Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 566


“Four empires? Did they seriously think of attacking us?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Yes, four empires have formed an alliance and currently moving towards the Heavenly Dragon Empire!” The messenger said worriedly.

He was worried that the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City was being attacked even as they spoke right now!

“Why did they attack us? Do you have any idea about their reason?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. There must be a reason for other Empires to attack like this.

There was no way their attack was just out of a whim!

“I am sorry, my lord! But I don’t know their reasoning either! It was too sudden, and now our frontline is crumbling! The elders speculate that the Imperial City may fall in a couple of weeks!” The messenger said nervously.

Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth as one trouble after another seemed to come his way!

Yi Tianyun thought hard regarding what he should do as the threat from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was still lurking too!

“Mansion, Lord! If I may speak, the Heavenly Dragon Empire has already done so much for us! They gave us a bunch of resources that we might still use to this day, and they also helped us vanquishing rebels on the continent while you are away!” Yi Yuwei said confidently.

“I know, I will handle this matter immediately!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately prepared what he needed to fly towards the Heavenly Dragon Empire.

“Aren’t we supposed to help too, my lord?” Several experts said to Yi Tianyun as they waited for Yi Tianyun to leave the Palace.

“No, it will be too late the moment you arrive!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“But my lord! It means you will be all alone!” The messenger said worriedly.

He knew that Yi Tianyun could control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, but if Yi Tianyun couldn’t control it once he left the Imperial City, what was the point?

There was no way one man could win against four empires!

“Just leave it to me! Everything will be all right!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

By the next moment, Yi Tianyun flew to the sky at a speed that no one in the scene ever seen!

All of them were dumbfounded upon seeing Yi Tianyun’s power!

“This is the prince’s power? I didn’t expect he would be this strong!” The messenger said while still looking into the sky.

Some of them have already witnessed the Void Spirit Expert’s flying speed, but Yi Tianyun was in a league of his own!

Yi Tianyun didn’t even summon the Phoenix, as the Phoenix’s speed was much slower than his own!

“Phoenix Bloodline, activate!” Yi Tianyun said as a phoenix wing began to grow onto his back, and his flying speed was suddenly enhanced by seven times!

At the same time, the Heavenly Dragon Empire was already in chaos!

Most cities have fallen, and the situation was much worse than during the war against Prime Minister Long back then.

But it was understandable as Prime Minister Long only intended to occupy the Imperial City, whereas the four Empire’s invasion intended to control everything!

Inside the inner wall of Heavenly Dragon Imperial City, Ren Zhirou and Ren Long stood their ground defending their imperial city!

“A messenger has been sent to Heavenly Clouds Mansion for reinforcement! I believe we will have the reinforcement coming soon!” Ren Long said solemnly, trying to reassure his sister.

But everyone was losing hope! Even if Heavenly Clouds Mansion came, what could they do to fight back against an alliance of 4 empires!

No one was confident enough to say the Heavenly Clouds Mansion could make a difference here.

“All we need is the prince’s power! If he returns, we should have a chance to win!” one of the Elders said as he has already witnessed Yi Tianyun’s power.

“The Prince is strong, indeed! But I don’t think even he will be able to handle four empires on his own!” another Elder said solemnly.

“Yeah, I heard that they had dispatched their Old Ancestor this time and even some Spirit King experts with them! There is no way the prince can handle them on his own!” another elder said worriedly.

Everyone sighed as they understood that there was no hope for them now.

“I hope little brother Yi didn’t come! It’d be better if he can continue living freely out there!” Ren Long said with a smile on his face.

“Brother, it seems we can’t protect our Heavenly Dragon Empire this time!” Ren Zhirou said sadly.

“Yeah, but we still have to fight with everything we got until the end!” Ren Long said solemnly.

“Yes, of course, brother!” Ren Zhirou nodded heavily.

 “Goodbye, big brother Yi!” She added as she looked up into the sky sadly.

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