Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 580


“Thank you very much for coming, Heaven Primordial Great Emperor! It is my pleasure to receive you in this Coronation Ceremony!” Yi Tianyun said respectfully.

The way Yi Tianyun spoke to the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor and to other emperors was the same as Yi Tianyun didn’t care about his cultivation or his Ancient God Bloodline!

“Of course! The pleasure is all mine!” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor said as he took a seat that was the closest to the throne, asserting his dominance over others!

They didn’t make any scene as they purely came to see the coronation out of respect for the new Emperor themselves!

But Yi Tianyun frowned a little as he was curious about why the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor comes in person, but Yi Tianyun didn’t show it as he realised that Heaven Primordial Great Emperor behaved politely.

Yi Tianyun then gave a sign to Ye Qingxuan. She immediately nodded, and a few maids came in and immediately served some tea to Heaven Primordial Great Emperor to show their courtesy.

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor kept looking at Yi Tianyun before speaking with one of his followers behind him, “He looks so young! I couldn’t see how strong his cultivation is, but I heard that he uses some sort of sorcery! Did he also receive some help from a Divine Nation?” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor said, whispering to his followers.

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor didn’t think that Yi Tianyun would be able to attain an Emperor status at such a young age, but he would believe it if some other strong experts from a Divine Nation helped Yi Tianyun to attain this status!

Although several techniques and ability could make someone looks younger, the Blood Qi couldn’t be fooled, and that was why the Heaven Primordial’s Great Emperor didn’t believe Yi Tianyun could attain the Emperor status on his own, as he could feel that Yi Tianyun’s blood qi was still fresh!

He didn’t mean to poke around, but he could feel it and got the information even though he didn’t mean it.

“Great Emperor, it seems that the World Dragon Empire hasn’t come, or perhaps choose not to come themselves!” a follower of the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor said, whisperingly to his Emperor.

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor frowned as his Empire was always compared to the World Dragon Empire, but he knew that there was quite a noticeable gap between their Empire!

But as he wondered about the World Dragon Empire’s action, he heard an announcement from the gate.

“The Messenger of World Dragon Empire has come to greet the newly appointed Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire!” a guard shouted from the gate.

A messenger?

Every Emperor inside the palace looked confused. They knew that sending a messenger to greet another emperor on their coronation day was extremely offensive!

A man walked through the palace’s gate towards the throne. Yi Tianyun noticed that this man’s cultivation isn’t high, he was only at Void Spirit Stage Rank, but the look on his face was so arrogant that he started to look down on other Great Emperors.

The man immediately greeted Heaven Primordial Great Emperor while ignoring other Great Emperors.

“Did the World Dragon Great Emperor send you here personally?” Heaven Primordial’s Great Emperor asked curiously.

He knew that whatever the messenger’s answer was, this behaviour that World Dragon Empire showed was too arrogant!

“You will know the answer soon enough, Heaven Primordial Great Emperor!” The man said as he walked away and sat on the other side of Heaven Primordial Great Emperor.

The other Great Emperor could only look at the messenger in distaste, but they knew that they couldn’t do anything as the World Dragon Empire was so much stronger than their Empire!

After Yi Tianyun saw the messenger’s behaviour, he didn’t show any emotion, but clearly, he was disappointed with the World Dragon Empire’s action!

The messenger only greeted the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor so far, without acknowledging or showing respect to Yi Tianyun as the Emperor who was being coronated and the host of the event!

The messenger suddenly took out a scroll and spread it on the table as he read it casually.

“World Dragon Great Emperor asks you to stops this coronation as the World Dragon Great Emperor’s approval is needed for you to ascend into the throne! For that, the World Dragon’s Great Emperor advised you to come to World Dragon Imperial City in order to obtain the World Dragon’s Great Emperor’s approval immediately!” The Messenger from the World Dragon Empire said loudly.

The other Great Emperor immediately faced each other as a confirmation of what they just heard for themselves!

They never witnessed this kind of situation before, and clearly, the World Dragon Empire’s demand didn’t make any sense!

How come another Empire must get approval from another Empire to receive their coronation!

“Are you trying to say that I have to go greet the World Dragon Emperor myself in order to become an Emperor of my own Empire?” Yi Tianyun said in a light tone, but Ye Qingxuan and Ren Long, who were inside the Palace, knew that Yi Tianyun was hiding his anger.

“Yes! This is what World Dragon Great Emperor demanded, if you don’t follow the World Dragon Great Emperor’s order, then we will assume that you oppose us!” The messenger said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun raised his hand and charged some of his energy into his palm, and with a bang, hit the World Dragon Messenger in the face!

The messenger was sent flying, bouncing over several tables before stopping near the gate!

“How dare you talk to me like that!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the messenger.

“You dare to hit me? I am the messenger of the World Dragon Empire! I am here as a representative of the World Dragon Empire!” The messenger said loudly.

Yi Tianyun didn’t care and slapped the messenger in the face once more.

“I don’t care! Even if it’s your master standing here to say the word you have spewed, I will slap him nonetheless! Not to mention, you are just a dog of the World Dragon Empire!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

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