Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 584


The people who were watching from the side were shocked when they saw the Divine Generals’ power!

They clearly felt more nervous than before as they witnessed the intensity of power coming from those two as they never saw anything like this in their entire life!

Nobody felt anything from Yi Tianyun, and thus, they didn’t know the extent of Yi Tianyun’s power!

“Let’s go and kill that bastard!” Divine General Xuan Long said confidently.

He knew that Yi Tianyun was the one who decimated the Four Great Empire’ alliances, including their Emperors and Former Emperors, and destroyed Ming Chen’s soul as well!

He knew that he had to take caution as they attacked Yi Tianyun!

The Two Divine Generals then rushed towards Yi Tianyun and fused their power, creating a Divine Aura Shield around Yi Tianyun that prevented Yi Tianyun from escaping their attack.

The power of this degree showed that the two Divine Generals have achieved perfect harmony and thus stated that they have cooperated many times before!

The closer the Dragon and the Tiger towards Yi Tianyun, the greater pressure he could feel, creating a fluctuation in the air and shattering the ground!

It was clear that this amount of power would seem terrifying from a normal cultivator’s perspective, but for Yi Tianyun, it was nothing special!

“Die!!” Divine General Xuan Long said coldly, his power became stronger, and Divine General Xuan Hu nodded and increased his power to balance it with Divine General Xuan Long’s power!

The space that Yi Tianyun was currently in was getting smaller by every second, trying to squeeze Yi Tianyun in!

However, Yi Tianyun’s expression was indifferent!

He didn’t show any form of fear, shock, or worry at all! “Is this the best you can do?” Yi Tianyun said with a bored tone in his voice.

The Divine Generals were confused, the name of this technique was World Suppression, and as the name suggested, this technique could pressure the world itself!

The Divine General never saw anyone who could break free from this technique so easily before!

They often used this technique to trap many enemies in one fell swoop, and no matter what the opponent did, they wouldn’t be able to break free from this technique!

But they notice that Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to mind and care about the technique at all!

“You are too arrogant! Let’s see you being squeezed like a used rag now!” Divine General Xuan Long said coldly.

But a new old man appeared not too far from them, and Yi Tianyun could feel that this old man was the one that had the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s scent on him!

He saw that the Old Man laughed after seeing that Yi Tianyun was trapped in the Divine Generals’ powerful technique!

“This is all because you resist Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s influence, and therefore, you have to die! It was a bit unfortunate that a cultivation genius will be killed today, but it can’t be helped!” The old man said while laughing.

“Wow, I thought that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would send their strongest cultivator to deal with me. I’m so disappointed that they would only send their dog! Did you think the World Dragon Empire would be enough to kill me?” Yi Tianyun said with a disappointed tone.

“Hey, did another faction back you up? if so, you better call them now!” The old man said curiously.

He never saw someone so relaxed while being suppressed like Yi Tianyun.

“Help? What are you talking about? I always work alone!” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh.

“There is no way you can defeat the Four Great Empires’ alliance alone! You don’t need to hide them anymore! I know that they are probably not as strong as our Divine Nation!” The old man said tauntingly.

“Why are you so adamant that I got some kind of help from others?” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly, but the space that Yi Tianyun was in right now was getting smaller and almost completely become a second skin to him!

“We don’t care now; you will die here!” Divine General Xuan Hu said while increasing the pressure for the last time!

The Divine General started to look at their surrounding as they thought that whoever helped Yi Tianyun would come to save him now.

But their thought was soon proven wrong as the space that contained and pressured Yi Tianyun suddenly exploded and destroyed!

The Divine General quickly fell to the ground as their aura was suddenly cut off. They were in a state of shock as they didn’t expect it at all!

Yi Tianyun somehow broke free from their technique!

“Now it’s my turn! But I assure you, I will not waste any more time!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun then pulled out a high-grade sword from his storage. Yi Tianyun then dashed towards Divine General Xuan Long to kill the Divine General!

Divine General Xuan Long tried to resist Yi Tianyun’s attack by increasing his defence, but it was all useless in front of Yi Tianyun’s overwhelming power!

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