Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 583


When Yi Tianyun was ready to go, a guard immediately rushed towards him to report the current situation!

“Great Emperor, Divine General World Dragon Empire has led an army this way! They will arrive in approximately less than a day!” The Guards said worriedly.

He was worried that the Heavenly Clouds Empire would fall as the enemy this time was the strongest empire in Mortal World!

“We will intercept them! We will show them the power of Heavenly Clouds Mansion!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

He knew that the World Dragon Empire’s army would directly head straight towards the Imperial City, and when the Imperial City fell, the empire would be in ruin!

Yi Tianyun stood up and flew to the sky while the rest of the cultivators in Imperial Palace were concerned about the enemy’s speed!

It was clear that the World Dragon Empire’s army came quicker than what they have predicted!

The next moment, Yi Tianyun showed up outside the city wall, and the guards immediately sounded the alarm!

But Yi Tianyun immediately told the guard to turn it off!

Yi Tianyun saw that two cultivators have arrived in front of the Imperial City gate, and their cultivation was quite high too!

The weaker one was at the 6th Layer Spirit King Stage, while the stronger one was at the 7th Layer Spirit King Stage!

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

He could see that the stronger cultivator was an old man, who seemed to give off the same aura as Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s cultivators!

Yi Tianyun began to wonder if the World Dragon Empire also made a deal with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

“They are Divine General Xuan Long of World Dragon Empire and Divine General Xuan Hu!” An Elder said as he looked at the two cultivators in front of the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City Gate!

“They are the strongest Divine General in World Dragon Empire! This will be tough now that they come here personally!” another elder added while the guards were nervous!

These two Divine Generals have claimed various achievements under the name of the World Dragon Empire, making their name known throughout the Mortal World!

The people on the wall began to wonder whether they should surrender or not!

“Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire! I suggest you get out here, now!” Divine General Xuan Long shouted with a deafening roar!

Yi Tianyun flew out and used his aura to suppress the sound from entering the wall as he knew that the Divine General’s voice was a form of attack!

Many guards were startled as they saw that Yi Tianyun blocked an invisible attack that they didn’t even know about.

They became more nervous as they didn’t know that the Divine General of the World Dragon Empire would be this strong!

Spirit Race Old Ancestor and Ye Qingxuan immediately rushed to the wall to see what was happening, and as soon as they saw the two experts, their face was filled with horror!

They knew that the two cultivators would spell trouble!

“Fool!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately waved his hands.

Suddenly, the two Divine Generals standing in front of the gate flew backward as if they were slapped in the face almost instantly!

The sound of a slap followed their action, startling everyone since nobody could see the attack at all!

The Divine Generals’ faces were swollen due to the sheer power of Yi Tianyun’s slap!

“You dare cause a commotion in front of my Imperial City? Be grateful that it was just a slap. It will be my fist next if you’re not careful!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

The Divine General of World Dragon Empire were startled themselves as they couldn’t see Yi Tianyun’s attack at all!

They couldn’t react to something that they didn’t know was coming!

“I will kill you!” Divine General Xuan Long shouted angrily.

A Giant Dragon Phantom Shadow immediately appeared behind Divine General Xuan Long while Xuan Long himself was covered with a thick Dragon scale!

Yi Tianyun noticed that Divine General Xuan Hu’s dragon was a result of constantly cultivating using a Dragon Clan Blood Essence!

The same went for Divine General Xuan Hu. He also released his power and transformed into a white tiger!

They never expected to be slapped by Yi Tianyun, and it obviously infuriated them!

While Xuan Long absorbed Dragon Clan Blood Essence to cultivate, Xuan Hu used the White Tiger Clan Blood Essence!

But the White Tiger clan and Dragon Clan had the same level of power!

They realized that Yi Tianyun was not someone they could take lightly after receiving the slap earlier, and therefore they didn’t hold back their power!

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