Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 585



‘Successfully killed Divine General Xuan Long!’

‘Reward: 200.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 1.800 Sps, Breaking Dragon Martial Art, Dragon Spirit Secret Art, Broken Tooth, Dragon Spirit Ring, Dragon God Bloodline!’

The amount of Exp that Yi Tianyun got was pretty good. It was so much better than killing all the Core Transformation Experts earlier!

However, the drop item Dragon Spirit Ring was a little bit of a surprise as Yi Tianyun rarely got jewelry from killing a cultivator.

Yi Tianyun checked the Dragon Spirit Ring immediately as he was curious about its property.

Dragon Spirit Ring: Lower Grade Sacred Tool.

Effect: X10 Combat Power, X5 Defensive Power, Dragon Roar: consume 5.000 Cps and deal 50% of the user current Combat Power to the desired target! 30 minutes cooldown!

“This is great!” Yi Tianyun said as he felt satisfied with the effect of the Dragon Spirit Ring!

However, everyone else on the scene was shocked! They never expect Divine General Xuan Long, who was at 7th Layer Spirit King Stage, would be killed so easily!

It was terrifying to see someone that strong to be killed with only one attack!

Yi Tianyun turned his attention to Divine General Xuan Hu, and his face instantly turned white!

Divine General Xuan Long was stronger than him, yet Yi Tianyun killed him with only one attack!

Even if he had the High-Grade Sacred Tool with him, he couldn’t say for sure that he could win!

“What is this?! You’re all bark and no bite! If this is all you got, I could probably destroy your empire by myself!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly!

At the same time, all the guards behind Yi Tianyun roared excitedly as they saw the greatness of their Emperor!

Divine General Xuan Long that was hailed as an unbeatable cultivator, was killed so easily!

The old man from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was pale after seeing Yi Tianyun’s power. He now realised that the Heavenly Clouds Emperor didn’t receive any help from another Faction. The help was their Emperor himself!

The atmosphere around Divine General Xuan Hu was changing! He was brimming with anger. Clearly, Xuan Long was someone that has fought alongside him for a long time, and now, that partner was dead!

“I will kill you! I swear on Xuan Long’s name!” Divine General Xuan Hu said coldly as his eyes turned red.

He burned his Blood Essence to increase his power!

The White Tiger phantom shadow behind him roared fiercely, and its body gradually swelled while its fur gradually thickened!

Its physique grew twice the previous size, exuding power and domination to the people around!

But clearly, it didn’t affect Yi Tianyun!

So, Yi Tianyun immediately attacked with an energy wave, but it had no effect on Xuan Hu!

“Look at that! your attack doesn’t do anything to me now!” Xuan Hu said while laughing coldly.

“Well, you don’t know anything about my power!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Let us see whether you can back your words later!” Xuan Hu said coldly.

But after he finished speaking, his body was cut in two, just like Xuan Long earlier!

Xuan Hu’s face showed disbelief as he didn’t feel like he was attacked!

Now, there was nothing he could do as his blood kept spurting out of his body!


‘Successfully killed Divine General Xuan Hu!’

‘Reward: 198.000.000 Exp, 12.000 Cps, 1.400 Sps, White Tiger Split, White Tiger Possession, White Tiger Skin, White Tiger Bloodline, White Tiger Claws!’

This time Yi Tianyun didn’t get any jewellery from Xuan Hu, which made him a little bit disappointed!

But his people on the wall and on the gate were still chanting his name excitedly. Now, the cultivator on Heavenly Clouds Imperial City knew for sure just how fearsome their Emperor was!

“It was a bit unfortunate that the World Dragon Emperor didn’t come here. Otherwise, I would’ve already ended this useless battle!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

The old man from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was looking at Yi Tianyun with a pale face.

He then immediately thought of a way to flee from the battlefield, but he couldn’t find any opening, so as a last resort, he killed the Void Spirit Experts who were with him the whole time as a way to ask for Yi Tianyun’s mercy!

The Void Spirit Expert was shocked as they realised that they were going to die on their own comrade’s hand!

But there was nothing they could do anymore!

Yi Tianyun sighed and flew towards the old man to listen to what he had to say!

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