Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 579


Yi Tianyun originally wanted to cultivate several Core Transformation Experts who were close to reaching the Void Spirit Stage on Heavenly Clouds Mansion.

However, he couldn’t help himself but search for the alternative since he was so close to completing the quest, and once he saw Ren Long and Ren Zhirou, it hit him!

But since the Main Quest was divided into several parts like this, it was just going to take too much time!

“Brother Yi, what is wrong?” Ren Zhirou asked as she looked at Yi Tianyun’s troubled face.

“No, it’s nothing! I am just thinking of something that I need to do in a hurry!” Yi Tianyun said casually so that Ren Zhirou wouldn’t worry about him.

He must hold his coronation ceremony fast, but all he could do was wait for his people to plan it up first!

After a few days, cultivators all over the Mortal World have come to Heavenly Clouds Imperial City to witness the Coronation of the new Emperor for the new Empire that successfully shook the entire Mortal World!

They arrived at the Imperial City one day before coronation day, making the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City very lively and full of people.

On the coronation day, the Emperors from various empires came to introduce themselves to Yi Tianyun personally as they knew that Yi Tianyun was a very powerful person!

“I am Liu Yun, the Great Emperor from Luo Clouds Empire! Hereby introduce myself to Emperor Yi Tianyun!” Liu Yun said respectfully.

“I am Xuan Yuan, the Great Emperor from Whirling Clouds Empire! Hereby introduce myself to Emperor Yi Tianyun!” Xuan Yuan said respectfully.

The rest of the Emperors who came that day followed suit and was finally concluded by the introduction from the weakest Empire, whose Emperor hasn’t even reached the Spirit King Stage yet!

But at the very least, they had a lot of Void Spirit Cultivators in the latter stage!

That was not surprising as several Empires have done the same in the past. They succeeded the throne at a young age and with inadequate Cultivation from the previous Emperor, but they are deemed genius because they cultivate faster than most cultivators!

But of course, the previous Emperor still helped the Emperor as the Old Ancestor.

After all, without a Spirit King’s influence, the Empire would have a hard time dealing with another empire!

Yi Tianyun smiled the whole day and greeted the emperors respectfully. He never said anything that might upset another empire as it was not his way to make enemies unnecessarily!

But not all Empire visited Yi Tianyun on his coronation day. The Mortal World’s top two empires didn’t come to visit him, the World Dragon Empire and Heaven Primordial Empire!

Both were said to be able to dominate 4 to 5 empires in the Mortal World if they wanted to!

The other Emperors already saw this coming as they knew that both were on another league compared to the rest of the Empire on the Mortal World!

Yi Tianyun now understood that Netherworld Empire wasn’t that strong in Mortal World. However, the other Empire turned a blind’s eye to the Netherworld Empire’s deeds because of their affiliation with the Divine Nation!

“Great Emperor, except for World Dragon Empire and Heaven Primordial Empire, all other Empires came and paid their respect!” Ye Qingxuan said respectfully as she reported what happened earlier.

“I already knew that they wouldn’t come here!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

It didn’t really matter for Yi Tianyun as he wouldn’t attack them just because they didn’t show up to his coronation day. Yi Tianyun wouldn’t attack before he was provoked!

But suddenly, a guard came as he reported to Yi Tianyun that a guest has come.

“Heaven Primordial Great Emperor is here to greet Emperor Yi Tianyun and congratulate him for the coronation!” The Guard said as he stepped aside, making way for the Heaven Primordial’s Emperor.

The rest of the Emperors who were still in the palace were in awe as they looked at the Heaven Primordial’s Emperor.

The Emperor was a handsome middle-aged man who exuded a charming aura that captivated the audience’s eye!

Yi Tianyun looked at the incoming Emperor with a curious eye. He thought that Heaven Primordial’s Emperor wouldn’t bother to show up, so what has changed?

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor: 6th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Equipment: High-Grade Sacred Tool Armour, Ancient God Bloodline.

Martial Art: Heaven Primordial Divine Palm, Tyrant Tower Secret Art.

Weakness: None.

Combat Power: 600.000.000 points.

Ancient God Bloodline was a powerful bloodline. The only bloodline that could be said on par with it was the bloodline of the Dragon Clan Emperor!

The Ancient God Bloodline had a strong recovery ability and strong constitution ability, making the user very hard to deal with!

“Sorry for my tardiness. I hope that Emperor Yi Tianyun won’t be offended, but I admit that I didn’t expect the new Emperor would be this young!” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor said with a charming smile on his face.

Yi Tianyun could hear other Emperors’ chatter on the side. They were talking about what a genius the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor was for being able to breakthrough to Spirit King Stage in his 40’s and the Ancient God Bloodline that made him untouchable!

Yi Tianyun understood that the Emperors in the room were afraid of the Heaven Primordial’s Great Emperor as he was so much stronger than any other Emperor!

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