyun later. But this feat could also be used by his clone Divine Ability, but it wouldn’t be as effective as controlling the enemy itself!

After all, as he controlled the enemies, he could also gain information that he didn’t have beforehand. Thus, he could plan more effectively!

“This Super Enhanced Roulette is really good! If each spin were cheaper, I would do it in a heartbeat!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head.

He knew that the Crazy Levelling System that he had was a scam on Crazy Points!

After that, Yi Tianyun assembled all Core Transformation Experts as he had something to announce.

The Core Transformation Experts immediately stopped working and gathered around without knowing anything about what Yi Tianyun would say.

“Today, I want you to gather as I want each and every one of you to have a pet partner for accommodating you on cultivation and for your safety too!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands and hundreds of Demon Beast appeared on the wide field on his back, surprising everyone on the scene.

“Spirit King, you mean we can pick one of these demon beasts as our partner?” One of the cultivators asked expectantly.

“Yes! rest assured, all these demon beasts have already been tamed and will follow all your orders!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

All he had to do now is to let the Demon Beasts recognized their master, and after that, he would be able to gain Exp after the Demon Beast killed any monster that the cultivator decided to hunt!

Yi Tianyun also realised that everyone was excited now. After all, if they could control a demon beast, their power will grow significantly.

They immediately started to pick their demon beast orderly, increasing Yi Tianyun’s favourability points!

After all the Core Transformation Experts got their Demon Beast, Yi Tianyun arranged the Demon Beast for the Spirit Core cultivator!

Although they would be weaker than their Demon Beast, at least they could train together and bond with each other! After all, he had too many Demon Beast than he could handle!

After the Core Transformation and Spirit Core Stage expert in Imperial City got their Demon Beast, Yi Tianyun moved to Heavenly Clouds Palace on Heavenly Border Continent and did the same there!

All cultivators of Spirit Core Stage and above got their own Demon Beast!

Yi Tianyun’s prestige immediately rose wildly. Everyone was happy that they got such an amazing gift from their Mansion Lord once again!

More cultivators immediately joined the Heavenly Clouds Mansion after hearing what the cultivators inside the Heavenly Clouds Mansion got.

After all of that, Yi Tianyun then returned to Heavenly Clouds Palace to get some rest. But Yi Yuwei and the other immediately rushed with a long face as they wanted to report that Shi Xueyun was taken to Heavens World!

“I already know all of that from Ye Qingxuan! Relax, I won’t leave the Mansion knowing that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation can attack us any day! But after all this scuffle is done, I will personally go to Heavens World to bring Shi Xueyun back!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. 

“Yes! You must bring Palace Lord Shi back, Mansion Lord! She has done so much for all of us. How can we just let her be taken away just like that, but that is also what she wanted at that time, so we couldn’t do anything to stop her either!” Yi Yuwei said dejectedly.

“Of course, I will definitely bring her back!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. But for now, he had to level up quickly!

For that, he had to complete his Main Quest in order to receive a massive amount of Exp in one go!

He couldn’t defeat Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation in one go as he couldn’t fight against the Saint King stage Expert just yet!

But it will be different if he was in Mortal World. The Spirit King cultivators who came here wouldn’t be able to stand their ground against Yi Tianyun, and the Saint King expert wouldn’t be able to pass the Thunder and Lightning passage to get to Mortal World!

As soon as Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation stopped sending troops to attack Heavenly Clouds Mansion and the situation has calmed down, he would immediately depart to Heavens World!

“I hope they took care of my aunt. Otherwise, they would become my enemy!” Yi Tianyun said as his killing aura escaped a little bit!

He quickly calmed himself down as he didn’t need to scare anyone in the palace.

Suddenly, a guard came in to report that Heavenly Dragon Empire’s messenger has come to meet Yi Tianyun, “Invite them in!” Yi Tianyun said as he sits down.

Soon, the Heavenly Dragon Empire messenger entered the throne room, and Yi Tianyun noticed that this messenger is at Core Transformation stage rank!

“Thank you for receiving me, Mansion Lord!” The messenger said as he kneeled in front of Yi Tianyun.

“What happened? Did something happen to the Heavenly Dragon Empire?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“The news is not good, my lord! We believe that four Empire has plotted to take all of us down!” The messenger said worriedly.

Yi Tianyun was stunned. He never thought the news would be this dire!

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